fypio - in the startup spotlight

Ever attempted to find a new home to purchase and felt like you were wading into deep water without a flotation device? Tried to discover that hidden jewel of a home that makes your heart melt, yet felt overwhelmed by the real estate details like square footage, lot size, realtor commission, and mortgage rate? What if you could discover your dream home based upon the emotional cues that will make your new investment your refuge and a place of solitude? If startup fypio has their way, you will soon be able to.

Currently in private beta testing, fypio hopes to change the way real estate buyers find their dream home. Instead of being limited to selecting traditional offerings like number of rooms, roof type, or lot size, you’ll be able to connect with properties based upon emotional responses that truly make a house a home. Connections like ocean breezes, pet-friendly green spaces, or kitchen design style can have a far greater impact on your sense of self-satisfaction than knowing the square footage of the master suite or the age of the chimney. fypio combines a number of essential components to ensure a real estate purchase ticks all of your emotional boxes.

screenshot 1 fypio - shopping for a dream home that haunts your heartfypio lets you discover potential properties based upon characteristics that match your sense of style. From sleek modern kitchens to rustic fireplaces and wildflower gardens, you’ll be able to create collections of components that mesmerize your muse. As your fypio collections slowly reveal the puzzle pieces of your dream property, you’ll be able to share those heart-hauntings with your social circle. From grandparents you want close by to friends with insights you admire, your fypio collections can become a true place of community building as you endeavor to find your perfect property. fypio’s proprietary software learns from your collection habits and whisks potential connections to the front of your collections feed for review.

fypio also offers an opportunity for real estate wish granters to create collections they think potential clients will respond to. A collection of beach-side gardens or wraparound porches is more likely to inspire interest than a collection of 3-bedroom ranchers in San Diego. Creating collections on fypio allows those promoting properties to understand the features that matter on an emotional level, thus providing the opportunity to offer potential properties that will make the right connection. Understanding the role of a buyer’s influencers in their purchasing decision can offer additional insight into suitable properties to offer for viewing. fypio collections offer an opportunity for real estate professionals to ‘market the magic’ as part of their ongoing realty match-making. From email signatures to newsletter highlights, the ways a brokerage firm or agent maximizes their collections is up to them. Creating personalized collections is just one way a realtor can use fypio as a value-added service.

screenshot 2 - fypio - househunting based on what really mattersWith home bases in San Diego, CA and Toronto, ON, fypio is the work of Founder/CEO Michael Koh (Koh Inversiones) and Founder/CTO John Kvasnic (Navantis). Having already raised $1 million in ‘family and friends’ funding, fypio is set to publicly launch June 2014. Initially focusing on San Diego, expansion plans include Orange County, California, Dallas and DC by late 2014. Considering fypio only raised their initial funding in October 2013 and began building fypio in November 2013, they’ve set a mighty aggressive timeline for themselves indeed. If you understand the background of Koh and Kvasnic, you’ll realize their ‘take no prisoners’ growth strategy is par for the course. It took the fypio team only three weeks to raise their initial $1 million in funding before they had to start turning down interested family and friends. In just over three months, they had their initial alpha build out to testers and were iterating upon feedback. With that kind of determination and proven ability to produce, achieving their stretch goals shouldn’t be a problem. Expansion plans include iPad and Android editions in addition to their initial iPhone and web applications. Angel/Seed investors are definitely going to want to keep fypio on their radar. By focusing on buyer needs, the fypio team is hoping to engage consumers at the ‘top of the funnel’ to truly understand their real estate motivations. Not just another online real estate directory, fypio is more like a mobile-first Pinterest meets Houzz for home discovery.

Long term goals for fypio are to become THE social network for real estate. Enabling dream discovery for buyers provides the perfect opportunity for match-making buyers and sellers. Realtors who capitalize on the potential of fypio will be able to tailor their offerings based upon client need. While some clients want the bare bones, where do I sign treatment, other clients want a deep relationship with a realtor who understands the intimate decision details that are important to them and their family. fypio will enable realtors the opportunity to offer both. fypio could very well become a value-add tool that realtors offer premium clients.

fypio - home buying the way it was meant to be

If you’re intrigued by the potential of fypio, sign up for early access. You just might be catching the very first wave in a real estate transformation. Just like Pinterest has changed social bookmarking, fypio could be poised to change the way buyers discover potential properties. If the recipe for a successful real estate transaction = emotional fulfillment + sound investment, fypio just might have the secret ingredient needed to complete the magic.