Is EyeZy the best spy app? In this EyeZy review, you’ll discover whether this is the best monitoring app for 2023. Today, it’s far more challenging than it used to be to check in with what your kids are doing online. Even if you’re running a firewall or content blocker on your home router, it’s as easy as the press of a button to switch to mobile data — a mobile problem like this requires a mobile solution — which is what EyeZy provides.

Once you install the app on the target device, that’s it. You’ll be constantly updated with whatever the phone is being used for. All in all, EyeZy helps you make the right decisions on how (and when) your children use the internet — but, there are both pros and cons. In this EyeZy review, we’ll put the tracking software to the test and see if it’s worth the cost. Ready? Let’s dive right in.

Remote Install
iCloud only
Keylogger Yes
Screenshots Yes
Max Devices Supported 1
Keyword Monitoring
Customer Service 24/7 live chat and email
Jailbreak Required

EyeZy Features

Eager to learn more about what this monitoring powerhouse can do for you? Let’s begin our EyeZy review by getting into all the nitty-gritty details. It’s also not always easy to have sensitive conversations with your child, especially if you don’t have the evidence to be sure you’re right. EyeZy solves this problem by giving you a window into your child’s online behavior — completely discreetly.

It monitors every incoming and outgoing communication on the target device you want to keep track of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a call, text, video, Snapchat, WhatsApp message, or even emails. Here’s a full breakdown of EyeZy’s features:

Keystroke Capture

There are a thousand things your child might say or search for that they don’t want you to know about. EyeZy’s keystroke capture feature makes it one of the best keylogger apps, and one that ensures that you won’t miss a single thing, no matter whether they’re browsing for an inappropriate topic in a search engine or saying unpleasant things on social media.

The app captures anything typed on the target device and sends it to EyeZy’s encrypted servers and to your dashboard. This feature also provides you with valuable metadata such as when the text was written, as well as the app it was typed on.

Not only can EyeZy capture all this information, but browsing through it is a breeze! You can set up email notifications to warn you if a keyword you’re worried about is being used, which might help you know if your loved one is in trouble or dealing with harassment.

EyeZy's keylogger

Phone Analyzer

It’s important to know what they’re saying, but sometimes it’s more important to know who they’re saying it to. Phone Analyzer is EyeZy’s way of keeping you in the loop when your children are making outbound calls or receiving inbound calls.

Phone Analyzer works alongside the address book to show all important information regarding the phone call, such as the time the call took place, who made it, and how long it took. All of this information is recorded in the EyeZy dashboard for easy access.

EyeZy's call logger

Social Spotlight

Social Spotlight is EyeZy’s name for the excellent range of social media app monitoring it provides. EyeZy covers a wide range of social media platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Instagram, Kik, LINE, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Viber, and WhatsApp.

Every time your child uses one of these apps, EyeZy takes screenshots of each interaction your child or loved one has with a third party. This covers incoming and outgoing calls, received and sent texts, deleted texts, contacts, and emails. It can often be difficult to understand the full picture if you only have one side of the conversation, but EyeZy’s Social Spotlight makes sure you have all the information no matter what app they’re using.

EyeZy's WhatsApp message monitoring

Connection Blocker

The internet is a huge, scary place, but you can make it a little smaller for your loved ones with EyeZy’s Connection Blocker. This feature blocks any forbidden apps or websites you specify, plus any internet connections you do not trust.

From the dashboard, you can pick out any program, connection, or site, and block them in a single click. There’s a simple URL form to fill out for each website you want to block. For apps and internet connections, you have a reactive list that shows you every entry if they’ve been added once before.

You also get the important metadata for these connections, such as the name of the wi-fi spot, the time and date of the connection, and coordinates.

Plans Breaker

School life can be really intense for even the most overachieving children. EyeZy gives you an insight into their schedule with the Plans Breaker function, which downloads their diary straight to your EyeZy control panel. From there, you can see each event your loved one plans to attend over the coming weeks and months.

Not only do you have access to the name and description of each event in their calendar, but also the time they’re due to attend. And on top of this, EyeZy also lets you filter the events they’re planning by the last 7, 14, 30, or 60 days.

Pinpoint Location Accuracy

Mobile phones aren’t just communication devices, they’re also portable GPS trackers you’re always carrying around. If you’re worried about your child’s safety, having this information could be the difference between life and death.

EyeZy’s Pinpoint feature gives you the location of the target device at any point in time, as long as they have data or are on wi-fi. Then, the location services built into the phone will report back to you as often as you want.

You get access to a Google Maps-style map which shows you all the recent locations a target device has reported from. Plus, as one of the best geofencing apps, you can tag locations you want to keep your child either in or away from.

Either way, with the powerful geo-fencing capabilities, you’ll get an email notification if the target device reports stepping through a boundary. On top of all this, EyeZy even gives you information on which wi-fi access point they’re using, which can tell you which shop they’re in.

EyeZy GPS Location Tracking

Files Finder

Worried about suspicious files appearing on your child’s phone? EyeZy’s Files Finder has your back with a full readout of files, videos, and apps on the phone’s storage. You can even check on the device’s memory to make sure the phone isn’t out of storage space.

If you suspect they’ve downloaded a crypto miner, a trojan, spyware, or inappropriate content, you can use EyeZy to remotely conduct forensics on your loved one’s phone to make sure it’s safe to use.

Additionally, you can check out all the photos and videos taken on the phone, even if they haven’t been posted online. Plus, unwanted apps aren’t a problem for EyeZy either, thanks to a dashboard app tab that gives you a list of each installed app and an uninstall button.

Web Magnifier

The quickest way to understand what your child is up to online is to look at how they use the internet. EyeZy’s Web Magnifier puts the spotlight on their browser history, even if they’re using data or wi-fi away from home.

From the browser dashboard, you can read every query typed into a search engine or form on the target device. You can even check out the browser bookmarks or browser history on any browser app on the phone. This feature also comes with a built-in website URL filter, so you can keep your child off sites you don’t want them to visit.

EyeZy's browser history tracker

Magic Alerts

Keeping track of each data stream in EyeZy’s library of monitoring tools can be an overwhelming task. Thankfully, Magic Alerts is engineered to give you the information you care about the most quickly and clearly.

When one of the keywords you set in the EyeZy dashboard is detected on the target device, Magic Alerts will send you a notification via email. The keylogger function means that no matter where they type it, you’ll know within minutes.

Magic Alerts also works with EyeZy’s geo-fencing system, which alerts you via email whenever the phone leaves or enters locations of your choosing. Magic Alerts makes it a breeze to get the most out of EyeZy’s comprehensive parental monitoring app.

Invisible Shield

EyeZy puts discretion first when it comes to monitoring your children. If they’re aware they’re being monitored, you might never catch what you’re looking for. EyeZy solves this problem with Invisible Shield, a set of measures designed to keep anyone from figuring out that the target device is being monitored.

For one, the app icon is hidden, so you can’t spot EyeZy’s tracking software from inside the phone. It also doesn’t trip the screenshot notifications many popular apps use, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

And on top of all of this, EyeZy’s monitoring suite runs with very little additional resource usage, which can seriously help if you’re worried the battery drain or additional data usage might give the game away. Invisible Shield lets you keep an eye on your child without worrying they’re hiding something from you.

EyeZy’s Ease-of-Use

Even if you’ve never installed an app before, EyeZy makes it easy as possible to get set up. At every step of the installation process, EyeZy is there to guide you through it with a full walkthrough guide accessible from the EyeZy dashboard.

EyeZy also supports both Android and iOS — and both come with clear and concise directions, as well as installation videos, if you need to follow along. There’s also a full 24/7 support team waiting to take your questions if the dashboard doesn’t already answer them.

What Devices Can I Use EyeZy On?

EyeZy review compatibility image

Now, the question is compatibility. Here in our EyeZy review, we’ll get into the details of what devices EyeZy works with.

1. Apple Phones

EyeZy supports all iPhone devices 7.0 and higher, but when it comes to installing EyeZy on Apple phones, you’ll need physical access to the target device if you want to get the full features of the iPhone app.

While there is an iCloud data sync (we’ll discuss later in this EyeZy review), the most coverage you’ll get will be by installing the app on the phone. Also, you’ll, unfortunately, need to Jailbreak the phone if you want to access features like keylogging and app screenshots.

A cut-down version of this app can be accessed from the Apple App Store, but it sadly lacks many of the features necessary to keep an eye on your children.

2. Android Phones

You can install EyeZy on any Android device that’s running Android 4.0 or greater. Unlike the iCloud data sync on iPhone versions of EyeZy, there’s no remote option to install EyeZy on an Android device.

You’ll need to sit down with the phone and a nearby desktop for around ten minutes the first time you install EyeZy, although this install time can come down with practice.

However, if you need to root the device beforehand, then this will take significantly longer, but EyeZy does provide a solid, in-depth guide for it. Without root access on the phone, it may not be possible to access features like keylogging or app monitoring.

3. Browser

EyeZy’s monitoring suite can be accessed from the dashboard from any browser of your choice, from Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. The iCloud sync on iPhones can also be carried out using nothing but a browser and the relevant login credentials.

There’s currently no browser add-on from EyeZy, but perhaps in the future, we’ll see enhanced monitoring apps for browsers.

4. PC

You can install wi-fi sync on your target device, which requires plugging it into a networked desktop computer for the first install. Every time your device connects to the network, your data will sync with EyeZy’s servers.

Android app installation can also take place over the PC if you don’t want to connect the target device to the internet. Just download the .apk install file to your computer, send it to your phone over a cable and install it from there.

How to Install EyeZy

EyeZy is easy to set up, even if the process seems a little overwhelming at first. You can try out the EyeZy demo first to get a feel for how the control panel works, but after that, you’ll need to buy an EyeZy subscription to get started.

You can decide to increase the number of subscriptions you’re using at any time, but for the moment you can choose the device you want to track to begin.


It’s not hard to install EyeZy on an Android device. However, as with all the best phone spy apps, there’s no remote install method for Android devices, so you’re going to need physical access to the Android device.

The first step to getting EyeZy up and running on your Android device is to disable PlayProtect. Normally, PlayProtect keeps your Android device safe by stopping apps from accessing certain features and behaviors on the device.

However, we have to turn this off if we want to get the most out of the tracking features EyeZy provides. It’s as simple as heading to the Play Store Settings, finding “PlayProtect”, and turning “Scan device for security threats” off.

Now you’re ready to install EyeZy.

Disabling PlayProtect to install EyeZy on Android

There’s also a .apk install file that EyeZy provides during the installation process. You can download it from the phone you’re trying to track for maximum convenience, but if you’d prefer you can link it up to a computer and send the file over the cable.

You can also install the EyeZy app from the Google Play store, but it won’t come with the full set of monitoring features you want, or the ability to disguise the EyeZy app. Once the app is running, you’ll need to turn off several features to allow EyeZy to run.

EyeZy’s Install Wizard will guide you through it all, so you don’t have to go off looking up obscure Android options. All that’s left is to enter the subscription code from the dashboard and you’re covered.

Overall, we found the installation process for Android was simple and quick. Even someone with low technical knowledge could easily install EyeZy just by following the instructions given on the install dashboard.


There are a few different ways to get EyeZy on an iPhone, but let’s look at the easiest one first. If you don’t want to get close to the actual target device, you can do a data sync using iCloud. This doesn’t install EyeZy directly onto the phone. Instead, it scrapes all the data it can off of the iCloud account and shows it all inside the EyeZy control panel.

This feature is fantastic if you just want to see their schedule or keep up to date with their emails or contacts list. However, it won’t give you access to keylogging, geo-fencing, call monitoring, or many of the other powerful monitoring features of the full EyeZy app. In this case, you’ll have to install the app directly onto the phone.

Do you need to jailbreak your iPhone to use EyeZy?

Jailbreaking is the act of enabling certain admin features on a phone by installing new firmware onto the device

Apple claims this makes the phone less secure and bypasses certain security features designed to keep malware off the device, but it all depends on what your use case is.

If you’re fine with Jailbreaking your device, the full app completely beats out the one offered by the iPhone app store — all of which come with significantly fewer features.

When you’ve got a Jailbroken iPhone, the rest of the process is easy. From this point onwards, there’s an install wizard that’ll direct you through the process of opening up Cydia on the phone.

You need to enter the EyeZy repository address so that you can download the software. Once you get through the terms and conditions and choose whether you want the tracker to be visible on the phone, you’re ready to go.

EyeZy Performance | How Fast is EyeZy?

EyeZy is blazing fast. It’s quick to buy, quick to install, and quick to use.

The app itself takes up minimal processing resources, which means it isn’t obvious there’s something in the background taking extra screenshots and using up data. You can set how often you want certain features, such as screenshots, to go off.

Naturally, the less often these features run, the less memory EyeZy is going to take up. On the whole, the dashboard is snappy and responsive with minimal lag, and we found that it updated with new data as quickly as we’d set it on the device management screen. There’s a whole menu of settings for each feature, so you can customize how often you want each one to be used.

On a final note, the speed of the data upload will work as fast as the connection that the device is tethered to, so you may receive data slowly if the target device is in an area with bad reception or poor bandwidth. Bigger files and photos will also slow down data transfer, so keep this in mind if your child is continually sending 4k video back and forth on the latest iPhone.

How Secure is EyeZy? | Is EyeZy Safe?

The biggest question lurking in the minds of those pondering whether to opt for EyeZy is, well, how safe is it?

EyeZy’s Security

To date, EyeZy hasn’t suffered any sort of serious security data breach. With EyeZy, your data is secure thanks to military-grade encryption, the same sort of security you’d find with the best VPN apps.

All of the personal data collected by EyeZy is encrypted for maximum protection — a mixture of RSA-4096 encryption to make it nearly impossible to access any of the data stored on the servers, plus powerful AES-256-bit keys. This is as secure as cryptography gets.

Besides all this, EyeZy also clears all target data every 3 months. Even if someone were to steal your private key, as well as your username and login, they would only get access to logs from the last quarter.

Although EyeZy has had no external audits done, it is backed by reputable names

EyeZy claims PCI-DSS compliance, Norton Secure, as well as McAfee Secure. PCI-DSS is a standard that ensures payment processors are handling user payment details safely and effectively, while Norton and McAfee are among the very best antivirus solutions for top-notch security.

EyeZy’s Transparency Reputation

External Penetration Testing

Although we’re confident that EyeZy’s security is up to date, we’re unaware of any external auditing they’ve carried out in order to assure users that their service is secure.

Many other industries that handle sensitive data, such as VPN vendors, regularly carry out security testing with external partners. Although EyeZy’s servers are secure and encrypted by default, it would be good to see a future collaboration with a top-tier auditor to make sure that the app is as secure as it can be.


EyeZy logs all the data you would normally need to enforce a service contract. In this case, that’s your name, email address, phone number, and your location and/or IP address. EyeZy has to collect this data by default, and only hands it out to third parties in an anonymized format that’s used for marketing surveys.

What this means is that your data is stripped of all identifying markers before being processed, so it cannot uniquely identify you anymore. The only time EyeZy would hand out identifying information is if there was a warrant for information held on their servers.

Even in that case, all the data held from target devices is encrypted, so you can be absolutely sure you’re the only one reading your child’s emails.

Privacy Policy

EyeZy is located in Cyprus, and therefore all data that EyeZy handles falls under GDPR legislation. Your personal data is handled in much the same way as you’d expect. It’s wiped when you leave the service, with a 180 exception for legal cases.

Any data sent outside EU zones is only done so if the data handler on the other end is GDPR compliant, so no leaky servers. Data sent from the target device is your responsibility alone, and so any GDPR breaches caused by that data are yours to handle.

Where Can I Use EyeZy?

EyeZy is designed to be used anywhere you need to look after your kids: at school, at home, and at work. However, it comes with some considerations before you use it.

You have to be a legal guardian for your kids, and they must legally still be children. In any other case, you must get the consent of the user of the target device before monitoring. You must also make it clear you’re monitoring them.

So, if you’re using EyeZy as an employee monitoring app to make sure none of your mobile devices leave the office, you need to let your employees know beforehand that everything they’re doing is being monitored. The same goes if you’re trying to track an unfaithful spouse.

EyeZy also has international support for multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Every country has different laws about spying, wiretapping, and surveillance. It’s up to you to check whether your use of EyeZy is consistent with the local laws in your country. If you aren’t sure, you should seek legal counsel before using EyeZy.

While you could use EyeZy and other apps to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend, it would almost certainly be illegal to do so. You would, at the very least, have to inform them that they’re being monitored before using EyeZy.

eyeZy - the perfect parental spy app

Which Apps Are Missing?

Keylogging makes sure no matter which app your child is using, you’ll know how they’re using it. However, there are some apps we’d like to see a spotlight on in future updates.

Twitter is one of the most common social media apps, and it would be useful to be able to export a contacts list or see inside individual direct messages sent over Twitter. We’d also like to see the same for Reddit, which is a host to some very unpleasant content and an app that can suffer from poor moderation.

The browser history monitoring will tell you if they’re looking at something inappropriate from the Reddit website, but as of the moment, EyeZy doesn’t capture content from the Reddit app.

Besides the above, the main one that’s not here is Discord. Discord is an instant messaging app popular amongst gamers who hang out in either open chatrooms or send messages via personal messaging.

Again, the keylogging helps somewhat here, but because many of the Discord chats are open group chats without screenshotting, you’re only seeing a tiny fraction of what your child is being exposed to.

However, EyeZy’s file capture, browser history, and location history let you put everything together without the need for explicit app support absolutely everywhere.

Real-Time Monitoring

EyeZy’s real-time monitoring will work wherever you can get a GPS signal and an internet connection. If your child is in the city and they have their phone, EyeZy knows where they are, and so do you.

EyeZy uses GPS to send location signals back to the dashboard, so the more frequently you ask for updates, the quicker it’ll drain the battery. GPS updates can range from once every five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen, thirty, hourly, every six hours, or every twenty-four hours.

Your own needs will have to take into account the battery life of the device you’re monitoring and how often you want to know where they are.

Thankfully, there’s a battery indicator built into the EyeZy dashboard, so if you turn the settings up and start draining the battery, you’ll know about it immediately.

EyeZy Price | How Much Does EyeZy Cost?

EyeZy’s one of the cheaper parental monitoring apps that we’ve reviewed. They take all major credit cards and are PCI-DSS compliant, so you can be sure they’re keeping your payment details safe.

Subscriptions start at $68.56 a month, although there’s a 30% discount available at the moment for first-time buyers. This discount takes it down to $47.86 a month.

However, there are more savings in the three-month subscription package and massive savings with the annual plan. For the latter, you’re looking at just $14.27 a month, or $10/month, bearing in mind the whopping 30% discount.

EyeZy's pricing

Each EyeZy subscription is managed separately, so make sure you buy all the devices you wish to get a discount on together with your first purchase.

EyeZy FAQs

Does EyeZy have a free version?

Can I use EyeZy to spy on my husband?

Can I monitor my child’s social media activity using EyeZy?

Do I have to jailbreak the iPhone for EyeZy?

Is EyeZy the real deal?

How many devices can I use EyeZy with?

Does EyeZy slow down the target device?

Conclusion | Is EyeZy Worth it?

The conclusion of our EyeZy review is that we can’t recommend it enough: it comes with everything you could need to keep your child safe while they’re browsing the internet, plus it’s cheap and it’s easy to use. In fact, it’s significantly cheaper than other monitoring solutions we’ve reviewed, and with 30% discounts for first-time buyers, it’s a no-brainer to give EyeZy a shot.

The app itself is no problem to install thanks to an install wizard and web guide, although the jailbreak or rooting requirements to get full functionality is a definite downside. Even so, once the app was installed, we found it updated regularly and covered the apps advertised without impacting the battery life.

Overall, we’re impressed by the sheer range of features on offer, which covers everything from keylogging to screenshots, dating apps to messaging apps, and the presentation of the control panel which contains all of it.

EyeZy’s data policy is also pretty airtight, and we’re glad to see the commitment to security when handling such sensitive data. There are a few features that aren’t present that could be useful, such as monitoring Discord, and notifications when a SIM card is changed.

These are small complaints at best, but there’s still room for EyeZy to improve — but on the whole — we highly recommend EyeZy when you need a parental monitoring app that covers all the bases.