For startups and freelancers it makes financial sense to work in a shared space.  But for concentration, shared spaces can be a nightmare.  Just with the general chatter alone, getting work done can be tough. While you probably have mastered your own way of dealing with this, there are many apps and platforms out there than can help you focus and get work done.

So if you are in a shared office, here are some apps for you.


1. Coffitivity: This website lets you plug into long soundtracks of coffee shop sounds, university backdrop, and lunch lounges to boost concentration.  So maybe you’re not working out of a coffee shop anymore, but at least you can feel like you are.


2. OmmWriter: Need to sit down and write?  This platform enlarges to your entire screen so there are no notifications, no pop ups, nothing that could distract you from writing.  As the website says, “discover the bliss of single-tasking.”


3. Time Out: Breaks are OK when working — actually they help you focus better in the end. Time Out will gently make your screen fade momentarily and remind you to take a break.  And since you’re in a shared space, there are surely people who will want to break with you.


4. Concentrate. Like the name says, this platform helps you concentrate on certain tasks. This app allows you to create tasks and allocate times to each. Click on a task, the timer will start and Concentrate will let you know when the time you have allocated for the task is up. This app helps you keep your daily schedule in check.


5. Notational Velocity: The ultimate tool to organize all those scattered notes you have on paper, on virtual stickies, email drafts and elsewhere. Notational Velocity can save notes – either in ASCII, RTF, or HTML. The latest version of NV syncs with Simplenote or WriteRoom for iPhone. It also easily syncs via Dropbox.  Your shared space neighbors will be thankful for the lack of post-it notes everywhere.

So now you have no excuse to be that person in the shared space distracting everyone.  On that note, get back to work!