It’s very inspiring that the current conditions on the IT market have become very favorable, and it’s simpler, than ever to create a startup today. Much due to such an advantageous state of things, the number of new IT businesses in different specific niches is really striking.

In this respect, what factors influence the market and its conditions? Undoubtedly, in case with building a startup, it’s the money, e.g. founders’ own budget, or the acquired investment funds, with the latter options being much more widely-spread, than the former. It’s not that the startup-builders are too poor, but the first stage of the new business development usually comprises many more considerable expenditure items.

As for so-called investestment money, seed funding appears to be one of the most beneficial ways out for beginners, who have got a brilliant and potentially profitable idea for a startup, but can’t cover the initial costs of building the business themselves. The essence of seed funding, in fact, pressuposes certain amount of investment money, frequently spent on its actual development, open presentation and initial marketing during the 1st year of startup existence. Here, the obvious advantage is the possibility to develop a creative idea, even though you can’t afford its physical realization yet, and check its profitability within a short period of time.

Moreover, there can be even encountered the companies, offering their seed funding to the most talented developers and other IT-specialists, who don’t even have a particular idea for their business. One of such enterprises, in particular, is Y Combinator, which enables the most qualified programmers, web-designers, etc. apply for a membership in its seed funding program and try building a startup with others, having applied in a way you do.

Undoubtedly, any seed funding initiatives are worth applauds, much because of the fact that they open a wide range of opportunities for specialists with great potential. Yet, natural talent and sufficient experience happen to be two major keys to success in building and developing any possible startup, in the first place. Therefore, it’s highly essential to get enough theoretical and practical knowledge, before applying for seed funding from the side of a large investor. The options here vary a lot: you may try developing applications for companies with open API, take part in versatile developer programs, like 4shared Developer Program, for example, where you can both practice and, perhaps, even earn some cash.

And only after that let the planting of your startup start…