The simple definition of “Fear” is to be afraid of something, someone, or fear is an invisible barrier holding you back from being the best you can be. It doesn’t have to be just marketing, sales, and advertising either. Fear can be in professional sports, many professions and even of yourself. So the bigger question is how to contain it, wield it, and use it to your advantage, well you can.

When it comes to your business, fear can be “The Holy Grail” of teachers, it teaches you, self-motivation, self-discipline, keeps you sharp and hungry, you come outside your comfort zone as an entrepreneur to do the impossible, WIN BIG!

And on the other hand? and ultimate of all “Fear of Failing” which breeds self-doubt, forces you to second guess your actions, immobilizes you, you become reclusive.

Something to think about….

I’m not writing this blog post to watch people fail, I’m writing it to expand and harness your power within. Once you can overcome fear, any obstacle that an entrepreneur faces just become a whole more transparent and obsolete. But fear, can also be destructive and sets up walls and obstacles that can not help you succeed at all. Let’s look at some tips and idea’s that I have done to get past living with “Fear” and start living in “Freedom”.

Here some of the things I do to overcome fear.

Believe in Myself.
This may be the biggest ally’s you have against fear, never stop believing you can do this business, or never stop believing you can make 6 figures online or more. Once that is accomplished you create a spin-off that is equal as powerful, confidence. This is also the first place you should start.

Recognize Your Fears
Once you know what kind of wall you’re facing, then you can begin a game plan to defeat it.

Wrote myself a check for myself for 1 million dollars.
Why? It’s a psychology trick to stare at me every day while I run my business, and write. And I also set a date on the big check to one year from now. I got this idea off Jim Carey the actor, in this live interview with Oprah Winfrey, he explained why he wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars. I got the same idea and it broke down the fear of failure mind-obstacle, you can do the same too for ANY amount.

Ditch Your Ego.
This can go without saying, BUT, your ego lies to you. Make you think your bigger than you really are, makes false promises and is setup for the big fall because Ego doesn’t see Fear, Ego sees whatever it wants, but fear. Ditch the Ego because it really blinds you into making really bad decisions in life and in your business.

Go See a Hypnotist.
I didn’t really believe at first that a hypnotist can really give you that mental edge in business, but they can. When I was in the Dominican Republic May of 2015 at a Mastermind event, when I met Marshall Sylver, and what an amazing life story he has. One of his courses is “Turning Point” which is held all over and get to spend time live with him “Unlocking Your Mental Obstacles and Fear,” to become wealthy.

Invest in Mentorship
If you ever doubt yourself, I’m pretty sure your mentor has been through it all and had the same feeling when he or she first started. You also need a mentor to teach you, guide you, give you support, tools you need, and is always there to amp up your game in business!

Just Do It
The flagship slogan for Nike, but really what it is saying to you and its audience? Answer: Conquer your fears and just get out there and do it no holding back. In 3 words the message is a lot bigger when understood, and mentally, Nike is silently challenging its consumers to go outside their comfort zone and “do it.” As entrepreneur’s, that’s exactly what we should be doing, no holds barred, no obstacle type of attitude to pull the trigger and make it happen.

Why Fear is Good
I’m sure everyone has seen Rocky 5 right? In those 2 movies Sylvester Stallone explains the “Ring of Fire” and that ring wasn’t the boxing ring, it was fear. Fear taught him to be better, if you can control it on the inside, and if you can’t, everything outside the “Ring of Fire” is burned up and destroyed. Fear makes you think, make smarter decisions and ultimately you become the champion!

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to face these kind of hurdles along the way, and some are not always money, some are mental obstacles that seem impossible to conquer, but really are an illusion. I’ll also add that once you have conquered a mental fear, new possibilities, and new doors will open for you. It takes courage to face your fears but, in the end, you wind being the winner. JUST DO IT!