In this Spyic review, we’ll take you through every feature available with this popular parental and employee monitoring technology. With Spyic, you’ll have access to all the messages, calls, and media on your child’s device, as well as location updates and notifications to keep you in the loop. On the whole, it lets you keep a watchful eye on your child’s phone activity or your employees’ use of work devices.

Spyic offers both iOS and Android monitoring, and both have unique features designed to keep your child safe online — from browser history access and app blocking to social media tracking and location updates. Our in-depth Spyic review will give you all the ins and outs of this popular spy app to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s the best app for your needs.

Spyic Review Key Info
Remote Install
iCloud only
Keylogger Yes (Android Only)
Geofence Location Track Yes (Android Only)
Max Devices Supported 1 per Subscription
Keyword Monitoring
Customer Service 24/7 Live Chat and Email
Jailbreak Required
No (iCloud)
SIM Tracking
Browser History

Spyic Features

Before we delve into Spyic’s compatibility, performance, and security, let’s take a closer look at what this spy app lets you see and the features that make it happen.


Everything begins at the Spyic dashboard, which is designed to deliver you real-time insights. It certainly stands out for its minimalist style that makes it easy to pick out the information you want during long data-gathering sessions.

It’s no difficulty to use, even for less technically inclined users.

Every Spyic feature has its own separate tab, letting you flip back and forth through each distinct data channel on the fly.

Is something not adding up in the keylogger tab? Switch over to the file browser instantly and you’ll see what’s downloaded on the phone — all without leaving the dashboard.

With a set of real-time metrics that measure everything from favorite contacts to the most browsed sites, Spyic makes sure nothing escapes your attention.

Spyic's dashboard | Top mobile employee tracking software

SMS Recorder

Every SMS message sent to the target device is recorded by Spyic’s dashboard, either using the internal Android app or the iCloud backup solution on iOS.

Being able to see your child’s texts gives you a unique view of their personal problems, no matter what they’re trying to hide from you — whether it’s internet trolls, bullies, or something more sinister, Spyic gives you the information you need through SMS tracking.

Spyic's SMS monitoring

Spyic doesn’t just cover text, either. Any MMS media files, such as videos and photos, will be captured as well. Plus, the iCloud solution even captures backed-up iMessages.

The dashboard also displays all the additional information you’ll need to contextualize the messages. This includes which contact the message was sent from, whether the message was an incoming or outgoing message, and when the text was logged by Spyic.

Call Monitoring

Spyic makes it easy to keep an eye on your kids’ incoming and outgoing calls, as each call is logged to the Spyic dashboard as it happens.

Each contact is displayed along with their picture, and you can check their number on a whim using the Spyic dashboard interface. On top of this, the call duration is recorded, along with when it happened.

Spyic contacts dashboard

Location Zone Geofencing

Spyic also uses the GPS locator on the target device to power a smart location tracker.

Not only does Spyic constantly update you with the current location of your child’s phone, but you can also set up warning zones that’ll notify you when the target device enters or leaves the zone — this is called Geofencing.

Geofencing uses Google Maps to give you a custom zone map in the Spyic dashboard, and with these email notifications, you don’t have to constantly check the location tracker to keep informed about the places you’re worried about your child wandering into.

Spyic GPS location tracking

Spyic is great for monitoring places that might be unsafe for your child, but it’s also great for employers who are worried about their device security.

You can use Spyic to keep a log of where the target device has gone, so you can check to see if a device has been taken off of location without authorization. This can be especially helpful when trying to recover stolen devices.

SIM Card Location

The location tracking features on Spyic don’t stop at the GPS locator. There’s also the SIM card tracker, which is a unique feature not found in many other parental monitoring software suites.

Even if your child’s device isn’t connected to GPS, you can still track them using the local mobile phone provider’s radio towers. This means that you’ll always know where the phone is as long as it’s got a phone signal — even if the Wi-Fi’s out.

Spyic's SIM card tracker

As the GPS doesn’t have to be turned on for this feature, this means significantly less drain on the battery for when you’re planning on long-term surveillance.

Even if the SIM card’s swapped around with another one from a different provider, Spyic will record the SIM swap and keep tracking the phone.

SIM location tracking with Spyic

Plus, the Spyic dashboard uses the same Google Maps readout as the traditional GPS locator, so you don’t have to get used to a new interface.

Social Media Tracking

Spyic records private messages and group chats from a bunch of different social media apps. Most importantly, Spyic covers both Facebook and WhatsApp on both iOS and Android, so you’re always tapped into the most popular messaging apps.

For Android, all you need to do is download the Spyic app and you’ll have an automatic recording of each message sent through many popular social media apps like Snapchat, Kik, Line, Tinder, and WeChat.

What’s nice is that each app has a separate tab in the dashboard, so you won’t be overwhelmed by a tidal wave of information.

Spyic's social media and messenger monitoring

Stealth Mode

Spyic’s made to be discrete while still retaining a bunch of specialist monitoring tools. Stealth Mode helps with this by removing all the app icons from the Android OS once Spyic is installed, meaning that there’s no indication on the device when Spyic is running.

The Android app has been built to leave a small footprint, so it’s practically undetectable.

In-depth guides on Spyic’s dashboard walk you through how to remove all traces left behind by the installation process, including how to delete the installer and clear your browser history.

The iOS method for installation doesn’t require access to the physical device, as it relies on the iCloud backup to carry out a data sync. Both are virtually undetectable, which empowers you to keep up to date with your child’s ever-changing personal relationships without breaking trust.

File History

Having access to texts is important, but sometimes it can only tell half the story. Spyic gives you a file browser inside the Spyic dashboard, which acts as a library of all the media content stored on the target device — which you can browse at your leisure.

Spyic's gallery monitoring

You can even download these files straight from Spyic’s servers, so you can check out the video files they’re watching without causing their phone’s data bill to skyrocket. The gallery browser tells you when each file was downloaded, the filename, and where it came from.

App Blocking

Spyic keeps a log of each new app that’s installed on the target device so you’ll know when your kids are goofing around on a device meant for school work.

The Spyic dashboard gives you the option of uninstalling any app you don’t approve of, as well as the ability to permanently block the app from being installed again.

Should you find a problematic app — even just one that’s taking up too much of their time on a school night — you can uninstall it remotely without ever having to touch the device.

You can also block certain apps from being installed — such as dating apps or ones you don’t approve of.

Browser History

Spyic’s monitoring also extends to the browser. Each website visited on the target device is logged by Spyic so you can look back on which sites your child is browsing — including with Private Browsing modes.

Spyic's browser history monitoring

What’s nice is that you get a readout of their browser bookmarks so you can see which sites mean the most to your loved ones, plus when they visited the site, so you can get an idea of what they’re up to late at night.

Spyic’s Ease-of-Use

One of Spyic’s main advantages is how easy it is to use. The installation process is quick and simple, and configuring it from the Spyic dashboard is even easier.

What Devices Can I Use Spyic On?

Let’s take a closer look at Spyic’s compatibility and how well it holds up on different devices.


Spyic is highly compatible with major Android devices, but you need to have an operating system version of 4.0 or higher. As long as you’re updated, each Android phone manufacturer will work with Spyic because of how standardized Android is as a platform.

Spyic doesn’t need any special development to run on Samsung, Huawei, or Google. Plus, it’s also built to be small to download, and takes up a small footprint on the phone once it’s installed.

Despite being a lightweight app, older Android devices can struggle to run Spyic when the location settings are set to “Every 10 Minutes”. This is especially apparent in the battery usage, although the app doesn’t appear in the battery usage breakdown.

You may need to adjust the Spyic settings from the dashboard before you hand the phone back so you can make sure it’s working as normal. Devices with bulged or aged batteries can make this issue worse, so make sure you replace the battery before using Spyic.

Once you’ve found the right ratio of updates to battery life, Spyic works silently without any further adjustments needed.


The iOS version of Spyic takes a different approach from the Android version. You don’t have to have physical access to the target device because there’s no app to download.

Certain features, such as keylogging and geofencing aren’t available on iOS.

Instead, Spyic on iOS needs you to enter the iCloud login credentials for the device. This lets you back up all the files and messages on your child’s phone, as long as they use iCloud to back it up.

You can do this at any time and then let the iCloud backup service work in the background until you have all the intelligence you need.

While it’s unfortunate that you don’t get access to the comprehensive social media monitoring on iOS either, this method does avoid the pitfall of having to jailbreak your device which can void your warranty.

On the plus side, any iOS device that uploads to iCloud will work with Spyic so you can cover both iPhones and iPads.

Mac and Windows

Some parental monitoring suites also have desktop keyloggers or screenshot software that comes as part of the mobile bundle.

Spyic isn’t currently focusing on software development for Mac OSX or Windows, instead preferring to focus on offering up-to-date mobile apps. Spyic also doesn’t have a browser-based add-on, so beware of any sites offering this as a download.

How to Install Spyic

There are two different ways to install Spyic depending on which device you need cover for. The Android version uses an app to keep 24/7 access to the target device, which requires a physical install.

Spyic for iOS has no such requirements, as it uses the iCloud data sync to back up remotely. In this Spyic review, we went through the Android install process first to get an idea of how it worked, before moving on to how the iCloud data sync differs.

Whichever way you decide you want to install Spyic, you’ll need to head on over to Spyic’s website so you can register an account. Purchasing a Spyic subscription will give you access to the device dashboard, where you can start the setup process.


Installing Spyic on Android is a pretty easy process, but there are a few things you need first.

Spyic requires physical access to the device, as well as an internet connection, so you can download the Spyic app. The rest of the install guide assumes your Android phone is already rooted, to give access to administrator-level functions.

Rooting can void the warranty of a device, so check with your manufacturer first.

Most Android phones aren’t rooted by default, so you may need to complete this process first.

Rooting devices is outside the scope of this guide as this explains when an Android device has its operating system overwritten with a customized version that gives Spyic access to settings that allow it to run the keylogger.

The Spyic setup wizard will run you through the rest of the installation process once you’ve picked your Android version and manufacturer. Before installing the app on the phone, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Then “Lock screen and security”
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources”

This allows you to install Android apps using .apk files instead of downloading straight from the Google Play Store. The full version of Spyic cannot be downloaded from Google Play and is only available directly from Spyic’s servers.

To disable the detection of Spyic on the device, you’ll also need to turn off Google Play Protect. You can do this by heading to Settings, then Google, then Google Play Protect.

By disabling “Improve harmful app detection” and “scan device for security threats“, Google Play will no longer identify Spyic as a monitoring tool, so you can install it without being flagged by the operating system.

Once the preparation is complete, all that’s left to do is download the app. You can find the install link on the setup wizard page. Download it straight to the target device, or transfer the .apk install file via USB.

Besides this, it’s just a matter of tapping through the rest of the install wizard and choosing whether you want Spyic to work in Stealth Mode — where the Spyic icon is hidden.

Spyic Performance | How Fast is Spyic?

When installing a parental monitoring app, you don’t want to get bogged down in endless updates. This isn’t the case with Spyic. When we booted up Spyic for the first time, there was a slight delay before we could access the dashboard as the servers were syncing with the phone.

However, after this first-time sync, we found that all future data updates to Spyic happened on the fly and didn’t lock us out of the dashboard. With that said, testing out the iCloud backups for the first time did take a lot longer, but even this was under an hour with over 10GB of data synced with Spyic’s servers.

If you need to have quicker updates than the default 24 hours, you can change these inside the Spyic Dashboard.

Tracking your child can be difficult if they’re bouncing from location to location, but Spyic allows you to set the location report to every ten minutes. However, due to the battery drainage, we’d advise against this unless you really need to keep a fine eye on where the target device is.

On the whole, the dashboard updates quickly, but you can force the whole dashboard to sync at any time by pressing the refresh button in the top right of the screen. If the phone isn’t online, this won’t work, so check to see if your kid’s on the wi-fi first.

Spyic’s install guides were incredibly helpful for both the Android and iOS installation methods. Plus, it also walks you through how to remove all traces of the Android install setup once it’s done.

How Secure is Spyic? | Is Spyic Safe?

The most pressing concern for any spy app is its safety — so how safe is Spyic?

Spyic’s Security

This is the same military-grade encryption that banks use to protect your credit card details.

Spyic’s servers are encrypted for your protection, so hackers can’t steal the valuable data you’re collecting from the target device. Spyic does this by using asymmetric RSA-4096 encryption, which also protects you from nosy employees and government spies.

When you send data from the target device to Spyic’s servers, it’s encrypted with a “public key”. This is a password that protects data intended just for you, and it’s paired with a “private key” you use to decrypt the data.

Each process is one-way, so the public key can’t be used to decrypt anything and the private key can’t encrypt data. All the messages, calls, and files encrypted with your public key sit on Spyic’s servers and are only decrypted when you request them.

Overall, Spyic’s security setup is solid enough to protect against all intruders.

We don’t know the other details of Spyic’s security setup, which is probably due to them keeping it a secret from hackers. We do know the unencrypted data is only shown at your end, and that the data is sent from the phone over TLS/HTTPS, which protects it from being spied on in transit.

The security on the app is great as well. There’s no way to uninstall or find a trace of it unless you follow Spyic’s help guides to remove the app from your target device.

Plus, all data from the app can be deleted at a moment’s notice from inside the Spyic dashboard, and it’s deleted from Spyic’s servers automatically after 90 days in case you’re worried about sensitive data lingering after it’s ceased to be useful.

Spyic’s Transparency Reputation

Here we’ll take a closer look at Spyic’s security, namely audits, whether it logs data, and its privacy policy to give you full insight into how secure the app is.


Many industries that work with sensitive data use external audits to demonstrate that their security claims are true. This is especially true in the VPN industry, where proving that user data is being handled securely is vital for customer trust.

Although Spyic uses secure bank-grade encryption to keep your target device data safe on its servers, an external audit would increase confidence in its security setup. While Spyic hasn’t yet worked with an external auditor, we hope to see an evaluation of their services in the future.


Spyic doesn’t show up on your billing statements, just in case you’re worried about your kids snooping through your mail or your online banking. However, purchasing a Spyic subscription does require you to enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Email Address
  • Card Details

These details are kept internally by Spyic to enforce the contract of payment when you purchase Spyic. They’re not handed out to any parties external to the company, with a few major exceptions:

  1. If a legal inquiry is made into the use of Spyic, then they’re obliged to hand over any details they hold to the authorities making the request
  2. If Spyic should need to pursue legal action against a user of the system for fraud or harassment, then these details will also be shared
  3. If Spyic should be acquired by another company, then they’ll have access to your personal data with regard to the purchase contract

Privacy Policy

There isn’t a lot to Spyic’s Privacy Policy, but it does go over the basics of how they protect your data.

All data used to identify you is only used internally, none of it goes outside the company under normal circumstances. Your data is sent in an anonymized form, where all identifying information is stripped away to certain external marketing companies which use the data to refine advertising and sales metrics.

The important thing to note here is that the data can’t be linked back to you, as it doesn’t contain information like your address or name. Spyic also uses this information internally to identify technical issues such as bandwidth bottlenecks and cloud load balancing.

Where Can I Use Spyic?

Before we delve into pricing, let’s explore where Spyic is available and the laws surrounding such an app.


Spyic’s monitoring app works all around the world. When you’ve installed the app, you get constant updates from both the GPS and SIM Card location features. These keep you up to date with your child’s location anywhere they can get an internet connection.

The location services for the SIM card locator work even if you can’t get an internet connection because they use the mobile phone network to locate the device instead.

By using the signal from the nearest radio broadcast tower to triangulate the current location, Spyic calculates where your target device is, even in low-connectivity environments.

However, when thinking about where to use Spyic, it’s not just about the physical constraints. Depending on where you live, you may have to do some more research before using Spyic.

Regional Law

Each country has separate laws that cover the legality of recording phone calls and text messages.

Although Spyic is licensed for use as a parental monitoring app, you should always check with a legal professional before using Spyic if you’re not aware of your country’s laws.

Some American states allow you to record a conversation with the consent of only one party, whereas some need both parties to be aware the call is being recorded.

In the UK, you must comply with legislation regarding monitoring devices. This is to make sure the public’s right to privacy is protected.

Generally, personal recordings of phone calls aren’t illegal as long as you do not publish them.

It’s always best to ensure you have informed consent before using a spy app

However, you cannot use Spyic to spy on your partner or significant other. You can use Spyic to monitor their device against theft and spam, as long as you notify and obtain consent first.

If you don’t obtain consent, this may be considered wiretapping, which is illegal in many countries.

Use Cases

No matter where you live, Spyic works as a parental monitoring tool.

You don’t necessarily need the permission of your child as long as you’re their legal guardian and they’re under eighteen. Of course, installing Spyic is easier if you discuss it with your kids first, but it’s not illegal to install it without making them aware.

Spyic can also be used as a device monitoring tool in enterprise environments. Spyic is particularly suited to small and medium-sized businesses who need company-wide iPhone backups, thanks to the bulk purchase options on iOS subscriptions.

For Android devices, Spyic can help you monitor where your company’s property is at all times and provide immediate alerts thanks to geofencing. However, you must first make your employees aware you’re using Spyic on any device they’re using.

Spyic Price | How Much Does Spyic Cost?

Spyic has a bunch of different pricing tiers depending on whether you’re monitoring Android or iOS, which features you want, how long you want to monitor for, and how many devices you want to cover.

We’ll take you through each package to help you work out which one is right for your needs.


Spyic has 3 Android plans on offer. Let’s take a closer look at what these include and the price tags that come with them.


The basic Android package covers the following features:

  • Call Logs
  • Text Messages
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Contacts Backup
  • Browser History Backup
  • Bookmarks Backup
  • Phone Camera Photos
  • Previews of Phone Camera Videos

One basic Spyic subscription covers one Android device for the base price of $49.99 per month, although currently the price is discounted to $39.99 per month.

It’s rare to see a discount on the per-month price, so take advantage of it while you can.

Buying the three-month package costs $59.99, which works out to around $19.99 a month. With that said, the real bargain is in the twelve-month license, which costs $99.99 a year or just $8.33 per month.

The basic package gives you all the information you need to check who your child is calling, but doesn’t offer the in-depth intelligence of the premium package.


In addition to all the features listed under the basic package, the Premium subscription also includes:

  • Calendar Activities
  • App List
  • SIM Card Location
  • SIM Card Alerts
  • Keylogger
  • Facebook Access
  • Facebook Lite Access
  • Messenger Access
  • Messenger Lite Access
  • Tumblr
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • WeChat
  • Tinder
  • QQ
  • Kik
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Badoo
  • LINE

The most sought-after features here are the comprehensive Social Media app coverage, and the additional cost is relatively small.

One month of the premium license subscription will cost $69.99, but as a promotional deal for first-time buyers, you’ll only pay $49.99 per month, which is a saving of 29%.

The three-month license is $69.99, which works out to $23.33 a month. That’s an incredible 67% reduction from the per-month cost, which would be $209.99 for three months.

Finally, the year-round premium subscription only costs $9.99 a month, or $119.99 in total, which is a whopping 87% discount on the original cost.

Family Pack

Family subscriptions also come with the Premium feature set, so you can monitor up to three Android devices with all of Spyic’s social media and location coverage without breaking the bank.

The one-month license comes with three subscriptions and will cost you $69.99 for one month, down from Spyic’s usual $89.99.

For comparison, buying three subscriptions separately would cost you $149.99 a month. For three months, it’s $33.33 a month or $99.99 in total. A family subscription for three months would usually cost $269.99.

Last but not least, a twelve-month license will cost $199.99 in total or $16.66 a month. That’s all the way down from the usual price of $999.99 for the year.


Spyic also offers 3 separate plans for iOS devices. Here’s what you need to know.

Single Subscription

All Spyic subscriptions for iOS come with the same feature set, so you can be assured you’re not missing out just by opting for a single subscription. The list below gives you a complete set of features for Spyic on iOS:

  • Contacts
  • Call Logs
  • Messages
  • iMessages
  • Location(Real-Time)
  • Browser History
  • Calendars
  • Photos
  • WhatsApp
  • LINE
  • Installed Applications
  • Photos
  • Videos

Unlike the Android version of Spyic, you don’t choose between a cheaper or more expensive set of features. Instead, each iOS Spyic subscription covers up to a certain number of devices.

For the single subscription, you would usually pay $79.99 a month. At the moment, Spyic is on a discount, so you’ll only pay $49.99 a month on a monthly basis.

When you buy the three-month package, this comes down to $26.66 a month for $79.99 in total.

The twelve-month package reduces this cost even further, all the way down to $129.99 in total. That works out at only $10.83 a month per device.

That means this price is an 87% reduction on the non-discounted price for a twelve-month Spyic subscription on iOS, which would normally be an eye-watering $959.99 without the discount deal.

Family Subscription

Spyic offers an additional two packages for iOS, the Family pack, and the Business pack.

Each pack offers a heavy discount over buying each device subscription separately. The Family Pack covers up to five iOS devices under one Spyic subscription.

The one-month deal for the Family pack is $20 a month per device, which brings the overall cost for the month to $99.99.

For three months, it’s $199.99, or $13.99 a month per device. Of course, as with them all, the real savings are in the year-long package, which costs $399.99 for the year. This might sound a little pricey until you consider that’s $6.66 a month per device.

Business Subscription

For enterprise users, it’s likely you’ll have to cover more than five devices. Thankfully, the Business pack gives you the most coverage at a whopping 25 devices on iOS.

Buying the monthly package for Business is already very cost-effective compared to buying each subscription individually, but the savings get even better when you buy a long-term package.

When you buy a one-month license, it’s $16 a month per device or $399.99 in total. For three months of Spyic Business, it’s $9 a month per device or $699.99 in total.

The year-long subscription represents the most savings at a mere $3.33 per device, which is $999.99 in total. Although it’s a lot of money to spend upfront, this is the best way to get the cheapest coverage plan for Spyic on iOS.

Spyic FAQs

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Is Spyic legal?

Does Spyic show deleted messages?

Is Spyic detectable?

Where can I get technical support?

Can you install Spyic remotely?

Do I need to root/jailbreak the target phone to use Spyic?

Does Spyic work in the UK?

Conclusion | Is Spyic Worth it?

Spyic is a parental monitoring tool with some unique features and a great set of Android tracking capabilities. There are some apps out there that have a few more monitoring features, especially on iOS, but overall, we found that there was a lot to like about Spyic.

Between the low price on bulk purchases, the often-unseen SIM location tracking features, and the social media app coverage, it’s hard not to recommend Spyic when you need to keep an eye on your children’s or employees’ activity.

Even on iOS, the data-sync capabilities are sold at a very attractive price for bulk purchases that most other providers just don’t offer. That’s not to say that Spyic is flawless as a monitoring solution, but overall, we felt the app worked very well.

The Android version of the app comes with a great feature set that’s especially useful if you need up-to-date location data. Plus, combined with the message logging system, and inbound and outbound call monitoring, you’ll always know where your children are and who they’re talking to.


  • Great Android feature set
  • Remote iOS data-sync
  • Unique SMS tracking features
  • Won’t slow the target device down


  • No iOS on-device app
  • Some location features lacking

The Good

Most parental monitoring solutions offer you the ability to track your child by their phone’s location, but what sets Spyic apart from others is the ability to track the SIM card.

An easy-to-use and intuitive design

Even if your child has to change their SIM card, you’ll still be able to track them through patches of low internet connectivity. We recommend this feature highly for users who need to know where the target device is at all times.

As Spyic tracks the SIM card data, this also gives you access to the IMEI number on the phone. Should your phone be stolen or lost, handing the IMEI number to the authorities makes it far easier to track and return the phone to you.

You’ll be able to share the device’s last known location thanks to a simple Google Maps interface, which we found easy to navigate and clearly showed where our device had been quite accurately. Plus, our testing found that we were always notified when a device entered or left a geo-fence zone.

Our experience of the Spyic dashboard was a pleasant one, thanks to an uncluttered user interface. Each feature on the dashboard gets its own separate tab, should you need to swap between different features.

We often found during testing that we bounced back and forth between the keylogger, social media apps, and location dashboard to put the whole picture together, so it’s great that Spyic makes this constant swapping between different data streams very easy to do, especially when monitoring real-time updates from ongoing chats.

Easy to install, hard to detect

Spyic’s quite hard to detect once it’s installed on the phone. When we downloaded the .APK for Spyic on Android, we had to check to make sure it was really just 2 MB.

Running the uninstall instructions on Spyic’s site went as expected, and this was the only way we had found to remove Spyic from the phone. Like all monitoring apps, Spyic does add some additional load to the operating system on the phone, although the battery drain wasn’t noticeable unless we set all features to report every ten minutes.

The Bad

Spyic’s Android app worked without any problems. In fact, the number of features spoiled us when it came to reviewing the iOS version. While the data sync on iCloud works without issue, it doesn’t have access to the entire range of wonderful monitoring features we found on Android.

You’ll have to root the target device for full functionality

We particularly felt the lack of keylogging on the device and the lack of SIM card tracking, which is a unique selling point for Spyic on Android.

Spyic on iOS only lets you access social media texts for Facebook and WhatsApp, and only if they’re being uploaded to the iCloud backup. That said, it’s not all doom and gloom. The iCloud data sync gives you access to anything that’s been backed up through the iPhone, including iMessages, calls, files, and location updates.

The only other major issue we have is that Spyic on Android requires you to root the phone for access to all monitoring features. You can choose to use Spyic without root access, but you won’t be able to use the standard keylogger or other deep social media monitoring features.

Including rooting your Android device into the installation process significantly extends the time and effort for installing Spyic, so you must make sure you’re able to access the target device for an extended amount of time. While not ideal, this is standard for many Android versions of parental monitoring solutions.

The Verdict

Spyic is a fantastic product that really makes parental monitoring and keeping an eye on work devices as easy as possible. The absolute best of the best for Spyic is the enormous range of location features on Android, so we absolutely have to recommend it if you’re worried about where your kids are.

The iOS service also offers some location services depending on how often you update the data sync.

On the whole, we had a hard time finding flaws in Spyic — it’s free from lag, it worked exactly as we expected it to, and we couldn’t find a consistent way to detect it on the phone.

With all this and Spyic’s bulk purchase options, Spyic is an effective monitoring solution that you can use without a huge financial commitment.