Social media, if used properly, is one of the best marketing channels and a powerful tool for the customer acquisition. The amount of blog posts written about social media and entire blogs dedicated to the subject can sometimes seem overwhelming, but I promise you, the subject is in fact possible to master.

Instead of writing a 1,500-1,800 word blog post trying to explain the “how to”s of social media I gathered

10 infographics with all the information you need to become an expert on social media.

Social Media in 2014

To really know your way around social media marketing, you first have to know what’s happening on every social network.

Social Media stats 2014 by


Etiquette guide

If you want to get along with a new crowd, you first have to learn their behavioral code. Here’s the etiquette guide to social networks, to help you fit right in:

Your complete social media etiquette guide [infographic] by

A guide to social media posts

Creating engaging content isn’t easy. But if you follow some guide rules, you might be able to create the perfect post:

Create the perfect post by

and of course, you can’t create the perfect post without knowing the perfect image sizes, right?

Social media image sizes by infiinpixels


Social media for startups

Startups have different needs than other SMB’s and big organizations. Here’ how you can leverage social media for your startup marketing:

Social Media Marketing for startups by
How startups can leverage social media by


The pro tips

One of the biggest challenges of creating a content strategy, is deciding what and how often should you post to social media. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

When and how often to post on social media by constant


How to make awesome social content

In an age where everybody is doing content marketing, “good content” doesn’t cut it. You have to make it awesome:

Create awesome social content by salon


Create content people love to share

What type of content should you create? The kind people want to share of course. Here’s short infographic with the types of content people mostly share.

what-people-share-social-networks by


7 Next Big Things In Social Media

Part of mastering the different social networks is staying ahead of the curve. Here’s a list of rising trends in social media:

The future of social media by

What other infographics do you think upcoming social media marketers should be familiar with? Share them in the comments below.