So you’ve got a million dollar idea, but not a penny to take off?

Thinking of crowdfunding the project?

Are you acquainted with the basics of crowdfunding? Or is it still only a buzz word for you? Have you done enough research? Have you chosen your platform?

If your answer was yes for all the above, this post is for you. Knowing about the various platforms and their rules is not all. You’ve got to have some tactics in place that sets your campaign apart and make its compelling. In here, we are going to explore what an ideal crowdfunding campaign looks like; the one that is compelling enough to get the much needed cash coming.

Spend time

Looking at many of the campaigns featured on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you may develop a misconception that crafting the campaign pitch page is straightforward.

Lamentably, it isn’t so. Writing a potential fundraising pitch takes about a week or more. You need to make a sketch of what you want to specify vaguely and what should be in detail. And again, everyone would not read a lengthy text. So you need to research on your target contributors’ mindset, likes and dislikes too before you set out to write. One great thing to do is browse through similar successful campaigns and try to learn from them.

The project write-up needs to show reasonable level of transparency, thrive for clear communication of the whole idea, and add value to the potential contributor.

Have an events calendar

It is always good to know that the project you have contributed to cares to keep you updated of the proceedings. It makes you feel important and thankful to. Isn’t it?

To be able to do this precisely and with ease, have an updates calendar in place. The updates could be myriad; anything from progress in the design of the project, involvement of industry’s big-wigs in the project, announcement of new contribution perks, announcement of funds raised, or reaching the crowdfunding goal. When people start to see the progress, they may want to get back and contribute more.

Set the foundation first

Usually the startups that have commenced their work and are seeking for funds to take the project forward find it easy to captivate donors. Show how much work is already done to make understanding your idea concrete. The fact that there is a promising project already started makes it even more valuable to likely donors. The donors are aware that the creator of the project has invested time and money in the same, which depicts the likelihood of the project going great.

Check how Ghost’s campaign video gives a peek into one of its features (Markdown – preview) which is already developed.

Create a complete video

Yes. It says complete video. It has become a trend to create a dedicated video for your project’s crowdfunding. But then, not all videos are complete.

The purpose of making the video is to cater to people who do not like to read all the matter stuffed in text. This simply means that the video must reflect the write-up and if possible give away more.

The video helps express the need of funding the project. Remember that most of the backers invest in you more than in the project. So introduce yourself, your team, your expertise and build credibility for yourself. Tell people how important and useful your project could be. Above all, do not forget to add a call to action in your video, because you never know where your video is being watched. Everywhere you may not have a call to action close to the video.

The below video makes a great example

Make it a point to implement these little aspects in your next crowdfunding campaign and see the change.

Do you have something to add to this? Or experience to share with me? Drop it in the comments below.