Dublin web summit is a technology conference that started in Dublin 3 years ago and is now the biggest technology conference in Europe. With over 4,000 attendants, 250 startup technology companies and a large selection of high profile speakers it was a great 2 day event.

Most startups are at quite an early stage of their development but there were some interesting social media tool providers that are worth keeping on eye on. Here are 5:

1. Cleverbug – Birthday Cards within Facebook

Cleverbug is a mobile application for creating personalized birthday cards for your friends on Facebook. You select pictures on Facebook of you or your friends and include this in the card together with a personalized message. The card is then posted out using one of 76 locations worldwide (i.e. the card will be printed at the centre which is closest to the delivery address). Launch date is coming soon!

The founder is Kealan Lennon who has a very successful track record so worth keeping an eye on this one.

Kealan Lennon – Founder of CleverBug

2. Alensa – Engage with your fans directly on your newsfeed

It’s very difficult to get your Facebook fans to come back to your Facebook page after they become a fan. The action happens on the newsfeed. Alensa allow you to include applications in your status updates. For example, the following shows a post from eBay that included details of a coupon. When fans clicked on ‘view coupon’ in their newsfeed the coupon was displayed without leaving the newsfeed. This is really cool functionality and you’ll see a lot more of Alensa!

Alensa EbayeBay using Alensa to allow their fans to redeem coupons in the newsfeed

3. GoSquared – Realtime Website Analytics

Google released realtime analytics this year but it’s not great. Gosquared provide really cool analytics. For the demo I was able to see who was currently on their site, where they came from, what they are reading, what device they were using and much more. This is really powerful. Imagine if you were a shopping site and you spotted a returning visit for a particular product page. Maybe you popup a deal on the screen to convince them to buy!

Alensa realtime statisticsAlensa realtime statistics for your website

4. Bossmetrics – Improve your Social Media Performance with reports and actionable advice

The bossmetrics are trying to solve an important problem. There is a big gap in knowledge with small businesses in how to leverage social media to get maximum benefit for the business. Bossmetrics aim is to monitor their performance through social media and provide easy to understand actionable advice that businesses can follow. It’s at an early stage in it’s development but they are trying to solve a real problem.

Bossmetrics AnalyticsBossmetrics – Actionable insights for businesses on social media

5. NewsWhip – How fast a story is spreading through Twitter and Facebook

NewsWhip tracks the news published by 5,000 English language sources (60k stories per day) analyzing shares, tweets and comments to figure out the most popular stories. It then works out how fast these stories are spreading. There are so many possible uses to this. For example, a brand could use it to manage their reputation. If a negative story is spreading faster than they wish they could take action. Alternatively if a positive story is not being spread they could take action to increase promotion of this content.

NewsWhipNewsWhip picking up the news that is most talked about on the web now!

These were just a few of the exciting startups that I met. Which one has most promise? If you went to Dublin web summit let me know of any great ones you want to share.