Chui Facial Recognition Access SystemEver contemplated living in the future where your face was your security password? Or thought about futuristic technology that enabled the following scenarios:

-Opening your front door to an invited visitor, even if you were halfway around the world
-Having your home’s entry system turn on romantic music and turn the lights down low as you entered your home
-Having your doorbell turn on your fireplace and turn up the thermostat on a cold autumn evening
-Remotely informing a soon-to-be ex that their belongings were in a cardboard box and that they’re no longer welcome in your home

Now stop daydreaming about futuristic technology because those scenarios are about to become a reality thanks to the smart technology of Chui.

Chui Founders - Facial Recognition Doorbell

Chui was co-founded by Shaun Moore and Nezare Chafni in Casablanca, Morocco, before moving to Dallas, TX. This past March, Chui was chosen as one of six teams to be part of the first class for Boomtown Boulder, an Accelerator program in Boulder, CO. With rapid growth, Trenton Moore and Patrick Kobler have recently joined Team Chui.

Set to begin shipping in Fall 2014, Chui combines facial recognition technology with machine learning to enable individuals and companies to control access to their homes and businesses. Chui is wifi-enabled and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Part security camera and part monitoring device, Chui’s facial imaging technology is so sensitive that it can even tell identical twins apart. Chui owners will be able to use their device in a myriad of ways. Visitor notifications can be received via email or push notification each time Chui scans an incoming guest’s face. Whether you’re screening visitors your children are inviting over or you’re avoiding nosey neighbours or door-to-door marketers, Chui lets you monitor each and every visitor wherever it is installed. Welcome guests can be granted automatic access or unwanted intruders can be blocked from entry. A real-time notification on your smartphone ensures that you have complete control over who is (or isn’t) entering your home or business.

Chui’s one-way video and two way audio allows you to communicate in real time with a visitor who is at your door.  If you are expecting a friend but need to run an unexpected errand, Chui lets you leave a personalized message. The two-way audio Chui offers lets you tell welcome guests you’re sunning yourself at your backyard pool, in the kitchen cooking, or running late and will be home momentarily. Chui can even enable conversations with delivery personnel advising them as to drop-off instructions or alternative delivery options.

With Chui installed, a home or business owner will be able to monitor who is accessing their building, authorize/disallow access, and the entire process can be controlled remotely thanks to Chui’s mobile application. Chui lets you create do not disturb lists to block unwanted visitors, lets you pre-record specific messages for specific visitors, and lets you automatically unlock doors via the Chui web or mobile application. Once publicly available, Chui will integrate with other smart technology devices like Lockitron locks and Hue lights. With facial recognition and motion detection capabilities, Chui lets you instantly record interactions and even offers one-touch 911 calls, should a call to authorities be necessary. If facial recognition isn’t enough for you, Chui also lets you layer additional security measures like QR code scanning and alpha-numeric access codes into your home or business access plan.

Chui Facial Recognition Access System - Dashboard

If you are intrigued by the potential, do a deep dive into Chui yourself to discover the numerous features this smart technology automation offers. Whether you are looking for a secure solution for granting employees access to restricted areas, an employee check-in option that can’t be fooled, or just want to monitor when your teens are coming home after school, Chui offers an incredible array of possibilities. With devices like Chui hitting the mainstream market, we truly are living in the future.