Success being a relative term, one can’t house it in a ‘Perfect definition’. However, calling it a stage where one accomplishes the aim or goal he has set would be better.

Bridge between Tech intellectuals and entrepreneurs

In recent past, the technology market grew tremendously. Numerous startups jumped into the ocean to see their dreams coming true. The list includes both technical and non-technical aspirants. However, while the latter just has an idea for a mobile application with which he expects to crack the market, the former has both knowledge and skills.

This doesn’t mean that the latter won’t be able to accomplish his aim, but it’s just that the probability for the former to do that early is comparatively more. The non-tech entrepreneur has to focus on more things than technical one. Don’t you believe me? Ok, I’ll here share some reasons which will prove that technical intellectuals become more successful as an entrepreneur:

1. The technical communication

This is one of the basic and a major reason behind the high success rate of technical intellectuals. It isn’t important that a non-tech entrepreneur should know how to read and write codes, but he at least needs to understand the technical basics in order to communicate and discuss the things with the technical team. If the entrepreneur isn’t qualified enough to talk on technical topics, the same will eventually create gaps between the two, entrepreneur and technical team.

2. Analytic systems

Sooner or later you’ll need the analysis of your application. This will include everything from traffic and user churn. An entrepreneur with technical knowledge can easily understand the same and subsequently come with core product development, analytics, and required integrations. With all this achieving the targets by taking necessary actions and implementing updates can be done easily.

3. Deciphering code

Technical intellectuals are qualified enough to decipher codes. This not only saves their expenses but also saves time and dependability. Unlike a non-tech entrepreneur, they don’t have to incur few extra thousands in programming as they can edit the things on their own.

4. Knowledge of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a must in today’s tech era. Being a technically sound entrepreneur, one has the entire knowledge about the same and can successfully set up Meta tags and integrate keywords that can help getting better results in search engines. Hiring an SEO specialist might cost you a good amount of money, thus being a tech intellectual help you save great costs, allowing you to invest same in other necessary areas.

5. Creating automation systems

This is the best benefit that a tech intellect has as an entrepreneur. He’ll know how to create systems in his business to automate it. Automating marketing and other departments will eventually yield good conversion rates. The person doesn’t have to depend on other developer and make him understand the requirements you have and how you have planned the things to work. This won’t just save the time but the outcome will be more personalized and effective.

6. Big Data

It is everywhere around you, anything that talks digital process and social media exchange. Having knowledge of Big Data is something that can bring you to the mainstream of technology competency. It helps you score competitive advantage, make better business decisions, and in understanding the customer preferences.


These were some of the points that clearly state that being a technical intellectual your chances to prosper as an entrepreneur is high in comparison to the non-tech one. However, before signing off, I would like to mention that despite not being one from a technical background, you definitely can climb the ladder to success. It’s just that you need to have at least the basic skills.