There are very few start-up businesses like a children’s party business – if you have a good idea and the requisite skills then a good business can be started with relatively little capital. That said; they are difficult to get right so you will need to know your niche, how to advertise and the legal requirements.

Your Niche

There are a million clowns out there, so unless you are trained in clowning, and there are universities that offer PHD’s in the subject, then you might want to consider something more unique. Magicians are equally popular so again your act will need to be pretty special to stand out.

Science Boffins Children's Party
Science parties like Science Boffins from the UK are great kids party ideas

If you are a natural entertainer then think about how you entertain your own children, nieces or nephews. Do you exercise with them? Then maybe a gym or sports party could be your niche. Do you have any experience or qualifications in science? Kid’s parties with a mad scientist theme are incredibly popular just now and the ingredients to make baking soda volcanoes or jars of slime are relatively cheap. Almost anything you can do that entertains children can be developed into a theme.


The internet is a great place to start. Setting up your own website is incredibly easy these days with sites such as wordpress and blogger; and when you have your site promoting it can be just as easy. Forums and communities set up for mothers are a good starting point because you are getting straight to your target audience. Many of these “mom forums” offer local advertising so you can single out exactly who you want to see your ad. Promoting your business in guest posts on relevant blogs is also a good way of generating interest; but remember you must be offering interesting, funny or educational content – spam is never the answer.

Doing some free shows in your local community is another good way to get your business noticed. Offer your services to local schools or youth clubs to get word of mouth promotion from the kids and adults in attendance. Also, if you are performing for free at these venues, let your local newspapers know about it; local papers love feel-good stories and you will get you some free exposure.

Legal Requirements

You will need to go through a thorough background check to work with children. In the USA the state is allowed to insist that anyone working with children is subjected to a criminal record check in accordance with the National Child Protection Act of 1993. In the UK a CRB (Criminal Record Background) Check is required to work with children. Some agencies, parents or institutions may also insist on a character reference or employer’s reference. Though not a legal requirement I would recommend that you are able to supply these references in case they asked for; it could be the difference between getting a job and not.