Shyp, an on-demand delivery service officially opened up for business in Miami City and Miami Beach, just in time for the holidays. Those who reside within the Miami City limits can download the Shyp iPhone app now and send gifts or any other goods with the tap of a button.

No matter if you are sending Christmas gifts to your family abroad, shopping at Lincoln Road Mall or shipping handcrafted creations that you personally made, Shyp has you covered from 8am to 8pm for any items you want to ship every day of the week.

The on-demand pick-up and packaging is on them, as Miami residents who want to try out Shyp for the first time can enter in the promo code HELLOMIAMI in the app for $10 off on their very first shipment.

In their blog, Shyp states that next in line to be able to utilize their services is LA. Shyp will be launching in Los Angeles sometime in early 2015 so that residents don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way to the post office. You can sign up now on the LA welcome page to be the first to try out Shyp.

Previously in September earlier this year Shyp opened up its services to New York City to expand beyond San Francisco. Its coverage in New York spans from Red Hook to Greenpoint in Brooklyn and all the way up to 96th Street in Manhattan.

Kevin Gibbon, CEO of Shyp says it’s getting easier for the company to launch in new cities since they can figure out which parts of the process can be turned into standardized practices. He noted that two of the most important things to figure out have been finding practical warehouses and growing an early workforce.

Photo Credit: PhotoPin