Whether you are a small business, startup or enterprise, collaboration is essential for discussing goals and ideas, becoming more productive and making sure things get done. Expanding markets and global reach allows your company to look at your industry and markets differently. In order to make more informed decisions, you need to collaborate with experts, your staff and even foreign entities. Building credibility in new markets requires communication facilitated through the most efficient channels. Here are five of the best collaboration tools for businesses.


This app only costs $10 per month, per user and gives you an all-in-one tool to help you hold more productive meetings. You can use the tool to keep notes, track progress, create agendas and follow up on to-dos in order to improve productivity. Your visual timeline gives you a better view of your meetings. You can run Do from either your desktop or mobile device. In addition, Do is searchable–this means you can find specified meeting items in order to ensure tasks are being covered. Moreover, it lets you track how much time and money is being spent on meetings to help improve efficiency.

Google Hangouts

When it comes to collaborating with people, Google Hangouts lets you send messages or make video calls on any device to several people. You can share photos and your location. On the other hand, you can use video calls to create face-to-face conversations with up to nine other people. If you wish to add more people, you can do so from a mobile device. Voice calls to the US and Canada are free. Not to mention, you can live-stream meetings and events. Google Hangouts is free. There are also paid subscriptions that give you the ability to connect to more people within a single session.

Toll free numbers

When it comes to improving client perception, it helps to have a toll free number. The reason is because customers can call you free of charge, and today, toll free numbers often come with forwarding and routing options that let you take calls anytime and from anywhere. A toll free number helps with privacy concerns as you don’t have to give out your personal number to prospects and clients, or contractors. This is one service that offers features to help your business enjoy better collaboration.You can even have your number forwarded to any mobile phone or landline.


If you want to have all of your communication in one place, then you need to download Slack. This app offers file sharing, real-time messaging, one-to-one and group conversations. In addition, you can share inline images and video with rich link summaries. What makes Slack even more useful is it integrates with Twitter, Asana, Dropbox and Zendesk. For five integrations and a 10k message searchable archive, you can use Slack for free. For additional features, paid plans start at $6.67 per user per month.

Fuze Meeting

Sometimes you just need flexibility when it comes to your meetings. With Fuze Meeting, you can get HD audio and video conferencing. You can also present animations, multimedia, documents and other forms of rich content. Any device can be used to access Fuze Meeting from a nearby hall to someone joining in from another country. Meetings can be scheduled through Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. This tool is free for up to 25 participants and comes with unlimited VoIP, screen and content sharing, 1 GB of cloud storage and 12 HD video feeds. For additional users, Pro plans start at $8 per month.

In a global economy, collaboration is essential. The right tools gets you the right results. The best part is many of the best collaboration tools offer free plans for a smaller number of users, allowing you to test it out for your team before jumping into paid subscriptions. When it comes to expansion and international reach, you need flexible tools that allow you to send and receive messages, set up meetings and send documents at anytime and from any device.