The best spy apps for Snapchat enable you to monitor your loved one’s activities on one of the most popular social media apps of today. The main appeal of the app is that messages, once seen, disappear, and while this gimmick is fun, it also facilitates immoral, and occasionally even illegal behavior.

Whether you’re a worried parent that wants to monitor their children’s activity to make sure they aren’t breaking any rules or laws, or a concerned partner simply looking to make sure your partner isn’t engaging in illicit behavior, Snapchat spy tools are the easiest way to be sure. On this list, you’ll find the best spy apps for Snapchat and how to use them in 2024.

  1. mSpy – Best App To Spy On Snapchat | Put It to the Test With a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  2. Eyezy – Easy-To-Use Snapchat Spy Tool | See How It Compares to the Competition With a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  3. uMobix – An Online Snapchat Spy App With Great Features | Comes with a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  4. Cocospy – Limited But Reliable Snapchat Spy App
  5. XNSpy – Versatile And Powerful Snapchat Spy Tool
  6. Spyic – Best Snapchat Spy App for Group Chats
  7. Mobile Tracker – Free Download Snapchat Spy App
  8. Hoverwatch – Screenshot-based Snapchat Monitoring Tool
  9. Spyera – Powerful But Expensive Snapchat Spy App
  10. IKeyMonitor – Free Snapchat Spy App

The Top Snapchat Spy Apps in 2024 Reviewed

The best app to spy on Snapchat is one that provides you with the ability to read all of your loved one’s messages, even ones that have already disappeared. It should also be able to record images sent back and forth and remember them, outside of this, it should be a fully capable phone spy app. Out of the many phone spy apps on the market, few fulfill all of these criteria, with mSpy being the only one to provide it all in a simple and affordable package.

1. mSpy – Best App To Spy On Snapchat

mSpy- the best Snapchat spy app on the market

mSpy is our number 1 pick for the best Snapchat spy app. It has all the Snapchat-focused features you’ll ever need. If you’ve ever wanted to read your loved one’s Snapchat conversations, you need to look no further than mSpy.

What makes mSpy the best Snapchat spy tool is that it brings Snapchat-focused features, alongside all the generalist spy app features necessary to be a mainstay in the industry for years, and ties them all up in an intuitive and affordable package. The app is able to easily track all images shared through Snapchat. Even if you’re not there to see them, they’ll be waiting on your mSpy dashboard for you to get back.

Outside of this, it’s one of, if not the best phone spy app in general. Not only does it allow you to monitor other social media such as Facebook and Instagram, but it also provides you with ways to look at all multimedia files on the device. This means pictures, audio, music, and videos. mSpy also tops the charts for the best WhatsApp spy app. You can even monitor their browser activity and search history using the app. To supplement this, the tool excels at GPS locating and geo-fencing, helping you always know where your loved one is.

As if this were not enough, it has keylogging features and monitors SMS messages, as well as phone calls and contacts. It even allows you to remotely block sites if your loved one is going somewhere inappropriate. All of these features and more are carefully put together to ensure they’re always functional and reliable.


  • Capable of viewing Snapchat messages and pictures even after they vanish
  • Extremely reliable features that almost never malfunction
  • Powerful GPS and keylogger
  • Easy-to-use
  • Multimedia monitoring
  • Browser history monitoring
  • Block websites


  • Weaker remote control features
Operating System Price
Android, iOS, Windows $11.66/month

2. EyeZy – Easy-to-use Snapchat Spy Tool

EyeZy- A popular and unique Instagram spying solution

EyeZy is a Snapchat spy tool specialized for social media monitoring. It’s a parents-first app designed to help protect children from all manner of online threats ranging from child predators to cyberbullies. The easiest way to accomplish this is to ensure excellent social media monitoring, as most illegal or immoral activity like this is conducted through social media.

It has all the Snapchat spy features possible, giving you full access to the tracked phone’s Snapchat messaging and images shared, as well as the usernames of the people they’re talking to. This can be incredibly important when reporting bullying to a school or reporting a child predator to the police. It also features a fairly innovative feature in advanced WiFi network analysis. Outside of this, EyeZy is a fully competent phone spy app, equipped with GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and a keylogger.

It also allows you to see any calendar entries or notes on the target phone, as well as all the apps they have installed. This can be especially helpful for early teens if you suspect they’ve downloaded an app like Tinder, making it one of the best Tinder spy apps. You can also monitor their browser history and block websites to ensure they aren’t doing anything inappropriate. If you’re worried, you can even get notifications when they search for a specific phrase or download a specific app.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Allows you to view all messages and images shared through Snapchat
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Specialized for monitoring social media
  • Advanced WiFi network analysis


  • Expensive to use on multiple devices
Operating System Price
Android, iOS $9.99/month

3. uMobix – Snapchat Spy Online App With Generalist Features

uMobix is a versatile Snapchat monitoring app

Sometimes, you don’t want an overly complex app that’s packed full of features. Sometimes you want a simple, easy-to-use application that will show you your loved one’s Snapchat messages without a fuss. It can be easy to get tempted by long lists of features, many of which you’ll never need, but if a simple generalist spy app is what you’re looking for, uMobix is one of the best spy apps for Snapchat for you.

The tool takes simplicity to the next level, with everything on its dashboard carefully designed to be easy to use and quick to load. Outside of Snapchat monitoring, which is admittedly only a limited part of its ability, it offers a bunch of other features. Monitor other social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp with ease, as well as keep tabs on any geographical changes or switches made to SIM cards. You can also look at the user’s browser history to see what they’re searching for and monitor their incoming and outgoing calls, and see if your loved one ever shares their location through Snapchat or another app.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Location tracking and geo-fencing
  • Alerts you if the tracked phone shares its location
  • Allows you to monitor browser history
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Doesn’t look at pictures shared via Snapchat
Operating System Price
Android, iOS $29.99

4. Cocospy – Limited But Reliable Snapchat Spy App

Cocospy is one of the best parental Snapchat spy apps

Now, many Snapchat conversations don’t end on Snapchat. A lot of people will only use Snapchat for the first few messages exchanged, moving to a phone call afterward. Because of this, and the ability to record and listen to calls live while they’re happening is an extremely useful feature for a Snapchat spy app to have. What makes Cocospy one of the best Snapchat spy apps out there is precisely this. It provides all call data, including a recording (or you can listen to it live if you prefer) in an actionable, intuitive manner.

The tool only lets you look at Snapchat messages, and not pictures. However, it receives updates on a monthly basis, and there’s no doubt in our minds that Cocospy will eventually be able to do that. Naturally, it also has GPS tracking and geofencing features to ensure you always know the physical location of the target phone.


  • One of the easiest to use phone spy apps out there
  • Reads Snapchat messages even after they’re deleted
  • Allows you to listen in on phone calls
  • Tracks browser history and SMS messages
  • Spies on other social networks
  • Constantly updating


  • Relatively limited in scope compared to other tools in its price range
Operating System Price
Android, iOS $9.99/month

XNSpy – Versatile And Powerful Snapchat Spy Tool

XNSpy is an amazing general spy app with Snapchat monitoring features

XNSpy is the best Snapchat spy app when it comes to sheer versatility. Its screenshot-based approach to monitoring Snapchat and similar apps is extremely useful and resilient to changes of the platforms in question. By taking a screenshot every 5 seconds while Snapchat is in use, the tool will show you any relevant stories, messages, or pictures shared on Snapchat. It also automatically records the screen so that you never miss even the slightest detail.

Besides its excellent Snapchat monitoring capabilities, XNSpy also excels at monitoring other social media such as Instagram or Facebook through a similar screenshot-based system. Outside of this, it has the usual suite of GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and browser history monitoring.

One of its more outstanding features is that you can take full control of the target device, taking screenshots, using the camera, recording audio, and more. You can do all of this remotely, and since there’s pretty much no way to detect XNSpy while it’s on the target’s phone, they’ll never know it was you.


  • Automatic screen recording when Snapchat is on
  • Takes screenshots of the screen every 5 seconds
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • SMS and phone call monitoring


  • The premium version is quite expensive
Operating System Price
Android, iOS $19.99

Spyic- Best Snapchat Spy App for Group Chats

Spyic is a great Snapchat spy app for parents and businesses

Spyic makes spying on Snapchat group chats a breeze. While some other apps will get confused over who is texting what, or might even be unable to track group chats, Spyic has this functionality polished to perfection. You’ll see exactly who is texting what, alongside any multimedia files they might have exchanged with each other. This will all be nicely categorized and time stamped accordingly.

Spyic will even track deleted messages while remaining extremely well-hidden and ensuring all of your data is kept safe. Spyic also has an easy time monitoring SMS messages, changes to the SIM card, as well as any GPS data in accordance to geo-fencing rules. You can also get detailed browser history breakdowns, like time-stamped logs of when which websites were visited, which ones are visited most frequently, as well as their bookmarks.

All of this is in a very clear, user-friendly hub, so you won’t need to hassle with endless tabs to make sure your spying efforts aren’t going to waste. All things considered, Spyic has all the hallmarks of a great spying app, and we’ll be keeping tabs on its progress.


  • Perfect for monitoring Snapchat group chats in a well-organized, time stamped manner
  • Fairly simple to use
  • Tracks multimedia files shared via Snapchat
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS and geo fencing features


  • Can’t record pictures and videos taken directly through Snapchat
Operating System Price
Android, iOS $9.99/month

Mobile Tracker – Free download Snapchat spy app

Mobile Tracker- the best free Snapchat spy app

Mobile Tracker is a free download Snapchat spy app with a premium version. Due to its variety of high-quality features, Mobile Tracker is the best answer to the question: “How to spy on someone’s Snapchat for free?” The app allows you to view and save all messages that the target phone receives through Snapchat. While you can’t see disappearing images or videos, you’ll know who sends them. In the case of Android phones, you won’t even need to root the device.

Alongside this, Mobile Tracker provides most common spy app utilities for free. Although the quality of these features isn’t quite to the level of most paid applications, they still offer more than enough to dip your toes into Snapchat monitoring. Outside of this, the features depend on whether you get the free or premium version.

With the free version, you get limited monitoring for other social media, GPS location, geo-fencing features, and some remote control features. With the premium version, the app’s social media monitoring gets better, and you gain access to a plethora of remote control features.


  • Free snapchat spy app
  • No need to root Android devices for it to operate


  • Can’t record images and videos after they disappear
  • Expensive premium version
Operating System Price
Android, iOS Free with paid plans

Hoverwatch – Screenshot-based Snapchat Monitoring Tool

Hoverwatch an innovative, screenshot-based Snapchat spy tool

Hoverwatch is a simple, but innovative and efficient Snapchat spy tool. Although the 1 and 2-month subscription plans are relatively expensive, the yearly plan is extremely budget-conscious, sitting at $3,99 per month. Hoverwatch’s innovative approach to Snapchat spying is taking a screenshot every couple of seconds, and then sending those screenshots back to you.

For an app like Snapchat, where people send disappearing messages, videos, and images, this is great. It allows you to capture all of this disappearing media and look at it from a single dashboard. Most apps will struggle to keep up with Snapchat stories, however, Hoverwatch simply takes a screenshot of them and shows them to you. This functionality extends outside of Snapchat, with the app taking screenshots of all phone activities. Besides the screenshot functionality, you can also take control of their camera in order to take a picture of where the target phone’s user is. You’ll even see the photo’s location pop up on Hoverwatch’s map.


  • Remote control features
  • Innovative screenshot-based approach
  • Monitors Snapchat stories
  • Lets you spy on Snapchat DMs and group chats
  • Excellent for most social media monitoring


  • Expensive short-term subscriptions
  • Few Snapchat-oriented features
  • Allegedly unreliable on iOS
Operating System Price
Cloud, Windows, iOS, Android $3.99/month with the yearly plan

Spyera – Powerful But Expensive Snapchat Spy App

Spyera, albeit expensive, is still one of the best-performing Snapchat spy apps

Spyera is one of the biggest names in the spying app space. This isn’t without reason, as it comes with extremely powerful features, a good user interface, and reliable performance. However, this isn’t without its downside, which is that Spyera is quite expensive, sitting at $33 per month at its cheapest.

This invisible Snapchat spy app is great for monitoring all Snapchat activities, as well as the credentials of anyone the target phone’s user has been chatting with. It’ll monitor all chats in an intuitive, time-stamped manner, as well as any stories or Snaps sent or received. Outside of this, Spyera provides you with a keylogger for free with any subscription. It’s a great tool for monitoring other social media as well, allowing you to take screenshots or monitor messages in any of the popular social media apps.

Finally, Spyera has the usual ensemble of GPS tracking, geofencing, SMS, and call monitoring. It can also record calls and play them back later or let you listen in live. With all of its remote control features, Spyera is one of the best Snapchat spy apps if you’ve got the funds for it.


  • Extremely powerful features
  • Takes Snapchat screenshots remotely
  • Keylogging
  • Browser and PC version
  • Social media monitoring


  • Expensive
  • Only 1 device per subscription
Operating System Price
Android, iOS, Windows $33.25/month

IKeyMonitor – Free Snapchat Spy App

iKeyMonitor Snapchat

IkeyMonitor is one of the best Snapchat spy apps you can get for free. It monitors all incoming and outgoing messages on Snapchat, alongside a screenshot of all Snapchat photos, even once they disappear or get deleted. With that being said, most higher-level features aren’t available in IkeyMonitor’s free version, but are locked in the more expensive, premium version.

With that being said, the free edition of IKeyMonitor is still an excellent introduction to spying apps, providing the most important spy app features for free. This means keylogging, call history monitoring, SMS message monitoring, and browser history monitoring. You can also set up alerts so that you get a notification whenever there’s a new note, calendar entry, or voice memo on the target phone. Alongside this, IkeyMonitor features GPS tracking and geo-fencing.


  • Has a free edition that helps you get to grips with the app
  • Quite easy to use
  • Monitors Snapchat messages and pictures
  • Quality keylogging
  • GPS monitoring and geo-fencing


  • Most features are locked behind the premium version
Operating System Price
iOS, Android, Windows $16.99/month

Best Snapchat Spy Apps Compared

App Name Operating System Price
mSpy Android, iOS, Windows $11.66/month
Eyezy Android, iOS $9.99/month
uMobix Android, iOS $29.99/month
Cocospy Android, iOS $9.99/month
XNSpy Android, iOS $19.99/month
Spyic Android, iOS $9.99/month
Mobile Track Android, iOS Free with paid plans
Hoverwatch Cloud, Windows, iOS, Android $3.99/month with the yearly plan
Spyera Android, iOS, Windows $33.25/month
IKeyMontior iOS, Android, Windows $16.99/month

How do Snapchat Spy Apps Work?

Most Snapchat spy apps will require a jailbroken or rooted phone. Those that don’t will require iCloud credentials, or something similarly difficult to obtain. These apps work by installing themselves to the target’s phone, and then sending you their data while remaining hidden. The best Snapchat spy apps will hide within system files under a different name, making them nigh-impossible to detect.

Can You Spy on Someone’s Snapchat without the Target Phone?

When people ask “How to spy on someone’s Snapchat?” they often mean “How to spy on someone’s Snapchat without the target phone?” Unfortunately, while there are many apps that advertise this, we haven’t found any that work. Since Snapchat spying requires a lot of privileges, you won’t be able to provide these privileges to the spy app without the target phone. It’s possible on iOS if you’ve got their iCloud credentials, but that is generally much more difficult than simply holding the target phone. Even then, these apps can only see what Snapchat shares with iCloud, which isn’t much.

Free Snapchat Spy Apps

“How to spy on someones snapchat for free?” Is one of, if not the question we get asked most often. There are indeed apps like Mobile Tracker that will allow you to spy on Snapchat for free. However, you need to be very careful when downloading an app that allegedly lets you spy on Snapchat for free. If the app doesn’t have a premium version, or isn’t present on this list, chances are you are the product. This might mean copious amounts of ads in the best case, and in the worst case, the app might be straight-up malware.

Another important factor to bring up is the quality and stability of features. You don’t want your Snapchat spy app failing to work or losing connection at a pivotal moment, and this is much more likely to happen with a free app. So while free Snapchat spy apps are a great entry point to Snapchat spy apps, they’re never the best solution.

How to Use a Snapchat Spy App

On iOS

Step 1: Set Up Your mSPy Download

Making your account with mSpy

  1. Ensure your iOS device is jailbroken and can access the internet
  2. Create your account on

Step 2: Purchasing And Downloading mSpy

mSpy installation

  1. Pick “iOS” when you need to put in the monitored device’s operating system
  2. Select one of the three subscriptions
  3. Check your email to obtain link to your registration code, Control Panel, Username, Password, and the download link.
  4. Open the Cydia application
  5. Press “Manage Account”
  6. Press “Sources”
  7. Press “Edit”
  8. Press “Add”
  9. Paste the link from your email into the box
  10. Press “Add Source”
  11. Press “Return to Cydia”

Step 3: Navigate To mTechnology Repository And Get Spying

  1. Go to “mTechnology Repository”
  2. Press “iPhone Internal Service”- this is the name mSpy will use on your target’s phone
  3. Press “Accept” and complete prompts that pop up
  4. Go back to your homepage
  5. Press the “mSpy” icon
  6. Accept the mSpy license agreement
  7. Put in the registration code you got through email
  8. Restart the phone

On Android

Step 1: Set Up And Download mSpy

  1. Ensure Play Protect is disabled on the target phone
  2. Create an account on
  3. Pick “Android” when mSpy asks you for the target device’s OS
  4. Select 1 of the 3 subscription options
  5. Go to your email and find the link to your registration code, Control Panel, Username, and Password, as well as the download link you’ll need.

Step 2: Go To Google Chrome And Download mSpy

  1. Open up the Google Chrome browser
  2. Paste the link you got in your email into Chrome’s address bar
  3. Succeed on the captcha and press “Download”
  4. Tap “OK”

Step 3: Open mSpy And Get Spying On Snapchat

  1. If a prompt opens up at the bottom of the screen, go to “Open” then “Settings” then “Allow from This Source”
  2. Press “Next”
  3. Press “Open”
  4. Press “Agree” on the mSpy License Agreement
  5. If a prompt appears up, tap allow permissions
  6. Put in the Registration Code you got through email
  7. Press “Complete Installation”


Can you spy on someone’s Snapchat?

What is the best app to spy on someone’s Snapchat?

Can Snapchat spy apps be detected?

Conclusion | What Are the Best Snapchat Spy Apps?

Getting a Snapchat spying app can be an extremely valuable step for maintaining trust and ensuring the safety of your loved ones. For a spying app, being able to monitor one of the most popular social networks out there is almost a mandatory feature. However, there’s an extreme number of fakes on the market. We’ve gone through almost all Snapchat spy apps on the market and found that these 10 were the best Snapchat spy apps your money can buy.

Here’s a reminder of our top picks for the best Snapchat spy apps:

  1. mSpy – Best App To Spy On Snapchat | Put It to the Test With a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  2. Eyezy – Easy-To-Use Snapchat Spy Tool | See How It Compares to the Competition With a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  3. uMobix – An Online Snapchat Spy App With Great Features | Comes with a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  4. Cocospy – Limited But Reliable Snapchat Spy App
  5. XNSpy – Versatile And Powerful Snapchat Spy Tool
  6. Spyic – Best Snapchat Spy App for Group Chats
  7. Mobile Tracker – Free Download Snapchat Spy App
  8. Hoverwatch – Screenshot-based Snapchat Monitoring Tool
  9. Spyera – Powerful But Expensive Snapchat Spy App
  10. IKeyMonitor – Free Snapchat Spy App

Out of all of these, the spy app with the best performance was mSpy. mSpy lets you easily spy on Snapchat messages and Snaps and is an excellent spy app outside of this niche. Besides letting you know everything your loved one is up to on Snapchat, it can monitor other social media, their GPS location, phone calls, SMS messages, alerts, calendar entries, and more. All of this comes in an affordable, easy-to-use application. All of these factors put together make mSpy a difficult app not to recommend.