A Story Of Three Friends From Mangalore

“We three friends used to travel to places like Bangalore/Chennai to attend events and conferences. We used to get inspired from the product guys and wanted to do the same but coming from Mangalore had its own challenges, “ shared the excited co-founder and CEO Jazeel Badur Ferry at Eventifier.

Well, the dream has turned to reality with Eventifier, a smarter way to archive all the event photos, videos, slides, tweets, conversations at one place, for Jazeel and his two buddies – Nazim Zeeshan and Mohammed Saud. All of them studied engineering together at Mangalore, the chief port city of Karnataka. After completing their graduation, the lads had no intention to join a tech company but were inspired by the dream of doing something on their own.

The thought of building something that solves a pain point took the guys to The Startup Centre hackathon, Chennai. The guys pitched their idea, which was to build an app related to stock market integrating the SMS feature. But, unfortunately, their idea got the cold shoulder from the jury which demotivated the guys.

“We were quite demotivated and decided there is no point in developing a prototype of an idea which has not been liked by the jury. But then we decided to give a try to another idea, which was at the back of our mind for some time. And thus Eventifier was born,” informed Jazeel.

Jazeel shared that whenever they visited different events or conferences, they realized that there was no online archive of social media discussions that happened while the event was on. With social networks proliferating, keeping a tab on all networks was also a challenge and hence Eventifier was born.

Eventifier Team

Indeed, the startup that is presently evolving at The Startup Center, does solve a crucial problem in today’s world that we had observed while reviewing it last year. However, with time, Eventifier has evolved and it is not just archiving social conversations around an event.

“We knew that we were solving a real problem but the big question is that will our users be ready to pay for our service. We did a small survey and asked our users if Eventifier provides an admin/dashboard that allows them to control the service, moderate content, list top tweets on a big screen, etc., will they be ready to pay for it? And, the result was quite positive and we also have a bunch of paid customers, “ added Jazeel.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the startup is working on an Enterprise Edition for a customer where the startup is providing branded content. In other words, the archives will have a white labeling and will be entirely branded the way the customer wants.

However, Jazeel has no issues when people compare Eventifier with Storify. In fact he feels that it is a great thing but they are not too much worried because Eventifier is in the market to solve different problems.

Eventifier is fully automated and works in real time unlike Storify where you have to do lot of hard work. Features like Highlight where you can pull the tweets to an offline big screen really sets us apart

The startup which was recently funded by for its efforts from KAE now plans to concentrate to tap the huge event market that is out there waiting for Eventifier. With 10% of its users turning into customers like Kred, NASA, Pearson, etc., one gets the hint that the friends are already kicking some great business.

Before we could wind up our discussion, Jazeel informed me that Twitter has been a great support for the startup in reaching out to people.

“Twitter has been the tool for us. Most of our content was on Twitter so we concentrated on it. We got great results and really fast. We tried the same with email for reaching out to people but it didn’t work the same way Twitter does. And now with Twitter Cards coming out in the market, content discovery has been really easy and credible too.”

Smaller towns have bigger dreams and the guys from Eventifier are proving it right.

Image courtesy: www.thehindu.com