Startup growth can be challenging at the best of times—in 2020, the odds against building a new organization are huge.

Here are three of the best outreach practices new startups can adopt in 2020 to grow their business.

Landing Pages to Convert Startup Site Visitors

A great landing page can make the difference between a site visitor bouncing and one who clicks through to make a purchase.

But what makes a page that converts people into customers? Take a look at this landing page example.

Light Software Landing Page_Venngage
Source: Venngage

Here are some aspects from the example above that startups can emulate to create a powerful landing page:

  • The design is simple, not crowded
  • The text is written for people—in a relatable tone—while being optimized for SEO
  • The limited real estate of the page is used to deliver one succinct message
  • The page is designed to direct the eye towards a call-to-action
  • Visuals such as product photographs are included

You should also include testimonials from real customers as social proof. Additionally, landing pages should be A/B-tested to understand what formula works best to retain customers.

When a startup is reaching out to new clients and customers, creating a landing page that converts needs to be a priority.

You need your customers to click through from a social post or email and arrive on a page that gives them value and encourages them to make purchases.

Grow Startup Client Lists with Cold Emails

Sending a cold email is the go-to strategy for startups trying to grow their business—the potential to reach a vast number of potential clients is immense.

Emails still have great ROI—people regularly check their emails, which improves the chances of your message being seen, unlike on social media, where the noise can drown you out.

However, effective cold outreach campaigns can still be a challenge to execute.

Here are some of the best practices that startups should use when cold emailing:

  • Narrow down your email list according to customers who are active in your niche
  • Find the right person within an organization who your email will speak to
  • Personalize your emails for each person you are emailing
  • Optimize subject lines to make them appealing and pique the customer’s curiosity
  • Always send follow-ups

Managing email campaigns from start to finish and creating content that converts customers have become highly-valued marketing skills in 2020.

It is a tough ask of startups that have few staff members—but prioritizing cold email can improve business prospects in the near future, which makes it worth the investment in time.

Use Gated Content to Retain Startup Customers

Value addition is key to attracting customers and retaining them. There are numerous ways to generate leads by offering high-value content.

What constitutes gated content? Any kind of content that requires site visitors to complete a form or share their details to access.

Gated content is usually high-effort—this is the kind of material that adds to the overall customer experience, making it worth filling up a form for.

You can see in the example from WebinarNinja below how the company encourages visitors to join their workshop.


But remember that when you ask people to share their information, you need to deliver on your promise.

So, when you’re offering a whitepaper, ebook, or to run a webinar on a subject that will appeal to your audience, ensure that you deliver a product that will add value to your customer.

Key Takeaways for Startup Growth

Outreach practices for startup growth have been changing—especially due to the circumstances businesses find themselves in this year.

To recap, here are the three best outreach methods startups can adopt in 2020:

  • Create landing pages that are simple, to the point, and have a strong call-to-action
  • Send out cold email campaigns that are targeted and personalized
  • Create gated content that retains and converts customers

Use the outreach tips above to grow your client base.