Periods of stagnant productivity with stale outdated ideas are the inevitable occurrence in any business irrespective of its size. And your small business affair will either fall victim to it soon or is already going through it. Although getting into the situation is inevitable, the fact that once you find yourself in such a stagnant redundant situation, you might end up losing control of your business leading it to the trenches is unthinkable.

This is why it is important to know how to get out of these situations without needing to contemplate selling your business to the highest bidder and calling it a day. There are numerous motivational ‘gurus’ and business ‘consultants’ out in the market who will charge you a fortune and promise to get you the desired results. The simple answer lies in the fact that you will not need any of them if you can remember the following 3 tips:

1.      Find Your Passion

The first thing that you need to identify and unleash when the times seem to be bleak with your small business is to identify that burning passion inside you which drove you take control and hold the reigns of the business for all this time. It is quite normal that you have lost sight of the passion owing to the daily difficulties and technicalities involved with running your own business.

This is the time when you rediscover your passion and proudly display it so that your employees can draw inspiration from the same. Remember that a leader leads by example and what can be a better example than inspiring your employees to rekindle there passion by discovering yours?

2.      Have A Positive Atmosphere

Yes, the hard and bitter reality is that your business is going through a slack period and that you and your employees need to buckle up to get things right, and that too quite soon. But does that mean that the atmosphere in the office needs to be one filled with negativity and dissent and other similar problems? No.

You will need to ensure that your office has a perfectly positive environment in order to inspire your employees and get the best out of them during these troubled times. Remember that your employees will need all the exogenous positivity that you can provide when all that is there in the business affair is negativity. Only then can they pull you and your company out of the troubled period.

3.      Be Flexible

Whatever might be the problem with your business at the moment, be it a problem regarding managing business debt or fighting off competition, you must remember that being flexible and open to ideas will help you and your business immensely during these troubled times. Being rigid and closed to other ideas and recommendations, in all probability, will result in you missing out on some tremendous solutions to your problem.

Once you have ensured that these 3 tips are ever present in the difficult times of your business, you can rest assured that they break of dawn is not far away!