The mission for all non-profit organizations is to create awareness of an issue or mission. With a need to draw attention to child abuse, The Lincoln County Children’s Advocacy Center ( in Newport, Oregon is no different. Unfortunately, this goal presented quite the challenge for the organization as its details were buried deep inside the county’s website. The limited visibility and accessibility caused the group to re-evaluate its’ strategy. They knew that in order to effectively provide information about their cause, they would need to create a more impressive online presence.

“The Center wanted to provide education to the public about child abuse, prevention and opportunities to support the small, non-profit agency,” said Pam Salisbury of the Lincoln County Children’s Advocacy Center. The ability to express this message and great cause within their provided resources was extremely difficult. Searching for alternative solutions, the group was cautious to develop a website as they believed that they did not have the resources or skills needed to succeed.

“We thought a website for the organization would be too expensive and overly complicated for the average person to maintain,” Salisbury said. A sense of relief came when Salisbury explored Web hosting options and found 1&1 Internet. “The 1&1 MyWebsite was cost effective, easy to maintain and provided responsive support.”

With a successful Web presence, the Lincoln County Children’s Advocacy Center can now effectively raise awareness and gain the attention it deserves.

By taking the leap into the online world, other non-profit organizations or businesses can see the same success that the Lincoln County Children’s Advocacy Center experienced. By choosing the right Web host as your business partner, your company will be accessible to the masses in no time.

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