There’s an abundance of spying apps of all kinds out there. More and more people are opting to use a spy app to track their child’s location, their spouse’s messages, or simply to protect themselves from phone theft. However, a lot of spy apps have a fatal flaw- they simply don’t work on most operating systems and devices, if at all. Here at Business2Community, we’ve resolved to find and analyze every high-quality spy app, starting with our mSpy app review- the best of them all.

In this mSpy app review, we’ll be going over everything you’ll want to know before committing to a mSpy download. We’ll be looking at the mSpy free trial, how to install mSpy, as well as its features, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. We’ll present all these factors in a clear-cut manner and broken down piece by piece to help you find out if mSpy is the ideal spy app for you.

mSpy Spy App Review: Pros & Cons

mSpy- the best mobile spy app on the market

To start off this mSpy app review, let’s look at mSpy’s pros and cons. Note that there’s a lot more going on in the app than these pros, so read on if you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown.


  • Excellent user interface that covers the needs of beginner users while maintaining customizability.
  • Remote control capabilities that will allow you to remotely take a screenshot of phone activity or record audio or video with the phone camera.
  • Internet use and app control functionalities
  • SMS and phone call monitoring
  • mSpy free download available
  • There’s a mSpy free trial that lasts for 7 days
  • Offers 30% off all purchases when the free trial is unavailable
  • 24/7 customer support in multiple languages
  • Works worldwide, including countries like China and UAE
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Extremely precise GPS Tracking & geofencing


  • No officially supported desktop version
  • Only one device is allowed per plan

What is mSpy?

mSpy's great dashboard

mSpy is one of the most popular spy apps out there, with over 1.5 million users and 180 supported countries. The company makes spy software for mobile devices. mSpy has geared itself with 36 carefully made and designed features. mSpy can  keep track of all activity on the target device including what’s being searched online, what apps are installed on the phone, who they’re talking to, as well as message details. In this mSpy app review, we’ll be focusing on analyzing these features from the point of view of the three most common spy app users: a worried parent, a concerned spouse, and someone that wants to protect their phone from theft.

For parents and lovers, one of the most important things in any spy app is that it stays hidden on the target device, and doesn’t arouse any suspicion from the person being spied upon. This is where mSpy excels, it pretends to be a system file on the target device, ensuring that it’s not easily found through cursory browsing. Even if the target gets paranoid and specifically looks for the app, they’ll have a hard time finding it due to factors we’ll discuss in a further section.

If you’re simply looking to protect your phone from theft and have an easier time finding it in case you lose it, then the most important features for you will be mSpy’s GPS location tracking and geo-fencing features. These features will allow you to always keep tabs on where your phone is, and you’ll be alerted whenever it crosses a certain predetermined threshold. mSpy has one of the most accurate GPS trackers in the industry, making it an ideal fit.

Furthermore, mSpy is specifically designed to provide a customizable experience. If you’re not very tech savvy, or simply want to have a spying app that minimizes the hassle involved in monitoring, mSpy will provide you with a simple dashboard you can click through to find out everything you want. On the other hand, for more technical users, you can enable more advanced settings and customize your mSpy experience. If you’re unsure if mSpy is the app for you, take advantage of the mSpy free trial and try it out for 7 days before committing to a purchase!

Due to its robust and expansive set of features, we’ve ranked mSpy as the best phone spy app in general.

What Can You Spy on with mSpy?

mSpy spy app review

Mobile Devices & Tablets

mSpy is capable of easily keeping track of all mobile devices and tablets that run compatible Android and iOS versions. A single mSpy download is all it takes for the app to be set up on a mobile device. The entire process can last for less than 5 minutes. This makes it great for cases where you’re rarely alone with the target phone, or if you just don’t want to faff about with lengthy installation processes.

Social Media

mSpy is the best Instagram spy app out there due to having both the ability to remotely take screenshots to assist with monitoring feeds and stories on Instagram, and the unparalleled keylogging capabilities required to record every message sent and received. Outside of this, mSpy is capable of monitoring most other popular social media platforms. This includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more. In case you’re looking to find out who your loved one is messaging, you can start your mSpy spy app download today.

SMS Messages

Although SMS messaging has fallen by the wayside to make room for social media, it’s still the most popular way to communicate through text, with over 5 billion people sending SMS messages worldwide. Furthermore, due to not having an online footprint, SMS messaging is commonly used by cheaters to avoid detection. Thankfully mSpy can not only monitor SMS messages when they’re sent and received but also monitor deleted messages with ease.

Phone Calls

mSpy allows you to see who the target phone called, alongside information about how long the call lasted and with whom it was. This makes it easy to keep track of incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. This can be a massive help when trying to prove cheating and the like.

Dating Apps

As mSpy is the best app to spy on Tinder with, it’s no surprise it’s amazing at monitoring dating apps. Not only does mSpy track all messages sent through common dating apps, but it also goes a step further and introduces features designed specifically for specific apps. For example, with Tinder monitoring, you’ll not only be able to see messages, but also multimedia files exchanged, matches, and their profiles.


Naturally, like any good spy tool similarly to Cocospy App, mSpy monitors the location of your phone and implements geo-fencing features. As a parent, this will help you keep track of your children, and alert you in case they go further away than allowed. As a worried lover, this feature will help you sleep soundly at night, knowing you’re always in the know about where your lover’s at. Finally, this is the best feature for ensuring that your phone doesn’t get lost. Oftentimes, it’ll be enough to show proof of phone ownership and the GPS location to the police for them to easily find your phone.

mSpy Pricing

mSpy pricing plans how to install mspy

As with all spy apps, the answer to the question “How much is mSpy” varies depending on what kind of subscription you go for. mSpy price is broken down as follows:

  • 1 Month Premium: $69,99/month or $48,99/month with 30% off
  • 3 Month Premium: $39,99/month or $27,99/month with 30% off
  • 1 Year Premium: $16,99/month or $11,99/month with 30% off

mSpy price is also affected by how much customer support you need. Customer support is broken down into 3 levels:

Level 1- Free With Any Plan

  • You gain access to the self-service help section
  • You can submit an email ticket to customer support around the clock
  • You gain access to live chat assistance

Level 2- $12,99

  • Personalized customer assistance via phone to guide you through any processes that might be unclear
  • Everything in the level 1 plan

Level 3- $53,99

  • Everything in the level 1 and level 2 plans
  • An advanced mAssistance Package to provide assistance in rooting and jailbreaking devices, as well as installing mSpy
  • The ability to install mSpy through Team Viewer on Android devices.

You can see any changes to these prices directly on the mSpy website.

mSpy Compatible Devices

If you’re unsure what kind of OS your phone is running, you can check if mSpy is compatible with your device directly by typing its name in the box on the mSpy website.

iOS 11 – 14.8.1

A lot of spy apps restrict many of their features to only be available on Android, as you’ll see in this mSPy iPhone review, that’s not the case with mSpy. You can use all of mSpy’s features on a jailbroken device using iOS 11 – 14.8.1. An even greater number of spy apps require jailbreak for even their most basic functionalities. mSpy is one of the only spy apps out there capable of monitoring iOS devices without jailbreak, however, a jailbroken phone is needed for some of the more advanced features. Outside of iPhones, mSpy works brilliantly with iPads with the same extent of features. The extent that mSpy can do without jailbreak is quite impressive, it can:

  • Monitor calls and call history
  • Show you the target’s full contact list
  • Let you spy on SMS and WhatApp messages
  • Allow you to look at their browsing history
  • Oversee events and notes
  • Look at all installed apps on the iOS device

This mSpy app review also wouldn’t be complete unless we mentioned you can install the app remotely if you have the target phone’s iCloud login. If you’re wondering how mSpy would perform if this was a mSpy iPhone review, we’ve put mSpy as number 1 on our list of the best iPhone spy apps.

Android 4

mSpy is one of the very few Android spy apps that doesn’t actually require physical access to the target’s ID as long as you can get them to download Teamviewer and share their ID with you. If you’ve purchased the 3rd level of their customer support, they’ll be able to conduct a mSpy app download remotely without ever touching the phone. Outside of this, mSpy can offer limited functionality to Android devices even without rooting, albeit this can be a bit difficult to set up. Do note that there’s 1 downside to the Android version compared to the iOS one- on Android, you’ll only be able to see deleted messages that were deleted after mSpy was installed on the device. With mSpy for Android, you gain access to each and every one of mSpy’s advanced features, which we go over below.

Due to all of the factors laid out above, we’ve awarded mSpy with the number 1 spot on our list of the best spy apps for Android.

mSpy Features

mSpy allows you to block unwanted sites

Now that we’ve covered the compatibility, let’s get into the meat of this mSpy App review. Let’s look at mSpy’s most important features and how it sets itself apart from the competition.

Social Media Tracking

mSpy has one of the most robust social media spying toolkits we’ve seen. It’s the best app to spy on multiple social media including Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Telegram, and more. It has a varied toolkit to ensure that you’re always able to spy on the content you want to see. For example, many spy apps lack a remote screenshot feature or similar, rendering them unable to capture Snaps or Instagram stories. As we’ve seen in this mSpy app review, mSpy suffers from none of those issues.mSpy can also show you deleted messages, as long as they were deleted after mSpy was installed, or are backed up to iCloud.

SMS Message & Call Monitoring

mSpy monitors all SMS messages sent from and received on the target device. It’ll display them neatly on your dashboard whenever you want, alongside a timestamp so you know when it was sent. mSpy can also show you the call log and contacts of the tracked device, letting you know who they’ve been in contact with.

Internet Use Monitoring And Control

This feature is mostly parent-oriented. mSpy places a large emphasis on providing you with the ability to curate and control the way your child uses the internet. You can ban certain keyphrases, or set up alerts so that you’re immediately notified if they type them into the search bar. mSpy also lets you track their browser history. Furthermore, you can block websites so that they’re unreachable, see what WiFi network they’re connected to, and look at their bookmarks.

Location Monitoring

There’s hardly a phone spy app out there that doesn’t have some form of geofencing and GPS monitoring. mSpy is no exception, however, mSpy provides you with an intuitive map and route history for the target phone in addition to all the usual features.

Remote Control Capabilities

mSpy has an abundance of remote control features. You can remotely take a screenshot, record the target’s surroundings, restrict calls from certain numbers, and more. This allows you to have unparalleled control over the target phone when compared to other phone spy tools. For example, if the target phone’s user was reading this mSpy app review, you could take a remote screenshot of their screen to find out they’re doing it, then block them from accessing our site(please don’t do that though.)


With mSpy’s keylogger, you can keep track of every keystroke made on the target phone. This functionality also helps with spying on apps mSpy doesn’t specifically support. You can deduce what app they might be using, and what they’re using it for based on their keystrokes.

Block App Access

We’ve already covered most of this under “Remote Control Capabilities” but mSpy allows you to block the target phone from interacting with certain apps. This can be especially useful for eg. locking children out of accessing Tinder or the like. This can also block phone thieves from accessing your banking apps or crypto wallet.

Multimedia File Spying

mSpy also allows you to look at all multimedia files on the target device. This means you can look at their saved images, videos, and audio at your leisure. This is especially good for worried lovers, and parents, as they can ensure their loved one isn’t exchanging illicit material with anyone.

Is mSpy safe?

Yes! We’ve run multiple benchmark software while testing out mSpy for this mSpy app review and concluded it has had little impact on performance. Outside of this, mSpy is an extremely trustworthy service, with a critical mass of users.

Can mSpy be Detected?

mSpy is what is known as an invisible spy app. This means that it can’t be detected through most means. This is because it hides under an inconspicuous name within the phone’s system files. This, in turn, means that in order to find mSpy, either the target phone’s user will have to be extremely tech savvy, or have an outright amazing antivirus, which is quite rare on mobile devices.

This, as with most legal questions, depends on your jurisdiction. mSpy is absolutely legal for purposes like protecting your phone from theft or making sure your kids are acting correctly in most places. However, most places do outlaw spying on someone through mSpy without their consent, so keep that in mind when considering usage purposes.

How to Use mSpy

Now, if you’ve decided on mSpy as your spy app of choice, you’ll need to learn how to download it and quickly deploy it on the target phone so you can start spying on them. Thankfully, all you need to do is follow these steps:

On iOS 

Step 1: Ensure the iPhone is jailbroken and has a stable internet connection

Step 2: Make your mSpy account

mSpy account creation

During account creation, it’s important that you:

  1. Select “iOS” when prompted for your operating system
  2. Select a subscription from the offered options
  3. Open the email mSpy sent to find the registration code, Username, Control Panel, Password, and download link you’ll need later on.

Step 3: Opening Cydia And How To Install mSpy

Opening Cydia mSpy


  1. Open the Cydia app
  2. Tap “Manage Account”
  3. Press “Sources”
  4. Press “Edit” 
  5. Press“Add”
  6. Put in the email you got via email
  7. Press “Add Source”
  8. Press “Return to Cydia”

Step 4: Navigate to mTechnology Repository And Test Out mSpy

mSpy's neat dashboard

  1. Go to “mTechnology Repository”
  2. Press “iPhone Internal Service”- This is mSpy undercover
  3. Tap “Accept” and go through the prompts
  4. Go back to your homepage
  5. Tap “mSpy”
  6. Accept the license agreement
  7. Input the registration code
  8. Restart the target phone

On Android Devices

Step 1: Create your mSpy account

Creating your account with mSpy

How to install mSpy is a bit different on Android starting with step 2, but for now simply:

  1. Tap “Android” when asked about the spied device’s OS
  2. Select one of the three plans
  3. Open the email mSpy sent.
  4. Note the registration code, Username, Control Panel, Password, and download link you’ll need later on.

Step 2: Ensure Play Protect’s Disabled

Disabling Play Protect on the target Android device

Step 3: Open Google Chrome And Download mSpy

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Search the link mSpy sent to your email
  3. Press “Download”
  4. Press “OK”

Step 4: Open the mSpy App And Start Spying on email

  1. If a prompt opens:“Open” >“Settings” >“Allow from This Source”
  2. Press “Next”
  3. Press “Open”
  4. Press “Agree” on the License Agreement
  5. If a prompt appears, allow all permissions
  6. Input the  Registration Code you got in your email
  7. Press“Complete Installation”

Conclusion: Is mSpy App Worth The Price?

mSpy is one of, if not the most popular mobile spy apps out there for a reason. All in all, if you’re looking for a spy app that, for lack of a better term- does it all, mSpy is the app for you. With the 30% off deal currently ongoing, mSpy is even beating most of its competition in price. There’s never been a better time to jump into mSpy, so what are you waiting for?


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