shaking-hands-479608-mThey say the first cut is the deepest and in business, your first employee is most important. So, you have build a business from ideas and you are ready to get started, but the work looks like it can drive you to the wall and make you crazy, you need an employee. You have worked for different companies and have never been on the other side of the seat when it comes to hiring. Now it’s your turn to interview and choose the best and making a mistake will cost you a great deal. Do not stress, here are tips to assist you in this important process.

1. If You Can, Hire Soon

As soon as you realize that you need someone to give you an extra hand, do not hesitate, find one. Most people procrastinate on this and they end up being overwhelmed by tasks and neglecting important activities. The extra brainpower, energy, and creativity are worth very cent you will pay the employee. In simpler terms, work that can take you weeks will be reduced to days and your to-do list will slowly shrink. Do not wait until you start kicking yourself later for not getting that extra help early enough.

2. Go For Track Record And Potential

Though track record is important to show what an employee can do, their potential is more important. This means that you should look for an individual who shares your sentiments on most aspects of the business and has a passion for everything involved in the industry. Some one can have a lot of experience in a particular field but no potential to grow. Go for a person who has an interest and the zeal to punch beyond their weight.

3. Aptitude And Skills

Most people have mastered the art of answering questions in an interview such that they manage to project themselves as confident professionals. For this reason, it is easy for most people to pass this part of the interview. But since you do not want just anyone, you have to make them demonstrate their abilities. If you are hiring a salesperson, let them sell something within specified time and you can choose those that put extra effort in their work. This is what will better demonstrate the skills of the employee as opposed to the conventional interview process.

4. Have A Hiring Panel

If you have a number of people working with you to start the business, make a panel that will be involved in the hiring process. If you are working alone, involve friends and family who are in business. They will take you through choosing the best employee when the decision becomes a hard nut to crack. You can interview the same employee a number of times just to make sure he/she will fit in well in the business.

5. Legal Protection

Have all the necessary legal documents ready for the right employee to sign. You might be a small business but having a contract will protect both the business and the employee.