With the best WhatsApp spy app, you can monitor what your children get up to on this popular messenger app — from messages (including deleted ones) to the multimedia files they send and receive, these spy apps give you full insight into the user’s activity on WhatsApp — and beyond.

We’ve scoured the market to compile our top 10 best WhatsApp spy apps — from the powerful mSpy to EyeZy and uMobix; these are the cream of the crop for WhatsApp spying and seeing everything the user gets up to on their device. Read on to discover the best one for you as we review the market’s leading WhatsApp spy apps below.

mSpy - Best Phone Tracker

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  • 180 Countries Supported
  • Keylogger, Screen Recorder
  • Monitor GPS Locations
  • Parental Control for Peace of Mind

The Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for 2023 | Shortlist

The market is riddled with phone spy apps. To help, we’ve narrowed down your options to the market’s very best. Our testing found mSpy the best of the bunch due to its comprehensive suite of features and reliability, but here’s our full list:

  1. mSpy – The best WhatsApp spy app for complete insight into the user’s activity. View all messages, including deleted ones, plus media files and calls — all undetected for just $11.66/month. 
  2. EyeZy – Discreet, budget-friendly WhatsApp tracker app that lets you monitor everything typed and received, set up keyword alerts, and even view a live feed of the activity for a mere $9.99/month.
  3. uMobix – Reliable solution that offers remote control like restricting app usage and calls, plus you’ll be able to view data that’s been deleted — including calls, messages, and even renamed contacts. 
  4. Cocospy – Straightforward spy tool that doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting the device for full functionality and gives you insight into the messages, media files, and calls taking place on WhatsApp.
  5. XNSpy – Advanced pick for ultimate insight into the target user’s activity. It lets you view deleted content, listen in on phone calls, record the screen, and even listen in on the target’s surroundings.
  6. Spyic – Popular no jailbreak/root solution that provides ample plans for various needs and budgets and includes all the core spyware you’d need to monitor a target user’s WhatsApp activity. 
  7. Mobile Tracker – One of the best free WhatsApp spy apps for premium features like recording their calls, although how many times you can do this on the free version is limited. 
  8. Hoverwatch – The best choice for parents and businesses looking to monitor mobile, tablets, or computers at a minimal price — in fact, you can track up to 25 devices for as little as $1.67/device.
  9. Spyera – High-end spy app for WhatsApp that offers the ability to listen in and record phone calls and tap into their microphone and camera, alongside the usual WhatsApp tracking features. 
  10. iKeyMonitor – Leading pick for monitoring mobile, tablets, and computers; plus, it doesn’t require rooting/jailbreaking the device and offers advanced features like screenshots for real-time insight. 

The Top WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2023 | Reviewed

Eager to learn more about our top 10? Here, we’ll delve into each of them in more depth to show you why they’ve made it on our list of the best spy apps for WhatsApp and beyond — ready? Let’s dive right in.

1. mSpy – Overall, the Best WhatsApp Spy App in 2023

mSpy is a fantastic WhatsApp spy tool that makes monitoring your spouse’s or child’s WhatsApp activities simple. As a result, mSpy was an easy pick for our top spot. So, what makes the app so great?

Firstly, mSpy is compatible with several operating systems, including Android and iOS.

So, whether the person you want to monitor has an iPhone or a Samsung device, you can easily track their WhatsApp messages and activity. In fact, it’s one of the best spy apps for Android — and that’s not to say the iOS version is lackluster, either. 

mSpy's homepage | The best WhatsApp spy app

One of the most impressive features on offer with mSpy is that it allows you to track other people’s WhatsApp messages, whether they were sent, received, or deleted entirely — all undetected.

Furthermore, you can also monitor incoming and outgoing calls and activity on other social media apps like Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, iMessage, and Snapchat.

Literally, nothing can be hidden from you with mSpy.

Besides all this, you can view any media, like photos and videos, and see whether they were sent or received, plus you can access all the user’s web browser activities and history. 

It, of course, doesn’t end there either. With mSpy, you can also use the GPS tracking functionality to check where the user is, the places they’ve visited, and the routes they’ve taken.

And on top of this, you can even restrict their access to particular websites and set up keyword alerts to learn whether terms you disapprove of are used.

Overall, not only does mSpy provide you with every monitoring feature you’d need to spy on someone’s WhatsApp activity, but you get a boatload of other advanced functions that give you insight into the user’s activity (both online and offline) for complete peace of mind.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
mSpy $11.66 per month billed annually iOS, Android


  • The app runs undetected
  • Supports browser history viewing
  • Logs SMS and Instant Message content
  • Phenomenal for complete insight into WhatsApp activity


  • You’ll need a separate subscription for each device

2. EyeZy – Discreet, Budget-Friendly WhatsApp Tracker App

If you want to ‘See everything, everywhere,” EyeZy is certainly one of the best WhatsApp spy apps for this. As its tagline suggests, the app offers a selection of features that make it simple to track another WhatsApp user’s digital footprint while remaining undetected. 

In addition to discreet tracking, EyeZy offers quick and easy installation and specific syncing tools that make it simple to use. But, if the target device runs an iOS operating system, you’ll need to jailbreak the phone for full functionality. 

Once installed, you’ll find that EyeZy provides various features, including a keylogger, the ability to monitor several social media apps over and above WhatsApp, a powerful screen recorder, and access to emails and messages, whether received, sent, or deleted.

eyeZy's homepage | Leading WhatsApp spy tool

Besides all this, the phone analyzer lets you view call logs and contacts, while the GPS function makes it simple to track the whereabouts of the target phone and its user. 

Additionally, using the file finder, you can browse through files and media stored on the device, like photos and videos sent through WhatsApp. Plus, you can view the user’s web browser history and search activity and block them from accessing websites or apps of your choosing. 

The last standout feature worth noting is the AI alerts. Instead of continually checking up on the user’s phone, EyeZy uses AI to send you notifications when there is activity on the device. 

Finally, EyeZy provides three packages, including a monthly, three-month, and annual plan.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
EyeZy $9.99 per month billed annually Android, iOS


  • Competitive pricing
  • Includes a screen recorder
  • Calls up deleted messages


  • Not as functional on iOS devices

3. uMobix – Reliable Solution That Offers Superb Remote Control of the Target Device

While most WhatsApp spy tools update you periodically, uMobix provides a unique feature that enables the app to update in real-time, keeping you in the know at all times.

Although developers have created uMobix to be compatible with iOS and Android devices, those with iPhones will experience greater functionality and a few additional features, making this one of the best iPhone spy apps

uMobix the best WhatsApp parental monitoring apps' homepage

So, if you want to use uMobix, you’ll need to select a plan first. Once you have made your choice between the one-month, three-month, or annual plan and have made your purchase, you can set the app up on the target phone.

uMobix takes just 5 minutes to download and apply to a device.

Once installed, you’ll find the app easy to control and navigate from the dashboard. So, you should have no problem exploring and using the various features. 

So, what features can you expect to find? Firstly, uMobix provides real-time updates so you stay in the loop. Additionally, you’ll be alerted if the user inserts a new SIM card into the mobile device and highlights any renamed and deleted contacts.

And on top of this, you can even restrict outgoing calls and messages from the target device.   

Besides these unique functions, uMobix offers the typical features of a spy app, including viewing web browser activity, managing social apps other than WhatsApp, viewing deleted call data, a geofinder, and an impressive keylogger. 

Finally, while uMobix allows you to perform this tracking undetected, it does tend to drain a bit more battery compared to rivals, although still minimal to raise suspicion. 

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
uMobix $11.66 per month on an annual plan iOS, Android


  • Provides social media monitoring
  • Offers a click-to-block option
  • Easy to use


  • Uses more battery power

4. Cocospy – Straightforward Spy Tool That Doesn’t Require Jailbreaking or Rooting

If you want to ensure your remote tracking of another user’s WhatsApp account remains discreet, then opt for Cocospy. In addition, it provides you with a WhatsApp spy tool that’s virtually undetectable while using minimal battery power to operate, despite it running 24/7 in the background. 

Cocospy's homepage | A popular WhatsApp monitoring software for parents

While Cocospy offers improved surveillance efforts, it falls short in the packages it provides. For instance, the iOS package is priced higher yet offers fewer features. So, while the iOS app won’t need you to root the device first, it’s a better choice for Android users.  

Android users can enjoy various functions once signed up, including detailed call log data, SIM location tracking (and alerts when the sim is swapped out), message screening (SMS and WhatsApp), browser history viewing, and a keylogger. Further, you can view media stored on the phone, like photos sent through WhatsApp, videos, and preview calendar activities.

So, if you want a well-priced WhatsApp spy app that functions exceptionally well with Android devices and uninstalls with a simple click, Cocospy may be the app you need.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
Cocospy Android: $9.99 per month (annual plan)

iOS: $10.99 per month (annual plan)

Android, iOS


  • Can be remotely uninstalled
  • Quick installation
  • Safe and secure


  • iOS app costs more than the Android version

5. XNSpy – Leading Spy Tool for Monitoring Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Although reading existing WhatsApp messages is helpful, the ability to read those that a user has deleted is even handier. So, if you’re looking for the best WhatsApp spy app that does that, give XNSpy a try.

In addition, XNSpy offers several advanced features that make tracking and recording WhatsApp use a breeze. For instance, XNSpy enables users to record calls and ambient noises of the device’s surroundings and screen record social media apps like WhatsApp. 

XNSpy's homepage | Best WhatsApp spy app for seeing deleted messages

Besides these unique functions, XNSpy features watch list locations. In other words, when your child, employee, or spouse heads to a place you have earmarked, XNSpy will send you an alert.

Easily monitor 12 different social media platforms

However, one snag the app presents is that the user must connect the target device to the internet to track the device and receive real-time updates. 

Finally, XNSpy is compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, since Android allows the installation of third-party apps, installing the app on Android phones is quick.

However, if your target phone is an iPhone, you’ll need to head to the website for installation instructions.

When considering plans, you’ll find that XNSpy offers three: a monthly, quarterly, and annual plan — with the yearly option being the most cost-effective. 

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
XNSpy $79.99 annually Android, iOS


  • Offers call recording
  • Screen recording for social media apps
  • Watch list locations enables


  • The targeted device must have an internet connection for real-time updates

Although many WhatsApp spy tools offer excellent tracking functions, many users claim Spyic provides a few additional features that place its tracking ability on the next level.

Further, Spyic provides a safe, secure platform that enables you to monitor your loved one’s WhatsApp undetected and keeps all the information protected. 

Spyic's message monitoring feature for WhatsApp spying

In addition, Spyic features one of the most accurate GPS tracking systems that’ll keep you up to date on the whereabouts of the target phone and its user. But you’ll find other special monitoring functions, like:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Call logs
  • WhatsApp tracking
  • A keylogger

In terms of compatibility, developers have designed Spyic to function seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. Additionally, it’s compatible with data carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Vodaphone, and Sprint. 

Besides its exceptional functionality and compatibility, Spyic is easy to install and doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root the target device before installing the app.

On top of this, should you have any difficulty, Spyic’s customer support team is on call 24/7 to help you out. 

Lastly, Spyic provides a whopping 6 packages for users to subscribe to, 3 for Android and 3 for iOS. While you choose the plan you want based on how many devices you want to track, you’ll find that the iOS plans are slightly more expensive than those for Android.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
Spyic Android: $9,99 per month (Annual plan)

iOS: $10.83 per month (Annual plan)

Android, iOS


  • 100% undetectable
  • Offers remote access to camera and microphone
  • Accurate GPS tracking


  • No geofencing available

7. Mobile Tracker – The Top Free Download WhatsApp Spy App

While most of the best spy apps for WhatsApp come at a fee, there are a few that you can download and install for free. One such app is Mobile Tracker, which offers basic and premium packages at a cost.

However, the lowest-tiered option is entirely free. Although its features are somewhat limited, they provide a great way to test the app without spending a cent.

Mobile Tracker the best free WhatsApp spy app

But remember, Mobile Tracker doesn’t limit what you can do on the free version, just how many times you can do it. So, instead of having unlimited opportunities to listen to or record calls, you may only be able to do this once or twice a day. 

However, in trying the app’s functionality, we found it to work seamlessly. Still, the developers could extend the features somewhat, as each is limited no matter what plan you subscribe to. For example, audio call recording is limited to only two minutes, even on a paid plan. 

But, the features available work exceptionally well, which is why we’d prefer to have fewer restrictions. For instance, Mobile Tracker allows users to:

  • Record audio
  • Track social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Control the target device remotely
  • Track the device using GPS signals

However, to stay connected to the target device, you must log into to dashboard at least once a week. On a final note, Mobile Tracker currently only offers an app for Android devices and is yet to provide a version suitable for iOS users.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
Mobile Tracker Free Android


  • Free basic version
  • Offers remote audio recording
  • Five live viewing sessions daily


  • A weekly log-in is required

8. Hoverwatch – The Best Choice for Parents and Businesses Looking to Monitor Multiple Devices

Occasionally, our experts come across a WhatsApp spy tool that provides excellent features and is easy to navigate, like Hoverwatch. Because developers have designed the app exceptionally well and included a user-friendly interface, even new users will easily find their way around. 

Hoverwatch, best free mobile WhatsApp monitoring software

Besides its simple design, Hoverwatch ensures users can track and monitor other WhatsApp users while remaining invisible and undetectable.

Further, our experts note the app for its in-depth messenger monitoring, making it a top choice for those wanting to monitor messenger apps like:

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Gmail Chats
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit

Additionally, tracking SMS and MMS messages and any media attached to them and recording incoming or outgoing calls becomes easy with Hoverwatch.

While these functions are fantastic, they are only available to those using Android devices since Hoverwatch is yet to introduce an iOS version of the app. But, Hoverwatch is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems, so you can use the app on your computers.

Lastly, Hoverwatch offers 3 plans: Personal, Professional, and Business. While the Professional and Business options come at a more reasonable price, users will find the Personal plan the most pricey.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
Hoverwatch $24.95 per month Android, Windows, MacOS


  • Users remain completely invisible
  • In-depth messenger monitoring
  • Easy to use


  • Not available for iOS/iPhones

9. Spyera – High-End Spy App for WhatsApp Monitoring

When looking for the best spy apps, you’ll find most are compatible with iOS, Android, or both. However, a few, like Spyera, also works alongside other operating systems, including Windows and macOS. As a result, tracking the digital footprint of your spouse, children, or partner becomes simple.

Spyera | Top WhatsApp spy tool for advanced features

While Spyera offers diversity in this area, it limits use by shaping its subscription plans according to the different devices. As a result, you can choose a plan for smartphones or tablets, one for computers, or an all-inclusive option that comes at a much higher fee. Besides the all-inclusive package, the plan for smartphones is the most pricey. 

In addition to monitoring WhatsApp, users will find a selection of other features too. For example, Android users can listen to or record phone calls in real-time.

But keep in mind that Spyera prevents users from recording calls in regions where it’s classified as illegal, keeping themselves and you out of legal trouble.

You can also turn on the device’s microphone, listen to ambient noises in the background, and monitor WhatsApp, MMS, and SMS messages. In addition to providing many more features, Spyera is quick and easy to install.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
Spyera $89 per month Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows


  • Highly compatible
  • Listen to phone calls in real-time
  • Keylogger included


  • Plans based on the device

10. iKeyMonitor – Leading Pick for Monitoring Mobiles, Tablets, and Computers

The final WhatsApp spy tool on our list is iKeyMonitor, a diverse monitoring app compatible with several operating systems. Besides supporting iOS and Android devices, iKeyMonitor also functions with Windows and macOS computers.

iKeyMonitor leading WhatsApp tool for parents

Further, installing iKeyMonitor on your computer or mobile device is quick and straightforward. Plus, you won’t need to jailbreak or root mobile devices for the app to function successfully.

However, you’ll need to root the device to access certain features like the user’s web browser history or Snapchat. Another aspect of this WhatsApp spy tool we feel could improve is that you cannot block apps.

However, that aside, iKeyMonitor offers several impressive functions, including call recording, message and media viewing, and taking screenshots on the target device. Further, you can use the app’s fantastic GPS tracking and geofencing features. 

When looking at packages, iKeyMonitor provides two, one for desktops/laptops and a free app for smartphones and tablets. But, there is a catch to the free plan. If you want specific add-ons and additional features, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
iKeyMonitor Free (Mobile plan) iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows


  • Compatible with mobile and desktop devices
  • Free mobile plan
  • Access advanced features without rooting


  • No app-blocking function

Best WhatsApp Spy Apps Compared

When comparing the prices and features of each of the best WhatsApp spy apps side-by-side, you can quickly find the one that best suits your needs. So, to help you out, we created the handy table below:

Spy App Pricing Compatible Operating Systems
mSpy US$199,99 annually iOS, Android
EyeZy $9.99 per month billed annually Android, iOS
uMobix $11.66 per month on an annual plan iOS, Android
Cocospy Android: $9.99 per month (annual plan)

iOS: $10.99 per month (annual plan)

Android, iOS
XNSpy $79.99 annually Android, iOS
Spyic Android: $9,99 per month (Annual plan)

iOS: $10.83 per month (Annual plan)

Android, iOS
Mobile Tracker Free Android
Hoverwatch $24.95 per month Android, Windows, MacOS
Spyera $89 per month Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows
iKeyMonitor Free (Mobile plan) iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows

How do WhatsApp Spy Apps Work?

The best WhatsApp spy app is installed on an Android or iOS device and gives the user access to all the data on the device.

Once the app is installed correctly, the app user can monitor social media and messenger apps down to every keystroke, as spy apps offer accurate iOS, computer, and Android keyloggers.

Additionally, they can:

  • Record or listen in on calls
  • View MMS and SMS messages
  • View media stored on the device
  • Track the device (and its owner) using GPS
  • Look over the owner’s web browser history

Once you’ve installed the app on the target device, it delivers device data to the control software that you can access on your own mobile device or online on a computer. Plus, you can use this control software to retrieve your spouse or child’s phone data.

Because these WhatsApp spy tools run in the target device’s background, they are virtually undetectable and discreetly monitor all the necessary data. Further, the icon for the app does not display on the target device, eliminating any trace that the app is installed and collecting data.

How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without the Target Phone

Typically, you’ll need access to the target phone for just a few minutes, as you must install the best WhatsApp spy apps directly onto the device for it to work.

Additionally, developers design Android phones so you cannot install WhatsApp spy tools without physically installing them onto the device.

But, if you’re looking to install the best app to spy on WhatsApp on an iOS device, you can do so remotely using the iCloud backup that offers a two-way sync between the cloud and the device. 

However, to remotely install the app, you’ll need the target device user’s iCloud backup credentials. Additionally, you’ll need to input the required two-factor authentication code sent to the target phone to log into the iCloud.

So, you’ll still need physical access to the device.

Are Whatsapp Phone Spy Apps Safe?

Developers design the best WhatsApp spy apps to be safe and ensure that they send data in encrypted formats preventing anyone other than the app user from accessing the information.

Further, the encryption is so secure that not even the target device’s owner can access it.

Lastly, only the person who subscribed to the app and has the login credentials for the WhatsApp spy tools app can access this information.

With that said, unfortunately, this market isn’t devoid of scams — they’re everywhere. We caution you against using unreliable spy apps that don’t hold solid reputations in the industry.

If you’re concerned, be sure to check up on user reviews and take advantage of any free trials or money-back guarantees.

Free Android and iPhone Spy Apps for WhatsApp

Although many of the best WhatsApp spy apps require you to sign up and pay for a subscription, free versions are available.

However, while these may seem appealing initially, these versions are often limited in what they offer and may require you to root or jailbreak the target device before they function. 

Completely free WhatsApp spy apps hold several risks

In addition to being challenging to install, a free download WhatsApp spy app often won’t offer the more essential features, like the ability to listen to calls or monitor social media apps.

Plus, unfortunately, many free spy apps come with risks. For one, it’s common for users’ data to get sold to third parties, and they bombard you with ads — these are ways for them to make money.

If they’re not charging anything, this should raise red flags in your mind. We highly recommend you research the provider before committing to any completely free service.

So, while these free versions may seem fantastic at first, we’re confident that they’re not your best option to spy on someone’s WhatsApp. Instead, we highly recommend trying one of the best WhatsApp spy apps highlighted in this guide.

How to Use a WhatsApp Spy App

Although the idea of spy apps might seem complicated, getting set up with a tool like mSpy is an absolute breeze. Strap up, and we’ll show you how to get started in just a few simple steps.

Step 1 — Sign Up and Create an Account with mSpy

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan. So, launch the mSpy website and click the green “Try Now” button.

Then, fill in your email address on the page that opens and create your mSpy account. Lastly, choose your subscription plan based on the device you want to track.

mSpy account creation process

Step 2 — Install mSpy on the Target Device

Following the purchase of your plan, mSpy will email you your account details and in-depth installation instructions. So, head to your inbox, find the email from mSpy, and when you’re ready, follow the instructions in the email and install the app on the target device. 

mSpy install

Here you need to type in the download link (provided in the email) into the Chrome browser on the target phone to download the app. Then, allow any security permissions and download the app before following the installation wizard.

Finally, input the credentials mSpy sent you in the email and click “Complete Installation,” when you’re done.

Step 3 — Start Monitoring

After you have installed the app on the target device, you can head to your mSpy online dashboard.

Once you’ve signed in here, you can name the phone you’re tracking and enter its model, make, and phone number. And that’s it. You can now start monitoring your child or spouse’s phone. 

mSpy's dashboard

WhatsApp Spy App FAQs

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What is the best app to spy on someone’s WhatsApp?

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What are the best Android WhatsApp spy apps?

What are the best iPhone WhatsApp spy apps?

Can WhatsApp spy apps only be used for WhatsApp messenger?

Conclusion — What’s the Best WhatsApp Spy App for 2023?

Despite there being many of the best WhatsApp spy apps, knowing which one is right for you can be challenging since not all apps provide the features you might need. However, trying any of the apps highlighted in this guide will put you on the right path:

  1. mSpy – Overall, the Best WhatsApp Spy App in 2023 | Take Advantage of the 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee Now.
  2. EyeZy – Reliable WhatsApp Spy Tool | Powerful Features. 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  3. uMobix – One of the Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android and iOS | 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  4. Cocospy – Quality, Discreet Surveillance WhatsApp Spy Tool | Whopping 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  5. XNSpy – Leading Spy Tool for Monitoring Deleted WhatsApp Messages | Offers a 10-Day Refund Policy.
  6. Spyic – Top WhatsApp Spy Tool with Advanced Tracking Features + 60-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.
  7. Mobile Tracker – The Top Free Download WhatsApp Spy App | Check Out the Demo Before Signing Up.
  8. Hoverwatch – Most Simple to Use WhatsApp Spy App | Spy on Up to 25 Devices!
  9. Spyera – Best WhatsApp Spy App for Advanced Functionality | Has a 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  10. iKeyMonitor – Popular Spy App with the Easiest Installation | Offers a Whopping 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

But, if you want our opinion on which is the best app to spy on WhatsApp, we highly recommend mSpy. So, don’t get left behind. Instead, sign up with mSpy and start tracking WhatsApp activity like a pro.

mSpy - Best Phone Tracker

Our Rating

  • 180 Countries Supported
  • Keylogger, Screen Recorder
  • Monitor GPS Locations
  • Parental Control for Peace of Mind

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