riskyWith the chaos and overwhelming stress that comes with running a startup, you sometimes get lost in realizing the reasons why you chose to startup your own business in the first place.

Yes, a startup can be a lot of work. When you’re first beginning, things don’t always go according to plan. There are aspects of your business that will fail. Your goals may not always be clear and easy to envision, but there are many benefits to being a startup founder.

If you’re forgetting some of the perks to starting up your own business, a gentle reminder can put you back on track.

Boredom is Obsolete

This is the absolute truth – even if it’s a moment of boredom you desire. There is never a dull moment in the life of an entrepreneur, especially when it comes to the initial stages of your startup.

Running a startup keeps you constantly moving, thinking and aiming for goals to reach. Not only are you working on a regular basis, but you are also networking and creating leads to help your business thrive. This includes attending events, meeting new people and reading information.

Not only is your body consistently working but so is your brain. No matter what activity you are engaged in, you are always looking for ways to develop new ideas or more insight into what you can change about your business.

You’re Constantly Learning

Who doesn’t like to learn without having to pay for it? You remember the days in high school when you hated every minute of school and couldn’t wait to leave, but once you hit college, you miss the days when things were easy and your education was free.

Running a startup is overwhelming, but in a good way. After school ends, many people don’t have much time to pick up a book or study a new subject, so running your own business keeps you learning new ideas on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to help a fellow employee in an area of their job that you’re not familiar with or you’re just reading your favorite bloggers new post – everything you engage yourself in is an opportunity to learn a new subject.

Networking Equals Friendships

Keeping professional relationships with your clients and customers is truly important when it comes to running a successful startup. Involving too many of your friends in helping out or giving you an extra hand can result in the loss of friendships – the phrase ‘don’t mix business with pleasure’ was created for a reason.

One benefit of keeping many of your relationships professional is that once you begin to network out and get involved with local events or meetups, you will be able to develop more friendships with people who share similar interests as you.

Keeping your startup strictly business is beneficial at first, but depending on your client base, remember that earning their trust and staying personable is what keeps small businesses alive.

Know What You Want

You have a dream when you begin your startup – whether it’s creating a product that’s going to change the world or bringing something to life that you’ve never seen before.

As a startup founder, you find out more things about yourself and goals you want to achieve than you might doing something you aren’t pursuing on your own. Running your own business takes a lot of effort. You will learn characteristics you never knew you had as well as develop more ideas and dreams that you didn’t think were ever possible.

If you’ve ever had problems deciding what you want or how to fix something, running a startup will change that. You will learn how to make decisions and deal with the consequences on your own. Entrepreneurship builds character.

Taking Risks

If you’re not one to take risks outside of the business world, now is the time to change. Becoming a startup founder is a huge risk. You will learn as you continue on your journey to success that there are many investment risks and decisions you will have to make that will affect your business negatively or positively.

Growing as an entrepreneur will give you a different outlook on life entirely, providing you with more confidence in taking risks – business related or just life risks in general. It certainly doesn’t mean you should go to the casino and gamble your life savings, but if you’ve been looking to finance a new car or wanting to take a road trip, you may be more inclined to do it. Taking risks is a healthy way to continue growing.

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