If you`re looking for the perfect place for your startup, you may want to consider Hong Kong. According to research compiled by Washington State University`s College of Business, Hong Kong is the best place to launch a startup. The University measured five key factors (funding, educated workforce, low cost of living, economic health, and low corporate taxes) to determine the rankings. Their full findings can be found in the infographic at the end of the article.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong topping the list may be a surprise to some, but they have extremely low corporate taxes, high literacy rates and high post-secondary education rates. They are only five hours away from half the world`s population (India, Mainland China, Japan, Indonesia etc…) and have no internet restrictions from the Chinese Government.

Startups to Watch:

EzeeCube – Wireless device that connects to your television and Internet

8 Securities – Online Brokerage

Jamn – iOS app that helps musicians learn music theory, chord construction, and more


In 2012, Startup Genome ranked the top 20 startup ecosystems. Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo all made the list and when the newest rankings are released, these cities should be ranked even higher. Canada`s great economic health and rate of inflation of 1.2 per cent doesn`t hurt either.

Startups to Watch

Thalmic Lab’s Myo Armband – Wearable armband which connects the real and digital worlds

Recon Instruments – Heads Up Display technology (HUD) for sports

Jobber – Field Service Business Software

United States

The United States has a very low cost of living, which means cheap supplies, cheap rent, cheap everything. They also have this place called Silicon Valley.

Startups to Watch

DAQRI – Makers of 4D augmented reality

Sunrun – Solar power for your home

Shyp – Innovative shipping service


Singapore is arguably the fastest growing startup hub in the world, which is why it has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of Asia. Their extremely friendly tax rates make them one of these easiest places to start a business.

Startups to Watch

Zopim – Live customer support chat widget

RedMart – Grocery delivery service

Nitrious.io – Cloud-based development environment platform


Australia`s low rental costs and high literacy rate make it a prime location for startups. Melbourne and Sydney were both named to Startup Genome`s top 20 startup ecosystem list.

Startups to Watch

Vinomofo – Melboune based wine supplier

Smart Sparrow – Makers of adaptive e-Learning experiences

The Iconic – Online Fashion Retailer