Did you know that each year over 3,000 tech startups are financed in North America?

Budding technology entrepreneurs know that starting their own company can be an exciting experience, yet super challenging! The hours are intense, raising capital is hard, and keeping your investors happy is a constant balancing act. However, starting your own company also provides many unique opportunities, like the chance to work in many different areas of the business well beyond your traditional skill set.

The initial months (or even years) are spent growing the business. Increasing your customer base, employee headcount and refining your product/ service offering are top priorities. It can be a steep learning curve.

Firmex, in partnership with AceTech Ontario, has brought together some of the best business advice from tech CEOs, who have all been through the process of building their tech companies. They hope it will inspire the next generation of tech startups to keep pursuing their vision and not lose sight of their goals.