Futurewise is a Mumbai based startup founded by Ronak Hindocha and Rupa Hindocha with the objective to provide good and affordable financial advice to the common man. Based on the belief that personal finance should be simple and stress-free, the startup took the task of demystifying the Union Budget upon itself, just a little later after it was announced by the Finance Minister, P Chidambaram on the 28th of February 2013.


The team at Futurewise created a simplified visual representation of the budget on its blog and shared it amongst its community. The budget was the hot topic that day and many budget enthusiasts were waiting anxiously for the experts’ verdict. Nearly 6 out of the Top 10 trends on Twitter revolved around the Union Budget with ‘#Budget2012’ reigning at the top. Aided by the time at which it was published, the infograph gained momentum and spread quickly on social media.

Ronak began by tweeting it to his community and then continued with the Twitter influencers like @netra, @jhunjhunwala, @tinucherian, @sachinkalbag, @atulchitnis, @monikahalan, @ankitv, etc. Most of them liked it and re-tweeted it. Eventually, the Rediff engine picked it up too, and used the infograph for its day long coverage on the Budget 2013. By day end, the infograph had garnered a decent amount of exposure on social media. It was re-tweeted 175 times on Twitter, while receiving 165 likes on Facebook.

Apart from brand visibility and web traffic, the startup also got lots of beta signups. For numbers, Ronak shares, “The traffic we got since the infograph blog post was equal to our 9 months traffic put together. That resulted in good brand visibility and lots of beta signups.

Relevant and Well-timed content

Having created a budget infograph last year, Futurewise had experienced the demand for such a relevant piece of content. However, it lost in terms of timing. The infograph shared last year did not go viral despite being relevant and useful. Published a few days following the budget release, it had lost out on precious time, by which most major publications had released simplified analysis of the budget.

In an attempt to strike the iron while it is hot, the team at Futurewise got wiser this year. It had the infograph format ready two days prior to the Union Budget day. And, while the FM dispensed the numbers, the team jotted it down at once. Within an hour, the said infograph was populated with numbers and was ready to be dispatched to the community.

This is a beautiful demonstration of how a small startup’s blog can also go viral without any paid marketing. Create content that is useful to your community but above all, ensure that you share it while it is the most in demand. In another instance late last year, social discovery platform, Wishberg had created a fun parody video featuring Hitler and his generals discussing about the product. This video was then released 3 days after the public beta launch of Wishberg, bringing in visibility for the startup as well as many signups. Interestingly, the brand did not spend any money as the video was made in-house!

Social media can be a boon for startups. While sharing the lessons he learnt, Ronak said, rather regretfully, that had his startup also concentrated on Facebook promotions in addition to Twitter, the infograph would have only gained in visibility. Nevertheless, this experience has got him better acquainted with the powers of social media.

Slider image courtesy: PremiereCreative