Whether your objective is to gain an extra source of income or to search out for full-time revenue, it is promising that the Internet always has something to offer. There are many money making opportunities you can come across the web that may or may not require you monetary investment before you start earning money.

Some people think that they may need to put in huge amount of money before they can finally establish a good source of income, but that’s not always the case. The Internet may only require you time and effort to start building a foundation. Here are some of the ways you can earn real money online.

1. Establish your own SEO Agency

Being a Search Marketer is one of the most challenging professions of this generation, given that search engine optimization is a constantly evolving industry and as it’s also a craft that encompasses several other channels of online marketing.

If you want to earn money online, establishing your own SEO agency could be one of your options. Not only will it bring you startling rewards, but you’ll become skilled at how to get higher rankings for your own website as a bonus in the process!

There are lots of resources over the web that you can use to learn more about SEO, particularly from blogs like SEOmoz, Search Engine Land and/or my SEO blog – Kaiserthesage. You can as well participate on community forums, where you can ask questions to other practitioners.

Funding: skills and $50 (to build your own website where you can showcase and market your skills)
Returns: high and sustainable

2. Become a Youtube Sensation

Not only Holywood actor and actresses make it on top. If you have a video camera, Youtube account, and a striking skit, you can also make it on top. Along with Nigahiga, Smosh, RayWilliamJohn, Annoying Orange, you could become one of the highest paid Youtube stars who are rumored to have earned nearly or over $100,000 from ad revenues posted on their viral videos.

Sponsors usually offer paid advertisements to Youtube channels that are racked up with copious subscribers. Consequently, there are is a lot of money to be made on Youtube with just a single click!

Funding: a camera and a youtube account
Returns: very high once you already have your sponsors

3. Become a Professional Online Poker Player

Probably by now you are thinking, “What? Money from Online Poker? You must be kidding me!”, but no, this is serious stuff. Of course, it is possible to take advantage of the Internet by making money on Online Poker sites. You only need an excellent bluffing skill and a credit card to get you registered on the poker site you chose. Note that you should also look for legit and reliable poker sites for your security. Poker site reviews are available through out the web.

Becoming a professional online poker player is not as easy as pie, as you also need to learn the ropes of the game. The good news is that there are lots of free resources that you can find over the web, like this one that I’ve recently ran across – an extensive poker tutorial page as well as strategies on playing poker on Pokerstars, so if you’re really interested in trying this profession out, you may want to start reading and practicing the game more. Also, there are lots of free online poker gaming portals where you can enhance your skills in playing the game.

Funding: bluffing skills and a credit card
Returns: very high, if you’re winning

4.  Create an authority account on Twitter and sell sponsored tweets

One of the most searched keywords related to Twitter today is making money via Twitter. Apparently, product marketers are now taking advantage of some popular social media sites to promote their merchandise. One approach online marketers do these days is engage with a popular twitter user and get them endorse their product. Sexy Holywood Acress, Kim Kardashian is one of the most followed Twitter users today. Rumor has it that Kim earns $10,000 per tweet.

Creating an authority account on Twitter is one of the best ways to earn real money online without so much hassle. Price of each tweet can go anywhere from $50 to $500. There are sites that are already offering this type of service such as Buysellads and Sponsoredtweets.com, wherein you can just sign-up for a free account and people who might be interested in availing your service can contact you directly from those sites.

Funding: time and effort
Returns: you can earn as much as $500 for each tweet

5. Play World of Warcraft, then sell your rare items

Who says you can’t earn money while playing online games? Well, World of Warcraft users who merchandise their items can respond to that question. If you want to earn additional income for your monthly fees and expansions while doing what you want, I recommend you play World of Warcraft.

So far, one of the most familiar ways to earn money on WoW is through Selling Gold. It is not recommended by WoW organization though since it can be very risky. No one is allowed to sell gold inside the game otherwise you might get banned for breaking WoW terms and conditions. What most WoW players do to earn money is to join forums and websites where one can legally trade gold. Price range for each 10,000 gold is $15.

Funding: time and effort
Returns: very high if you’re able to collect rare items, plus you also get to have fun while hunting for those sellable items.

6. Create an Ebook and sell it online

Another popular way to generate income online is by selling ebooks. With the latest devices these days, e-book has become very demanding. You can choose to write about interesting topics or tutorials or even novels and stories that you are really passionate about. Many readers today are fond of reading ebooks for its convenience and portability. You can read it anytime and anyplace.

You can as well choose to hire good copywriters, and editors for a good craft, as this is the strategy that most expert marketers do when creating a digital product.

Funding: time, effort, skill in writing and creativity
Returns: very high if you can market the product very well (through JV Partnerships)

7. Build an authority and high-traffic website then sell direct advertisements

Decades back, websites and blogs are only meant for personal stuff like online journals and diaries. As the digital period has come into its own, websites have become a full-fledged money-making bazaar! Then, there came search engine optimization and social media promotions.

Site owners whose blogs and sites receive decent traffic (at least 500-1000 unique visits/day) are undoubtedly good online money earners.  Most of these sites have designs for ad space anticipated for sponsors.  Depending on the type, size, content, placement, and model of advertisement, prices can vary. Thus, site owners can actually generate good pay for every direct advertisement offered.

Some sites that have been successful on this kind of business model are Cracked.com, Sixrevisions.com and Freelanceswitch.com.