Maximizing your time when working with Twitter is important for staying informed and relevant. That’s why we asked members the following:

As time is at a premium for busy entrepreneurs, what is the best strategy to use to get the most use out of your professional Twitter account?

Their best answers are below:

1. Avoid Redundancies

If I can’t contribute something new to a discussion, I back away. After all, if I’m wasting your time, I’m certainly wasting my time, too. However, Twitter is too valuable to ignore, so I try to get a post in regularly for brand awareness if nothing else. – Brandon Stapper, Nonstop Signs

2. Hire Someone To Run Your Social For You

It’s important to have a social presence as an entrepreneur, but it usually ends up being the last thing on our radar. Hire a social media coordinator who can look after that aspect for you. Find someone who has an understanding of your industry, and make sure they are aware of your voice and tone. – Dave Nevogt,

3. Use Twitter Lists

Twitter both makes and breaks news regularly these days, but it can also be overwhelming. Utilizing Twitter lists is an excellent timesaver. It allows you to segment your feed however you want so you can drill down on what’s important to you and ignore all the noise. You can also check out which lists influencers in your field follow and join them. It’s a great shortcut for finding relevant feeds. – Ismael Wrixen, FE International

4. Tweet at Events

I find my Twitter account becomes a strong asset in combination with conferences, workshops and events. Twitter can be a very impersonal channel, but when I attend events, I use it to retweet conference attendees, in order to connect with others in the industry. Once I connect face-to-face interactions with social media, I create a list for people I’ve met, and interact with them often. – Marcela De Vivo, Mulligan Funding

5. Connect with Bloggers and Industry Leaders

Twitter can be an amazing tool for finding people in your industry and connecting with them on a more casual level. Share industry articles and always remember to mention the author in your tweet. Sometimes that alone will spark a conversation. Also, reach out to relevant bloggers for guest posting opportunities. – Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

6. Outsource It

Virtual assistants are key here. Their main role is to reduce the minutia that goes into the larger tasks an entrepreneur needs to perform to continue with their action plan. Set a guideline of what needs to get done and delegate. The amount of time needed to create a guideline is far less than the day-to-day management. – Anthony Paluzzi, Palo Media

7. Stick to a Documented Strategy

Odds are, you’ll gain more value and efficiency if you’re adhering to a planned strategy and not just winging it. If you can, pull in resources from your social and marketing teams to help define your goals and put together a monthly calendar. – Sam Saxton, Paragon Stairs