Entrepreneurship can be addictive, and I readily admit it is my favorite euphoric drug. These last few days, for example, I have been getting high on reading and talking about issues involving water (yes, a real entrepreneur can even get high on water), framing the scale and scope of what has become a $500 billion industry and where future opportunities might be. There is nothing better than the adrenaline rush of gleaning those precious nuggets — or should I say droplets –of information that quite possibly no one has looked at the same way before (or at least if they have, they haven’t acted on it).

Invariably, when I’m hit by such a “eureka moment,” I can almost hear a drum roll. I immediately access my Go Daddy account to see what URLs are available, and if the one I have in mind isn’t, I check to see if the owner has a Web site up and what the business model is. This early stage process is something for which I have even coined a name — “euphoric entrepreneurship.” It’s also the best part of the process, because it doesn’t take long before the real heavy lifting, the real investment, the real blood sweat and tears begin, and I say to myself , “Oh, no, not again!” Which is why it’s a good thing that we can feel so much elation when we first hear opportunity knocking —  making us momentarily forget how much it may require us to knock ourselves out.

[Image Credit: digitalbob8]