Being productive is crucial for every business venture, but especially important for startups that are still trying to plant their feet on the ground and set roots in their industry. You can’t afford to be unproductive and/or accident prone as a startup in a day and age when people are creating businesses out of their bedrooms on a daily business.

Here are a few apps you can use to make your business a bit more productive and give your startup the edge it needs to succeed:

MailChimpMailChimp Productive

You’ve probably at least heard of MailChimp by now. Let this article be the last hint you need to start using it! MailChimp is an email marketing service that makes it easy for you to put together and email marketing campaign and start appealing to new customers directly from their inboxes.

It’s easy to think people will just ignore your marketing emails like you ignore countless others every day – and for the most part they will – but it’s not about converting the majority. If you have a 10% turnover rate on an email campaign of 10,000 people, you’ve just netted 1,000 new clients! Now apply that number to bigger groups of people and think about just how much you can accomplish with a list of emails and a signal email marketing campaign.


Social media marketing is where it’s at nowadays. People want to have the opportunity to get involved and they want to know the companies they associate with are alive, kicking, and partially human. With HootSuite you can easily manage multiple social media accounts from one central location and even set up future posts, tweets and whatnot to give the illusion of constantly keeping up with your social media without actually having to spend hours a day logging into each individual account.

It saves you time, which in turn saves you money. Start using HootSuite immediately.


Producteev is a task management app available on all devices that makes it easier for teams of people to work together seamlessly regardless of whether it’s a group of 5 or 500 workers. With this app, businesses are able to communicate more effectively than ever before and save themselves a lot of time and money by creating a productive taskforce that enjoys what they do without the harrowing threat of a boss breathing down their necks.

Check out Producteev today to see what it can do for your company’s productivity tomorrow!