Like most of us over the last few weeks, I found myself glued to the television, tracking those hundreds of athletes who have literally dedicated their lives to excellence and consistency.

Most of them didn’t take a title, and ended their participation in their respective sports in the early stages of the competition. The vast majority did not have the opportunity to stand on the winner’s podium.

In a few weeks, we will forget their names and faces; most of them will not even take part in the 2016 summer Olympics, but they will certainly continue to persevere. I admire them, each and every one of them. This group of individuals, the Olympic athletes, possess and share a rare code of conduct, that of excellence and consistency.

Excellence, consistency and success

I am entrepreneur. My goal is to reach first place and to stay there. I aim for the gold on the podium of the next generation of technology. In my life, the gold medal is the ability to define the hidden needs of the market. My Olympics are my day-to-day life. My training is development and research processes. Mistakes, experimentation and case studies are the preliminary runs. I am chasing after the gold medal of innovation. The most important aspects of my Code of Conduct are those of excellence and consistency, in line with the top athletes in the world today.

I truly am working to create a better world. I have dedicated my life to this. This is my mission.

Success and failure

The Olympics present success and failure in a single dimension, as time, length or points, creating an artificial environment in which we are asked to judge and compare the life works of many talented athletes.

Entrepreneurs do not have the benefit of the Olympics to prove themselves. That is why success in the startup industry will always be a question of uniqueness, innovation, solutions and individuals who are proud to state, “Thanks to this technology/ project/ entrepreneur, my life was changed”.

Love your grey

The colorful Olympic Games are over. We are now beginning the four-year grey period until the 2016 summer Games. In this period grey becomes a dominant color. Many people dislike grey. I cannot think of a single country that would agree to add grey to its brightly shining flag.  Unlike most people, athletes and some entrepreneurs understand that the color grey is the symbol of consistency, faith and hard work, yet only a few actually fall in love with it.

It is these entrepreneurs who know that it is the color grey that allows us to distinguish between black and white.

I believe success starts when you fall in love with grey in your own personal Olympics.