Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools out of the marketing toolkit. According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 70% of businesses are creating more content than a year previously.

And trust me, they aren’t crazy in doing so!

CMI also commented that 77% of overall B2C companies use content marketing as an approach to attract an audience.

But would if you are an app or B2C startup? Your best bet to increase the awareness is by using content marketing as well.

Here are five ways to build an effective content marketing strategy for your b2c startup.

  1. Discover what your customers want

No matter what business you are in, knowing what you customers are looking solutions to is a must.

To start off, head over to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and put in a keyword that matches your business. You can go to the tab that lists “keyword ideas” to quickly find keywords that fit what you are looking for.

From here, you can look at exactly what people are searching for and that are things you can incorporate into your writing.

  1. Invest in design

Design is a core element in the effectiveness of a b2c content marketing strategy, especially because some of the best-designed products have the strongest virility quotients.

You don’t need to be an experienced marketer to be successful at this either. Head over to dribble and you can practically hire a designer for as low as $10 per hour.

  1. Understand who the B2C buyer really is

You probably thought that the B2C buyer is the same as the B2B buyer, right?

Well, they are similar, but most b2c buyers purchase sizes are much smaller, have a much larger influence in relation to word of mouth marketing, and are much more spread out than saturated in major cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.

Lastly, the sales cycle of consumers is much shorter than the decision-making process of a b2b buyer.

  1. Learn how to write b2c content

There are so many mistakes that marketers make when writing for b2c versus b2b, but the biggest tip for converting b2c customers is to have an emotional sentiment. In this case, you want to have an article that is substance-filled and content that is to the point and edgy.

Similarly, using visually graphics and videos is a major difference between b2b and b2c content marketing. The reader wants to be led down the experience and has the piece tap into their emotional psyche.

  1. Write headlines that convert

Did you know that 65% of clicks start with the headline title? That’s why sites like Upworthy are so successful versus the Huffington post and Buzzfeed regarding growth.

The key to Upworthy’s success is creating curiosity headlines that help someone get interested in your content. Doing this will increase your click through and hence your traffic.


Content Marketing is such a powerful channel that so many people don’t realize can be utilized for their b2c business if they are smart about it. Some of the tips mentioned here can make or break your b2c content marketing strategy.

What are some tips for creating a powerful and effective content marketing strategy for your b2c startup? Tell us in the comments!