If you are ready to launch your start-up then don’t forget to leverage the efficiency of tools that will help you to save money and increase the overall productivity. Startups are really exciting and in this excitement, many tend to neglect the essentials which can ultimately decide their success. The effectiveness of a start-up ultimately boils down to how great the professionals are in employing such tools to own benefit.

Below mentioned are 6 essential tools that have direct impact on maximizing the overall profitability of a startup among its niche audience:

1- MotoCMS

Startups have limited budget and they can’t afford to spend a fortune on creating a website. MotoCMS is an efficient website builder which handles the entire responsibility of providing with a perfect website. With MotoCMS, you can:

  • Appeal to your targeted audience with an attractive website design which is unique and high on functionality.
  • Ensure that your website is running round the clock.
  • Choose the most appealing website design and give your inputs to work out an exquisite website design.
  • Each website is supplemented with built in SEO tools along with integration of social media channels.

You can work upon strategizing and identifying your start-up market and requirements while a professional website which appeals to online audience can greatly work in your favor.

2- CloudVOTE

CLoudVOTE assists a start-up by acquiring important customer feedback in the form of polling and also provides with cloud access to store and run presentations. A cloud-based polling application can be accessed through smart phone, tablet or laptop. When you avail the services an Access key along with a password through e-mail is provided. Your audience will require this Access key to be a part of the presentation.

Easy to get started with, you can upload your PPTX files and invite interested parties to share their valuable feedback through polling or be part of your presentation. With CloudVote you can:

  • Run Presentation/Polling campaign.
  • Interact with the audience through chat.
  • Receive real-time polling results.
  • Push content to other devices.
  • Easily access it from any compatible device.

Go for paid version as this highly effective app reduces the unwanted hassles of carrying hard copy presentations. Once you upload your presentation in PPTX files to a central location you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

3- Upwork

Cut down on your expenses by outsourcing your work. You can find reliable freelancing professionals through Upwork at affordable costs. You can also connect with other like minded professionals on the same platform.

Irrespective of magnitude of work involved you can find experienced professionals to be associated with. To cater to the niche professionals you can choose from additional services which are Upwork Pro, Enterprise Solution and Local business resources to be more specific in your search.

4- SumoME

The sole aim of SumoME is to help start ups attain online exposure. It helps you acquire attention of online visitors by integrating your start-up website with many important features such as:

  • Building lists
  • Content Analysis
  • Pop-up email boxes
  • Heat maps
  • Highlighter

The most fascinating aspect of it is that you can evaluate the productivity factor of various components of your website. With the option of heat map you can see what appeals to your online visitors and what receives least number of attentions.

5- MailChimp

E-mail marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy that you put in place for your start-up. MailChimp simplifies it by using its integrations to send out marketing e-mails, automated messages and targeted campaigns as well to the targeted audience.

With free version comes limitation to the number of e-mails and receivers that you can choose. It is better to go for paid version which will prove to be a wise decision in the long run.

6- Shake

There are many legal aspects that a start up needs to be aware of. There might not crop up some major legal issues but it is always better to safeguard your interests with helpful tools.

Every time you sign agreement with your business partner use Shake to create, sign and also send them free of cost to the interested parties. You can monitor your daily agreements or transaction to keep a track on your spending. Upgrade with LegalShield membership if you wish to consult with an attorney for legal advice.

With these tools in your arsenal, you can make positive impression to garner more business. Now that you know how to achieve the same make sure to add these essential tools in your startup tool book to ensure the success of your startup.