Looking for an employee for your startup? Video interviewing is here to help! There is no “typical startup” and traditional means of hiring don’t always work. Hiring and retaining the best talent is as tough as it’s ever been, with projections through 2012 indicating that, for the first time in U.S. history, the number of younger workers entering the labor market won’t be enough to replace those who are leaving according to Entrepreneur.com.

According to a 2012 Aberdeen study, Many companies used the video format to interview job candidates for all levels from entry-level to the top ranks. In fact, 52 percent of companies who interviewed using video experienced shorter recruiting times, and 47 percent improved cost per hire.

Why use video? You might wonder, “Have we become so technology oriented that we can’t even take the time to sit down and talk with someone face to face?” But hiring managers aren’t turning to video out of laziness. They are coming to realize that video interviews offer benefits for both the company and for the job seeker. Aside from convenience, video interviews cut down on costs and save time for companies.

Another advantage is that the one-way interviews (or Spotlight Interviews as we like to call them) make it possible for both the interviewer and the interviewee to accommodate their schedules. The company decides what questions to ask job seekers and submits them to the candidate. The applicant can then, at their convenience, open up the video interview module, record responses and submit them. They don’t need to wait for a meeting that suits both schedules. Then, when you’re ready to do a more in-depth interview you can invite the candidate to do a live, two-way interview, which is very similar to what you’d do in-person.

Is it effective? The short answer is, yes. It is especially effective for the startup that is looking for young college recruits. Colleges allow companies to recruit at career fairs and conduct campus visits. With students already being technologically-savvy you’ll have access to more candidates using video. Recall your days as a ‘poor college kid’? Did that limit you from applying for jobs that you couldn’t afford to travel to? Taking the initial expense of interview costs out of the equation when first screening your candidates saves both of you the expense.

Also, aside from the information in the candidate’s resume that likely grabbed your attention, the video interview provides you an opportunity to see the job seeker’s personality and communication skills. You can learn a lot from their body language, and professionalism (dress and grooming habits) as well.

So maybe this seems a little too “Jetsons” for you. But guess what, video interviewing isn’t brand new. It’s been around and is just now being adapted and enhanced to better serve you and the job seeker. The job seeker of today is comfortable with the technology and is constantly looking for innovative opportunities to best showcase what they can bring to the table. If you’re not ready to step in front of the camera just yet, don’t worry (stick to Spotlight Interviews), but if you’re ready to get the best talent while saving time and money jump on board and find out for yourself how effective video interviewing can be when getting your startup off the ground!