There are a lot of reasons why you might want to know how to see someone’s browsing history. You might have forgotten what you searched for and deleted your history, or you might want to see what your child is looking at online to keep them safe. Regardless, you should use the best web browsing history trackers to ensure that you can always check the target phone’s browser history.


We do not condone or encourage the illegal or malicious use of trackware/spyware. If you intend to use such software on someone's device, you should do so with their informed consent.

However, not all web browsing trackers are made equal, and there are hundreds of fakes on the market today. We’ve scoured the market looking for the cream of the crop, selected the top 5 best web browsing trackers and reviewed each of them.

The 5 Best Web Browsing History Trackers List

We’ve tested out all the best tools in the web browsing history trackers space, and ranked them based on their pricing, intuitiveness, power, and extra features.

Here’s our list of the best web browsing history trackers:

  1. Eyezy — Best Web Browsing History Tracker
  2. mSpy — Most Well-Balanced Web Browsing History Tracker
  3. uMobix — Simplest Browser History Tracker
  4. Cocospy — Best Web Browsing History Tracker for Parents
  5. Mobile Tracker — Get One of The Best Web Browsing History Trackers for Free

The Top Browsing History Tracker Apps Reviewed

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a browsing history tracker app, you’ll surely find it in these 5 apps.

To help you work out which one is right for you, these reviews tackle key features, pros, cons, and pricing.

1. EyeZy — Best Web Browsing History Tracker

Eyezy browser history tracker

Eyezy is a reliable, innovative spy tool designed to ensure you’ve got a constant view of the target phone’s activities. It was primarily designed to protect children from harmful online content and make sure their parents know what they’re searching for.

The app is renowned for its ease of use, making it ideal for those of us who don’t want to be reading manuals and watching tutorials to figure out how to use the app.

Eyezy allows you not only to see what sites were visited on the target phone and when, but also how frequently they visit the site. If you find your child visiting a malicious site, or you’re constantly bombarded by pop-ups you don’t know how to stop, you can simply block that site.

Eyezy lets you have even finer control than many of its rivals — say you want your child to watch YouTube for no more than 2 hours per day — you can set Eyezy up so they can’t visit YouTube once they’ve been on it for over 2 hours.

The app is also excellent for monitoring social media. So, if you want to check what your children are doing on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or any other social media platform — you can easily do it with Eyezy.

In fact, it’ll not only track their posts but also their location and key presses. With their advanced Wi-Fi network analysis, you’ll even be able to look at a detailed breakdown of all of their internet use statistics.

Finally, the app is excellent for monitoring dating apps and calendar entries. If you’re looking for the best Tinder spy apps to ensure that your child isn’t engaging in illicit activity, Eyezy can handle that for you.


  • Well-priced
  • Looks through all online activity
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced Wi-Fi network analysis
  • Social media & Dating app monitoring


  • Gets expensive when used on multiple devices
Top Features Price
Dating app spying, Web history monitoring, detailed internet use breakdowns $9.99/month

2. mSpy – Most Well-Balanced Web Browsing History Tracker

mSpy browser history tracker

mSpy is one of the biggest tools in the spying app industry and is a generalist spy app that provides you with as much information on the target device as possible.

As one of the best phone spy apps overall, it’s no surprise that mSpy has a plethora of features to help you monitor your, or your child’s browsing history. mSpy has a three-pronged approach to browser history monitoring:

  1. It lets you see their browsing history even if it’s deleted
  2. You can sort their browser history by views to see what sites they visit most
  3. You can block or restrict sites

While that’s not as many features as Eyezy, mSpy makes up for it with superior geo-tracking and social app monitoring. The social media features make mSpy one of the best Instagram spy apps, and make it easy to track your child’s social media use.

It also has some remote control features, letting you take screenshots and record ambient sounds around the target phone. It’s also great for monitoring your child’s physical location, with precise GPS coordinates and geo-fencing features making mSpy a truly formidable spy app.

Naturally, it also monitors phone calls and SMS messages so you can have a comprehensive look at the target phone’s activity. Finally, you can use the app to remotely block access to a site, just in case your child goes looking for something illicit.


  • Allows you to sort browser history by views
  • Multimedia monitoring
  • Superb social media monitoring
  • Excellent GPS tracking and keylogger
  • Block websites in real time


  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited remote control capabilities
Top Features Price
Real-time website blocking, social media monitoring, Sorting browser history $11.66/month

3. uMobix – Simplest Browser History Tracker

uMobix browser history tracker

If you’re looking for an easy way to see someone’s browsing history, look no further than uMobix.

This is an extremely easy-to-use spy app that’ll allow you to look at your child’s browser history. While other spy apps have lengthy lists of unnecessary features, uMobix focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

uMobix’s browser history tracking will provide you with not only a list of their recently searched webpages, but also their check time, frequency of access, and all the bookmarks they have on their device.

This can be useful for bypassing incognito mode, as bookmarks persist in most browsers. You can see all of this from its intuitive, simple central dashboard.

The app has a plethora of other attractive features including spying on social media, looking at GPS data, and call history and SMS monitoring.

One of the best uses for uMobix is shielding children from predators, as its simple interface helps parents interact with it, while its feature set does most of the work.

It’ll track everything your child does, from their multimedia files, browsing history, messages on social media, SMS messages, to whether or not they’ve got a dating app installed.


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Detailed browser history breakdown
  • Geo-fencing
  • Lets you know if the phone shares its location
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Social media monitoring


  • Limited in terms of higher-level features
Top Features Price
Alerts when the target phone shares its location, browser history breakdowns, Extreme simplicity $29.99

4. Cocospy – Best Web Browsing History Tracker for Parents

Cocospy browser history tracker

If you’re a parent looking to track your child’s web browser history, Cocospy might be the perfect app for you.

Many parents find it hard to know what sites might be malicious for their child. Cocospy resolves this by showing a brief site description alongside all entries in its time-stamped web browser tracker.

As a generalist spy app, Cocospy’s feature set doesn’t end there. It has excellent geofencing and GPS tracking so you can check that your child is where they say they are.

It also features social media monitoring features to ensure that you know who your child is talking to on social media. The tool also allows you to listen to and record phone calls live, monitor SMS messages, as well as dating apps.

Finally, Cocospy updates itself on an almost monthly basis, ensuring it’ll never be outdated.

Learn more in our dedicated Cocospy review.


  • Very easy to use
  • Shows a brief description of sites in browser history
  • Records messages even after deletion
  • Live call recording
  • Frequent updates


  • Relatively shallow pool of features
Top Features Price
Live call recording, Brief descriptions of sites in target’s browser history, routinely updates $9.99/month

WARNING: There is a fake site set up to mimic Cocospy and scam people looking to use its services. Please DO NOT use the version of the site for your own security and only use

5. Mobile Tracker- Get One of The Best Web Browsing History Trackers for Free

Mobile tracker browser history tracker

Mobile Tracker is the best way to secretly track browsing history for free. Not only does it let you save all messages sent on the target phone, but the free version will also let you monitor all browser activities.

Mobile Tracker gives you all the basic info, e.g. the site’s URL, the timestamp, and the browser used. If this is all you intend to use a browsing history tracker for, then Mobile Tracker might be perfect for you.

Outside of this, its free version has some spying functionalities, such as monitoring SMS messages, call histories, and Wi-Fi network data.

That being said, the paid version of Mobile Tracker is significantly more feature-packed, so if you’re looking for a powerful tool, we’d recommend that version or one of its rivals.


  • Free browser history tracker
  • Doesn’t require root on Android
  • Gives quite a few features for free
  • Relatively straightforward


  • Few features
  • The premium version is rather pricey
Top Features Price
There’s a free version, spies on WiFi network data, doesn’t require rooting the target phone on Android Free with paid plans

How do Web Browsing History Trackers Work?

Once you install a web browsing history tracker on your target phone, it immediately begins gathering information.

Here, there are a few processes at play. One of them is keylogging (noting each key the target user enters into the search bar), while another involves siphoning unprotected data from the target phone.

From there, it sends this data to you via the internet in a more organized form. These, and other processes such as taking screenshots, are how other spy app functionalities like social media or dating app monitoring work.

Can You Remotely Install Web Browsing History Trackers?

While there are countless apps advertising the ability to be installed remotely, pretty much none of them can accomplish this efficiently.

There’s no way to download an app like this through Wi-Fi, however, there are two different ways that it’s possible to remotely install web browsing history trackers:

  • Get the target to click the download link for Eyezy or another app and install it on their phone
  • Gain access to the target’s iCloud credentials

With that being said, both these methods are more difficult to do than simply using the target phone for a few minutes.

Because of this, we’ve considered remote installation options as a nice bonus, but not a deal-breaker in our rankings.

Can History Tracker Apps be Detected?

Basically — it depends. If you’re using a hidden history tracker, then it’s unlikely that they’ll be detected — however, this varies based on how well they’re hidden.

Most of the best web browsing history trackers are hidden apps, so that they don’t grow cumbersome and annoying on the target phone.

That being said, some apps are less detectable than others. Apps like Eyezy or mSpy will disguise themselves as important files on the target phone, which will dissuade the owner from removing them.

Also, by disguising themselves as important apps, they ensure that they’ll be permitted by other apps to look at their data and the phone’s data.

Finally, apps like mSpy and Eyezy are quite difficult to find even with antivirus software, so you won’t need to worry about these apps being found.

Free Browsing History Tracker Apps

Ok, so you need to be very careful with free browsing history tracker apps.

There are some good free apps like Mobile Tracker that will allow you to track your child’s browser history completely without paying a penny. While you’ll have to put up with quite a few ads, Mobile Tracker gives you with most of the essential features for browsing history tracking and more.

However, your first concern should be safety — you don’t want a virus on either your, or your target’s phone. Because of this, avoid apps that claim to be free and boast an extensive set of features, or don’t appear to be trustworthy at first glance. However, that’s not the only downside of free browsing history tracker apps.

The biggest disadvantage of these apps is simply that they’re extremely limited in terms of features and reliability compared to their paid counterparts.

Even if you don’t need a tracking app that has a lot of features (and most of us do) you need your app to stay online and connected for as long as possible so that you don’t miss anything important. This is simply something free apps can’t provide, with their narrow features and weaker connections.

Because of this, while free apps can be a great way to dip your toes into browsing history tracking, paid apps are the way to go if you’re looking for a quality service.

How to Track Someone’s Browsing History

With Eyezy — our number 1 browsing history tracking app — it only takes 4 steps to see someone’s browsing history.

Step 1: Register On Eyezy

Creating an account with EyeZy

First, you’ll want to register on Eyezy by clicking the button below. You’ll need to select an email and pick your username and password.

Step 2: Pick Your Subscription

Eyezy Register

You’ll need to choose between 3 pricing plans to use Eyezy:

  • 1-Month plan ($47.99/month)
  • 3-Month plan ($27.99/month)
  • 12-Month plan ($9.99/month)

From there, you’ll gain the option to download the Eyezy installer, take this and open the new file (.APK on Android, .EXE on Windows etc.)

Step 3: Download Eyezy

Installing EyeZy Browser History Tracking

The Eyezy installer will lead you through the rest of the setup process.

You can also download the Eyezy updater on your device so that your version of Eyezy is always kept up to date. The installer will also guide you through everything you need to do on the target phone to enable the features you need.

Make sure you enable all permissions to the Eyezy app on the target phone, as it’ll need them in order to send you data. You can also delete all traces of the app manually or automatically, but it’ll be completely hidden regardless.

Step 4: Start Tracking Browser History!

EyeZy's dashboard

And you’re done! You can now start using the best browser history tracker on the market.

Conclusion: What is the Best Web Browsing History Tracker?

There are dozens of different browser history trackers on the market today. Some of those are from a bygone era, being incompatible with most modern phones, while others simply don’t work at all.

Today, we’ve gone through dozens of spy apps that actually work and pitted them against one another to determine what the best browser history tracking app is. In our testing, the best tool to track your child’s browser history is Eyezy.

Eyezy gives you detailed breakdowns of everything your child searched, bookmarked, or favorited, alongside clever sorting methods and a counter that shows you how many times they’ve visited the chosen site.

The app also allows you to restrict their access to certain sites by either blocking them outright or by limiting their time on them to a certain number of hours.

The fact that it’s an incredible spy app outside of this and comes with an extremely intuitive installation process and user experience simply completes a very impressive package!


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