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8 Essential Oversights That Startups Often Commit

When you’re launching a business, you have to consider a great many things. Sometimes, in the midst of the careful planning, documenting and delegating, you still encounter a void.

That’s because startups and their founders frequently overlook certain profoundly important components that often return to bite them later on. Regardless of the industry your startup operates in or the strategic focus of the plan you’re implementing, certain components in every startup require attention in the developmental stages.

Here are 8 basic elements you cannot afford to neglect:

1. Data storage and management

One of the main functions in which startups experience failure involves a lack of sufficient—or at least efficient—data storage and management. If you stop to think about it, this should make sense. Every aspect of your business depends on data storage. Whether it’s accounting, finance, marketing, sales, or research and development, vital information must be accessed every day.

Have you ensured it will be properly stored, backed up, and organized? One of the best ways to manage this process is to invest in data center infrastructure management software.

2. Cloud storage and computing

Hand-in-hand with data storage management goes cloud technology. As global connectivity increases, your business will need total accessibility. Cloud computing technology means your employees, partners, and clients will be able to access information from anywhere.

3. Web content

How are customers and clients going to find you? Established companies can afford to invest in a variety of marketing and advertising channels, but startups are often limited by budget and resources. Thanks to the Internet, you can promote your brand in effective yet inexpensive ways.

Make sure to produce high-quality web content that satisfies search engines and readers. Investing in content marketing can produce a high ROI.

4. Legal representation

Don’t confuse legal representation with being guilty of a crime. Every business needs legal advice for such items as trademark registration, contracts, and tax filings. By securing legal representation early on, you can minimize unnecessary speed bumps down the road.

5. Mobile integration

Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or new wearable technology, mobile devices are becoming a part of everyday (and that includes business) life. As a business, you must understand how broadly this reaches. Position your company in a way that it can capitalize on mobile integration. This means investing in responsive web design, mobile applications, and more.

6. Corporate vision

The initial hiring phase is arguably the most important facet of talent acquisition your company will ever conduct. You can screw this up royally if you don’t clearly communicate your corporate vision to new employees.

From the start, you need to establish precise goals and expectations that guide each individual role within the company. This is the key to becoming a successful employer.

7. Security

While physical office security is important, you need to be just as focused on network security. As technology improves over time, so do the talents and tricks of cyber terrorists and hackers. Investing in high-quality security solutions will help your operation avoid or at least mitigate risk.

8. Social interaction

It might seem like a small oversight, but ignoring the power of social interaction is a serious mistake. Social media platforms are valuable tools for companies of all sizes. They enable you to listen to customers and meet their needs in direct, tangible ways.

While you may not have the resources to dedicate an entire position to social marketing and management, you shouldn’t neglect it entirely.

What are you missing?

Do any of these components sound foreign to your startup plans? If so, it may not be too late to invest in whatever area you’re lacking.

Your ability to reposition and realign priorities will prove fruitful in the future. Start today!