Just be honest.
(We’re sick of cover-ups)

Taken from a recent Megan Berry Interview, just after her exodus from the foundering Klout:

Customers: They are the lifeline of any business. No matter what kind of business you are running, keeping your customers happy is key.

How can brands, big or small, do just that? Megan Berry, founder of LiftFive and former Senior Marketing Manager at Klout, explains to genConnect how to create a conversation with your customers and how not to piss people off:

Megan Berry
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“The first thing is to start a conversation with [customers],” Berry told genConnect. “Don’t make assumptions about what they want or what they care about. You can’t talk to everyone but you can find the key people who are the influencers in that community and find out what matters to them and what they care about as a transition happens.

So what happens when you slip up? Companies aren’t perfect so come clean to your customers; they will appreciate you even more.

“Recognizing your mistakes, stepping up and saying ‘We did X wrong and here’s how we are going to remedy it’ is great,” Berry said. “Companies are so reluctant to say when they make a mistake that consumers are just overjoyed when it happens.”

Just tell us when you stuff things up.

We notice. We will forgive you. But not when you piss on us and tell us its raining.