The Unbelievably Simple Principle That Entrepreneurs Overlook

Early in my marketing career I read an excellent book by the very knowledgeable Shama Kabani called The Zen of Social Media Marketing. I highly recommend picking up this book if you’re new to social media marketing. In her book, Shama talks about a fundamental marketing principle that has stuck with me every day and is the foundation for all of my online marketing efforts. It’s the A.C.T. principle.

A.C.T. stands for Attraction, Conversion, Transformation, and it’s important to understand the concept entirely if you’re going to maximize your marketing strategy.

For every potential customer in your market, they must be pushed through the ACT funnel if you are going to maximize the revenue and significantly grow your business. No step should be omitted.


Assuming you’ve done your proper due diligence when starting your company, then you’ve identified a market of thousands or even millions of potential customers. While I’m sure all of those beautiful people would love to buy your products and services, chances are, they 99% of them don’t even know that you exist. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to find them, and then capture their attention.

Start thinking about all of the channels that you can use to get your brand and messaging in front of as many potential customers as possible. Where do your customers spend their time? If it’s a physical location, you can probably communicate with them via snail mail, face-to-face, or by phone. If they spend time online, maybe email is an option; or social media. How about TV or magazine ads? You get the picture.

Now, let’s say that you’ve identified the places (both online and off) where your potential customers are and you begin pushing your messaging out to them. Realize that you’re competing with a gazillion other entities. You’re competing with competitors, with the prospect’s time, family responsibilities, job responsibilities, daily to-dos, news, and the countless advertisements that they see everywhere they look. All of these things take attention away from your product/service and you have to go above and beyond to attract them towards what you’re selling.

For consistent attraction amongst potential customers, focus on two things. 1)Be remarkable and 2)Have value points that they can’t resist.

Being remarkable involves being unique, being highly visible, and being relevant. We live in a “me-too” society so it’s easy to fall prey to copying the same ol boring marketing techniques and strategies that you see everyone else doing. Remember, 9 out of 10 businesses fell so you’re better off being different then following conventional wisdom. Be bold in your messaging. Ruffle some feathers. Be outlandish! Of course make sure that you antics are substantiated, but don’t be afraid to be really different.

You’ve also got be super consistent and almost obnoxious when pushing your brand and sales offerings to people. It’s highly unlikely that someone will purchase from you the first time that they interact with your company, so multiplying your presence is key. As for value points, that ties into relevancy. You want to connect with customers by satisfying both their desires and their rationality.

For more information on being remarkable, read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. To learn how to articulate your true value to customers, read my post on crafting selling points that customers love.


Once you have a potential customer’s attention, you must have systems in place to ensure that their objections have been pacified and that they’re comfortable with pulling out their credit card. You never want to lose a sell because you didn’t address a customer’s most basic concerns. To cover your bases, write down a list of common objections that your customers have. This can include objections on price, having a relationship with a competing product/service, lack of trust, etc. Then take the time to come up with customer-centric points that will help ease their worries. I also suggest testing your objection responses by doing market research.

Other conversion techniques include:

– Eliminating risk by offering a money-back guarantee.
– Offering an extended or lifetime warranty
– Adding additional products/services to the sale for FREE
– Showing testimonials of satisfied customers
– Showing case studies of before and after effects of going with your company.
– Toll-Free phone support

Your conversion techniques should be incorporated in every aspect of the business, from your website to your receptionist.


This is where millionaires are born. I mentioned in the conversion section the technique of utilizing satisfied customers’ testimonials to help convince potential customers to buy or try your product. This is tremendously important and you should be doing everything within your power to get written and video satisfaction statements from everyone who purchases from you. When people see other consumers or businesses that look like them and talk like them, they naturally establish a subconscious trust. This trust significantly reduces their barrier to purchase and makes your selling quicker and easier. This one addition to your business can truly transform it. You can also encourage satisfied customers to become word-of-mouth advocators by creating interesting challenges or contests in which they must put together “success” stories via social media. Doing so creates a wave of online content that sales your business for you.

The next side of transformation involves automation. While I’m still learning the ropes for this, it makes a tremendous amount of sense to automate your interactions with currentcustomers. By send customers personalized emails, letters, phone calls, and text messages on a regular basis, you drastically increase the lifetime value of each customer. Routinely communicating shows that you care which makes it a lot easier to continue selling your wonderful products or services to the same group.

I hope that this information was helpful and that you begin to see how marketing truly is a 3-step process. Attract. Convert. Transform. Get out there and follow steps and you’ll be amazed at your success.