Brand Marketing StartupsHave you decided this is the year you up your brand marketing game? Are you already networking on social media to encourage business growth but feel like you could be doing more? It might be time to consider adding additional marketing arrows to your quiver. Peruse through the following products and services offered by startups within the brand marketing sector. You just might find the secret weapon that helps you hit your brand growth target.


Currently accepting beta sign up requests, Blurbi combines brand marketing, social media management, and crowdsourcing into one yummy startup. If you’re a business owner that has been beating yourself up over your lack of social media marketing, this startup is made to order for you. Specifically targeted at businesses and their audiences, Blurbi will connect content marketing and social media freelancers with businesses in need of their services. Businesses will be able to pick and choose from crowdsourced submissions for their social media and content marketing campaigns. Small business owners with no budget for a social media manager can use Blurbi on an as-needed basis. Marketers with less-than-spectacular graphics skills can use Blurbi to source visual content created specifically for their needs. Businesses with a desire to boost their content marketing efforts can use Blurbi to fuel their content drive without having to worry about hiring a content creation team. If you’ve been concerned over your lack of content marketing on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, signing up for Blurbi is highly recommended.


Biteable lets you create animated videos in minutes. Whether you need to promote a new product launch or you are looking for additional image creation tools for social media, Biteable makes creating customized videos easy. Choose your color scheme, pick your slide animations, add your own text, and Biteable will email your creation to you in mere minutes.


If you like the idea of Twitter’s Vine but want more creative control, Cinegif might just hit the mark for you. Businesses can use Cinegif to create ‘moving’ content for everything from social media posts to landing pages, m-commerce campaigns, website headers, or email newsletters. While a GIF lets you offer visual content using looping static images, a Cinegif FIG (no, that’s not a typo) lets you layer content and include rich media files. Cinegif FIGs are easy to create, are compatible across multiple platforms, and come with built-in analytics. If you want to boost your social media efforts by engaging your followers with animated digital marketing, take a walk on the wild side with Cinegif.


If you want to up your mobile marketing game at the same as you increase your brand marketing efforts, take a peek at Purple. Purple lets you engage with your mobile-enabled customers (and who isn’t these days) by offering them a multi-function digital card experience. Designed for the enterprise, Purple digital cards feature options like geo-fencing, connected payments, smart pages, and personalization. Purple works across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. If you want to keep your business top-of-mind and encourage brand loyalty, Purple is well-worth investigating.

Do you think you will be able to integrate any of these startups’ offerings into your brand building plans? Could looking to up-and-coming companies be what it takes to accelerate your business’ growth? Startup companies are creating fresh marketing resources faster than you can say ‘disrupt the status quo’. It might be time to put down your traditional bag of marketing tricks and pick up a few new tools from startup companies eager to help you grow your brand.