passenger-traffic-122999_1280For entrepreneurs, travel is almost always necessary when growing a business, whether it’s meeting with investors, pitching potential clients, or attending an industry event. But how do entrepreneurs stay on top of business while traveling? Here are some helpful tools:


An entrepreneur’s nightmare is arriving at their destination only to find that the Wi-Fi is spotty at best. How will you get any work done without an internet connection? Plan ahead by investing in a hotspot. Many mobile phones can be used as a hotspot, or you can purchase a stand-alone unit. When a hotspot is activated nearby, you’ll be able to connect to its Wi-Fi from your laptop, putting you right back in control of your business.


Using a project management tool, such as Basecamp, will allow entrepreneurs to stay in the loop on important tasks and assignments, even while 30,000 feet in the air. Basecamp allows you to organize tasks, leave comments with details on each assignment and assign tasks to different employees with dates. The best part for traveling entrepreneurs? Every comment, file attachment, or change in due date or project description will be sent to you as an email notification, meaning you won’t miss any important questions or issues that may arise while you’re mid-flight.


Need a breather? All entrepreneurs do, that is, if you’re referring to this incredibly useful app. Use this handy tool to locate private meeting spaces wherever you are, so if a client requests a conference call at the last minute, you’ll have a quiet room to go to and conduct business, even when thousands of miles away from your home office.

Adobe E-Sign Services

An important business deal can never wait, so don’t let travel prevent you from closing with a customer you’ve been after for months. The Adobe app allows you to send documents, collect signatures, or electronically sign documents yourself. Each document you review or sign will be saved in the app, so you can access it even when you’ve returned from your business trip. Have this app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet to prepare for these crucial situations.

FedEx Office

On the road to meet with an investor when suddenly you find yourself in need of a last minute, professional presentation on the status of your grocery suppliers? What is an entrepreneur to do when they’re miles away from the rest of their team and office? Download the FedEx Office app to have documents, files or photos printed at a nearby FedEx location, or turned into a well-done presentation that you can take credit for!

What apps or tools do you use to stay on top of business while traveling? Tell us in the comments below!