“Entrepreneurship is by far the most demanding, low paying, pride swallowing, psychologically wearing career choice one can make. At the same time, one could argue that it is the most creative, challenging and rewarding career choice one can make.”

As an entrepreneur, there are many hurdles that you must overcome and many tasks that need completion prior to making the money that you want, but here are just a few considerations:

– Entrepreneurship is continuous learning: as an entrepreneur, you’re either learning or you’re behind the curve. Make sure you’re reading books. Make sure you’re reading the right books. There is always room for improvement.

– You must love the business you open: if you don’t love your company, don’t expect your company to love you. Essentially, you are married to your business and there is nothing worse than being unhappily married.

Never open a company for the money. You might as well get a job.

– Failure should be the least of your hesitations when opening a business: we are all afraid of failure, however that does not mean we should be driven by failure. As an entrepreneur, it is counterproductive to perseverate about your business not doing well.

Focus on the positives, let the negatives pass you buy as they bring nothing of value and, as an entrepreneur, you must be upbeat and continue your journey to being successful.

– The younger you are, the better you have to be. As a young entrepreneur, it is often difficult to convince the older business professional to take a chance, however it is doable. With some sales acumen and confidence in oneself, achieving this goal is not as hard as you think.

– You must keep healthy:entrepreneurs have to endure a marathon. Those who endure a sprint do not win; be in the game for the long-haul if you wish to win. Your industry will change and things will go wrong, so be prepared to have the endurance to embrace the marathon.

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To be a successful entrepreneur you must relentlessly pursue goals that you never dreamed you could achieve…and make them a reality.