If you’ve been hesitating about starting a business, this post is designed to light the fire under you. If you’re reading this post, you evidently have interest in becoming an entrepreneur. But maybe fear is holding you back. You’re not alone in that regard.

But if you dream of becoming a business owner, there’s no time like the present to get started.

1. You’re Passionate

If you have doodled on napkins during work meetings, dreamed about the type of business you yearn to start, and made everyone around you sick of hearing about it, you’re ready. Passion is one of the primary drivers of a successful business owner, and you’ve got it!

2. You’re in Good Company

You’re far from alone in launching a new business. Research shows that over 500,000 new businesses are launched a month. And there are plenty of resources available for newbie business owners like you, from SCORE to SBA, as well as blogs like this one.

3. You Have a Vision

You already know how you’d run your business. Maybe you’ve seen other businesses in this niche, and have red-circled everything wrong with them, and mapped out a plan of how you’d do better. This is your chance.

4. You Have Support

If your friends and family truly care about your passions, they will support you in starting a business. It will be difficult for a while. Money will be tight. But if you have the appropriate conversations with your family about managing expectations, they’ll be on your side.

5. It’s Affordable

Never has it been so cost-effective to start a business. If you don’t have a lot of startup capital, you can launch your company from your garage, the way many a famous entrepreneur has. You can do all the work yourself until you can afford to hire help. You can ramp up your expenses as your business grows.

6. There’s Plenty of Room

Even if there are hundreds of businesses in the industry you want to start a business in (and believe me: there probably are), if you carve out your own unique niche, you will thrive. Focus on the single benefit you want to deliver that your competitors don’t offer. Don’t paint with a wide brush. Use a teeny tiny brush to really hone your niche.

7. There’s No Better Time

It’s easy to put off the idea of starting a business until later, until “just the right moment.” But deep down, you know that moment will never come. Rather than setting your sights on an indeterminate point in the future, why not jump in with both feet right now?

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