Startup Week Across America is coming! The week-long event, formerly known as Startup Day Across America, takes place from August 20th through August 24th. It has been described by the Kauffman Foundation as an opportunity for senators and representatives to discover local startups and open up the conversation about the role that entrepreneurs play in the overall economy.

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, we want you to get involved and participate in the event. While it’s recommended that you contact your legislators to set up a meeting together, what else can you do beyond chatting with your senators and representatives? Here’s a look at other simple ways you can make your voice heard.

For first time entrepreneurs…

1. Collaborate with other local businesses in your neighborhood. They might not realize that Startup Week Across America is an event they can get involved in. Once they know more about it, local startups may be more likely to team up together and invite a member of Congress to visit your community for a taste of your small business environment. As a budding entrepreneur, it is important to make connections and use these resources to your advantage.

2. Share your experiences. Startup Week Across America advises that post-meeting with a senator or representative, you tell them more about the experience. They recommend sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, tagging the Kauffman Foundation, and including the hashtag #StartupWeek so they may be able to easily find you. Don’t be shy about asking for a selfie together with a senator and sharing your story! Who knows the countless ‘treps on these social platforms it will inspire and move to action?

3. Remember the importance of your brand image. As you arrange to meet with your local legislators, you want to make sure your brand is putting its best foot forward. You should appear, and act, professional. The mission and values your business has should be reflected in everything you do, if they are not already.

For experienced entrepreneurs…

1. Some of you may have already participated in Startup Week Across America and that’s great if you have! But, why stop with making it a one-time affair? Contact legislators to set up a meeting and join in the cause again this year. You can use the days leading up to your meeting to share throwbacks to your previous involvement in the event through social media postings and blog posts.

2. Act as a mentor to the community and its small businesses. Sponsor local events or look into helping out with charities. Giving to local causes can help spread awareness about your company, those other businesses involved, and shed a positive light on your startup as a leader — and doer — within its field.

3. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. What better way to stay connected with the community than to become a leader within it? You would be able to lend the unique perspective of a small business owner and provide advice to fledgling businesses. Make your voice heard so others in the small business community are moved to step forward and speak up too!