a873176777a6b5e208e179d9af2bf923Does your business have legs?

If you’re an entrepreneur then that’s surely a question you’ve pondered, at some point or another. I wonder, though, if we sometimes grapple with the question wrong-headedly. We think it’s all about the big picture, when in reality it’s a matter of the little things—the small things that ultimately determine whether your business can succeed over the long haul.

An Example From Fuego Diablo

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Recently, my premium steak company, Fuego Diablo, was featured in a generous two-page spread, within the confines of a high-end lifestyle magazine. It was an information article about the company and our processes. It had some photos of our products, and one of me personally, as well as a quote from me. The magazine was distributed to a local market in which many of Fuego Diablo’s employees have roots, and it came out right around the holiday season.

When the publication went live, we saw a huge spike in conversion rates in that market. In fact, they were about six times what we were seeing in other, similar markets. The question was why.

There were a lot of variables in play. Maybe people responded to the photos. Maybe they were compelled by my quote. Maybe it had everything to do with the regional ties, or for that matter with the holiday spirit that the magazine’s readers were in.

Something worked. Something there had legs. We just didn’t know what.

And so I started to do what any entrepreneur would have done: I tried to figure it out. I brainstormed, I discussed, and I researched, trying to get to the bottom of which of these variables was ultimately influential, and which ultimately weren’t.

Small Things Give Your Business Legs

The answer is actually not relevant to this blog. It’s not the point. Here’s the point: As an entrepreneur, you have to obsess over this stuff. You have to hunt these variables, these little things that give your company legs. You can’t just look at the big picture. You’ve got to take into account all of the little things that may or may not have legs.

It’s all the little things that help a company succeed, or push it into failure. Those are the things to engage yourself with, to seek out, and to try to understand.