Quora is not new to us. Search for a question on Google and you’ll find answers from Quora in top results. For those of you who are not familiar with Quora, like Yahoo answers, it‘s a platform where you’ll find answers to most of your questions.

So, how do you use Quora for your startup?

Take your own sweet time to setup your profile

Create your profile through any of your existing accounts, like Google +, Email or Facebook. Further on, use your profile page to describe your startup. This is really important as the whole world would read it. And of course, you want it to be in incredibly presented manner. Include a link to your startup’s website/blog.


Look for the most followed questions and write an answer for it

Through Quora, you get an idea from massive reservoir of topics (questions asked). You should attempt to answer those through a blogpost.

For example, there was a question posted on Quora, “What are some of the craziest startup that actually worked?” This question had 500+ followers

Since we had already done a similar post on MyVenture.in, I saw this as an opportunity. You can see the results below.


Establish thought leadership

Addressing precise questions relevant to your domain will help you gain recognition.

Plan up for yourself as to how many questions you would answer in a day. Stick to it and work accordingly. I try to answer at least one question a day related to startups and digital marketing ( I am not able to stick to this strategy, but you should!). Once you have established yourself as a domain expert, you’ll start receiving requests from users to answer their questions. This will help you connect with prospects for your product/services.


Interact with Influencers

Like Twitter, Quora also has influencers. However, the influencers are categorised based on the their topic of expertise. Identify influencers in your domain and interact with them. Though it’s difficult to set up a network through Quora, but it’s not an impossible task.

Whenever you find an interesting answer, stalk the profile of that person for more interesting ones. If you find so, follow them! Connect with them through LinkedIn, Twitter too.

Don’t forget there is a network being woven, and not a business proposal being unfolded. So don’t start pitching with that person.

Some Quick Tips

  • Longer form of content performs better on Quora
  • Use UTM parameters to track the traffic to your website from a particular answer (if you insert a link to your website)
  • There’s a direct correlation between the number of upvotes and the rank of your answer
  • Look for questions on your competitors’ product and explain how your product is different
  • Most importantly- don’t write a sales brochure, answer the question

To sum it up

The truth is, every startup wants to promote their product/service but due to budget constraints aren’t able to do much. Using Quora for the same is a big thumbs up.

Targetting appropriate questions, sticking to your patience with better flow of your thoughts everytime will not only help you market your startup, but also develop a trust for your product and ultimately drive sales.

I originally published this post on MyVenture.in