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Just because your business is still on its startup phase doesn’t mean your audience should treat you as one.

There is a way for you to create the illusion of making your business seem like an established brand even if your business is still new in the industry.

How exactly do you do that, you might ask?

Check out these killer marketing tips.

1) Guest post on authority sites.

In most cases, authority websites won’t take the time to mention your brand (or any brand for that matter), if it isn’t worth their website’s real estate.

I mean, why would they talk about your business (a startup), when they can feature other businesses that are familiar to their audience, or those that really matter (at least to their audience).

Unless your business doesn’t have enough clout, the chances of these authority websites talking about your business is close to nil!

That might be heartbreaking, that is, if you are looking at this fact negatively.

If you look at the other side of the coin, you will realize that IF by some sort of luck your brand gets mentioned on these authoritative sites, your brand’s clout will SKYROCKET!

The good news is, I am not about to tell you right now to rely on luck.

There is a way for your business startup to be mentioned on these websites. And you do that by… guest posting.

The chances of these authority websites accepting your guest post is also quite slim. However, it is by no means impossible.

Allow me to share with you a couple of strategies that will drastically increase the chances of your guest post pitch to be accepted by the webmasters.

  • Give them an incentive for accepting your guest post. Not only that, also make your incentive as irresistible as it can be to the webmasters. You can share things like doing a free coverage, sharing a free product, hiring them as one of your long term service providers, etc…
  • Make sure that your article is crafted really well. No one likes crappy content, and you can bet your family jewels that these authoritative websites are especially keen on things like these.
  • Make your outreach email, simple, short, and punchy.

These 3 tips alone will do you TONS of good. So be sure to consider them when doing guest posts.

One of the best strategies that I use to land guest posts is to start with a round-up of influencers. At this point, once the round-up has already been published, I should have already built a relationship of some sort with the influencers. This then makes my guest post pitch really easy for them to accept.

An article I recently published at is a very good example. From this round-up alone, I managed to acquire close to 600 social shares, and have guest posted on some of the musicians’ blogs.

2) Interview an influencer.

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Just last week, I was reading the book, Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu. While I have learned a couple of things from having read the entire book, there was one concept that I couldn’t forget.

The author was talking about how foxes do not command the same authority and influence, compared to that of a tiger in the jungle. And how, although that is truly the case, there is a way for the fox to obtain the same clout (or something really close) to what the tiger possesses.

How does the fox do that?

He simply needs to ally with the tiger. If he can walk beside the tiger as the tiger walks around the jungle, the other animals (who respects the tiger) will end-up respecting him because of his connection with the tiger.

As you can probably imagine, the fox in the story represents you (the business startup owner); while the tigers are the influencers in the industry that you will be interviewing. By doing so, or the very fact that you are seen together with them; the people in your industry (the other animals in the jungle) will tend to give you the same respect that they are showing to the influencer, simply because of your connection with them.

Pretty interesting, huh? Now the question is, how do you obtain a list of influencers in your industry?

If you are new to internet marketing, and aren’t quite sure how you can go about finding the influencers in your industry, you can use influencer outreach software. Ninja Outreach has always been my go-to software when doing outreach because of how user-friendly it is, and how it can easily get me hundreds (even thousands) of influencers in my industry in just a couple of clicks.

3) Share the articles of well-known sites then add your badge on the shared pages.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What on earth is he talking about? What does he mean by sharing a badge on the shared pages?”

No idea?

I don’t blame you, what I am about to share with you right now is a secret strategy that I’d dare say very few marketers are using.

What am I talking about?


This app allows you to add a branded badge with every external link you share.

When your audience clicks the external links that you shared in your social media profiles, or your personal blogs, they will see your badge on the actual page.

At this point, all you need to do is use StartaFire when sharing articles from authoritative websites, and wait for the traffic to come-in.

Here’s an article from about how to make money online that I used StartaFire on.

Can you see my badge on the lower right part of the page?

Killer Marketing Strategies

I know. Amazing, right?

Because your audience can see your branded badge on the articles that your share (articles from authority sites of course), they can easily associate your brand with these top tier sites.


Even if your business is still on its startup phase, if you use the strategies that I shared above, you can easily create the illusion of making your business look like an established brand, even if it’s still new to the industry.

If you have questions, tips, or additional strategies that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section below.