Among a variety of reputable online resources, TechCrunch has for long been holding the prior role and is generally considered one of the most influential players on the IT market, having already converted into a massive news and analysis maker.

In this respect, numerous IT-oriented events, like workshops, seminars and conferences, including world-famous TechCrunch Disrupt, where hackers, developers and startup creators get together, discuss the most essential trends and tendencies, share their vision of the future development and a lot more.

The mentioned TechCrunch Disrupt that is held in San Francisco this year is already claimed to be one of the top IT conferences and it planned to include globally known Hackathon, Startup Alley presentations and, certainly Startup Battlefield, at which a high-qualified jury will select the best of the best among young services.

For what it takes, the Disrupt event has attracted huge media attention, and tech journalists from different parts of the world have already got their own predictions for the startup battle winners, for instance. Moreover, the number of IT companies, which have confirmed their participation, is also absolutely incredible. Some of those have even prepared their exclusive presentations to the open public, like 4Sync, for example, that claims to serve delicious “cloud ice cream” to everyone, who’s willing to try.

As usual, with 1 week till its official start, TechCrunch Disrupt is definitely going to be widely-discussed for long and will, surely, reveal some of the hottest tendencies and trends for the end of 2012 and the next year as well.

So, let’s watch and wait, right?