Full Suite Marketing – Blended

Launching a new business in the current climate of Google updates and relying on natural search to bring you customers is a little like standing in the desert and waiting for rain. The launch of Protein Lifestyle which is a sports nutrition brand was implemented utilising all available marketing avenues, natural search is just anticipated as a very welcome shower should it come along.

Harvest All The Seas With the ongoing updates in Google causing a carousel type of havoc with small businesses it means even if you have a good natural search profile you must reach out for a broader marketing strategy. Time and again I see the feedback in various forums and blogs where entrepreneurs are full of doom and gloom in the post ‘Google Update’ apocolyptic world we live in.

Gone are the days of SEO as we know it, gone are the technical analysis fixes that used to make all things good in natural search, once first page success for multiple keywords could be achieved quickly with the right approach. The problem is that it made people lazy, the continual tide of visitors was like a perpetual flow of  food, good search positions could make a business successful almost by themselves.

The savvy net sellers of course adopted a more lateral approach looking to take food from a number of tributaries on our Internet estuary but the vast majority were happy with what came in on the tide each day.

A New Era Dawns What we have now is the true marketing era where the blended approach to selling successfully online is now critical to success. Even now after all the culling many people are still narrow minded in their approach and often it is businesses that still hold good search positions that are not moving forward with a blended marketing strategy.

The evolution of natural search is now at a point where new businesses startups must adopt an all routes marketing plan to be successful. Unless you are willing to risk burning your URL there is no safe way to storm the beach anymore with quick link campaigns and keyword rich domains, no longer can you write poor content and rely on a good page 1 position to make up for not thrilling your visitors.

Yes there will be some that get away with it, there are always examples, but it is not the way to build your business and lay down good foundations.

Natural Search Is Just One More Tributary To Harvest There are many different ways to get your new brand into the wide world and get selling and targeting demographics with precision is actually within reach of almost any business startup.

Take Facebook, it is a vital part of your plan, it is free to setup and spread the word, people underestimate how good this can be and the interaction with potential customers can be so effective. Write meaningful posts, make sure you set up a business page and get it looking good. Get the widgets in place that will interact with other social media platforms you will set up. For example at Protein Lifestyle (A new startup) we have widgets for Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and there is more when we get to them.Whey Protein

In addition cost effective advertising can be created and targeted to very exact demographics, you really can drill down to individual organisations and get your adverts in front of them, get interaction on posts and messages about promotions and discounts and also develop good content, polls and competitions.

Pinterest is great for getting your message out especially if you have ‘shopping eye candy’ on your website, remember as with most buying decisions they start with some sort of visual engagement.
Pinterest is great platform to profile your images and content, make your images striking and create product boards, pull important content and media in to make your board interesting and once again be careful to target demographically. With the advent of Rich Pins there is even more scope to get noticed.

Twitter has many uses from monitoring customer complaints and successes to announcing special offers engaging new potential customers and direct marketing which again can be targeted more specifically than almost any other marketing activity. With Twitter you can select a specific type of audience and individually select people and direct mail them.

Tweet snippets from important blog posts and content, use the hash tag to emphasise important words and phrases to gain interest. Monitor your brand using Twitter and respond to customer service opportunities pro-actively. Link to your products and special offers and build your brand, it is important to be consistent with your brand online.

Other Social Media Outlets – Research other social media outlets and look for plugins to customise your website with social media widgets. Google plus is important and again customise your Google page and engage with good content. Encourage customers to engage you back via social media with clever ideas, competitions, polls etc and encourage feedback.

Google plus communities are a great way to reach a wider audience and interact with the huge search engine, make sure you get you places allocation and develop you Google + business page.

Test Online Paid Advertising – The paid outlets such as Google Adwords, product listing ads and FB advertising combines with affiliates and other shopping channels should all be tested on budgets, remember you are not just trying to sell products you are also building a brand and raising awareness of your brand.

It is quite feasible that all this activity will assist your website to start showing in natural organic searches and will bring your products into arenas where people can follow back and purchase.

There is lots to do but there is a healthy percentage of sales that can come from this activity so as a new brand selling online don’t just wait around for organic traffic, work on everything else and it should come naturally.