No jailbreak iPhone spy apps are a much easier way to monitor your child’s iPhone usage and secure their online safety. This means they’re a godsend for non-tech-savvy people who still want to stop their child from seeing inappropriate content on the web or being contacted by online predators.

Unfortunately, the market today is flooded with scam apps and the only way to find genuine tools is through some serious research. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work, selected and reviewed the four best iPhone spy apps that do not require jailbreaking, rooting, or any other complication.

Here’s our top pick:

Our Top Pick for the Best No Jailbreak iPhone Spy App: eyeZy

In our research, we found EyeZy to have the best combination of features, affordable pricing, prompt customer service, and the fewest limitations.

Here’s why eyeZy tops our list:

  • Easy set up for both Android and iOS
  • Offers multiple ways to access the target device 
  • An invisible shield that conceals the app on the target phone
  • Magic alerts on restricted activities along with general real-time updates 

The 4 Best No Jailbreak iPhone Spy Apps for 2023

Here are our top five picks for the best no jailbreak iPhone spy apps for 2023:

  1. EyeZy: Overall best spy app to track iPhone without jailbreak, which comes with powerful monitoring tools at an affordable price.
  2. mSpy: The most versatile iPhone spy app where no jailbreak is required, offering discrete, easy-to-use monitoring tools.
  3. uMobix: Leading software product for access to deleted info, which also lets you control the camera, microphone, and apps on the target device.
  4. Cocospy: Great spy app for beginners, which tracks popular contacts and call frequencies and has robust call logging tools.

The Top iPhone Spy Apps with No Jailbreak Required 2023 Reviewed 

All of the the spy apps discussed in this guide are easy to set up and require no jailbreak. To help you make the right choice, we have run detailed tests on each of these apps to show what else they bring to the table. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our handpicked no jailbreak iPhone spy apps, including their best features, pricing, pros, and cons:

1. eyeZy: Overall Best Spy App to Track iPhone without Jailbreak

Eyezy browser history tracker

EyeZy tops our list for the best no-jailbreak spy app, courtesy of its Magic Alerts feature. With this, you can restrict certain words, contacts, or even locations. If the target device tries to do a restricted activity, you’ll be immediately notified. This is a perfect arrangement for those who want instant alerts for any potential danger to their child without having to constantly monitor them. 

Spying on iOS with EyeZy doesn’t require jailbreaking but it’s worth noting that the same isn’t true for Android phones and you do need physical access to Android phones to use eyeZy. Its friendly iPhone installer facilitates easy set-up in whatever way you find convenient. This includes syncing directly with the iCloud, local sync with Wi-Fi, or optional jailbreak.

If you want to save some extra time, eyeZy will let you block inappropriate websites beforehand so that you don’t have to constantly monitor your child’s internet activities. If you want to give a slight leeway, though, you can simply limit the time they’re allowed to spend on a given website instead of blocking it altogether. 

The best part is no one, least of all your child, will ever find out that you have installed a spy app on their phone. Once you go ahead with the installation, Eyezy will activate an invisible shield to conceal the app in the target phone.

Best Features 

  • Real-time notifications so that you don’t miss out on important updates  
  • Magic alerts that only notify you when they do a restricted activity 
  • Multiple ways to install it on both Android and iOS
  • Invisible shield to keep the app undetected 
  • Excellent location tracker with a recorded history of recently visited spots 
Best Feature Pricing  Free Trial/Demo Call logging in the Basic Plan Mobile App
Best no jailbreak iPhone spy app Starting at $9.99/month Free demo Not revealed  Both Android & iOS


Here are the plans offered by Eyezy:

  • 1-month plan: $47.99 per month
  • 3-month plan: $27.99 per month
  • 12-month plan: $9.99 per month


  • Diverse plans 
  • Friendly installer
  • 24/7 instant alerts
  • Compatible with multiple browsers  


  • Gets expensive if you want to monitor multiple devices

2. mSpy: Most Versatile iPhone No Jailbreak Spy App

mSpy's keylogger dashboard

We love mSpy’s versatility! It doesn’t matter if it’s text tracking, location tracking, web activity monitoring, or anything else; there’s always more than one way to get the job done with mSpy. 

For example, if you want to track your child’s messages and conversations, mSpy will give you access to all popular instant messaging apps on their phone, including Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts, and more. 

But, say, you want to manage their internet activity. Here, mSpy will give you not only access to their browsing history but also a peek into the bookmarked sites, keyword searches, and connected Wi-Fi networks. So, you’ll know what your child is finding interesting enough to save, what they are searching for and from where.

Even mSpy’s customer support has multiple options — you can get priority support while you navigate the app on your own or enjoy additional guidance with mSpy and ask them to resolve any queries you might have. 

Moreover, mSpy has a simple 3-step sign-up process. All you have to do is create an account, pick a plan and start monitoring in under five minutes.

Note that while mSpy doesn’t require jailbreaking on both iOS and Android for basic features to run smoothly, you will have to jailbreak an iPhone (and root an Android device) to benefit from special media monitoring features. That said, you’ll still be able to keep tabs on all outgoing messages from all social media apps, even if the Android device isn’t rooted.

Best Features 

  • Complete access to your child’s browser activity 
  • Message monitoring over ten popular social media apps 
  • Complete access to Tinder profile and conversations 
  • Access to target device’s personal media files, including photos and videos 
  • Remote control through your own control panel 
Best Feature Pricing  Free Trial/Demo Call logging in the Basic Plan Mobile App
Versatility  Starting at $16.66/month Not available  Not revealed  Both Android & iOS


Here are the plans offered by mSpy:

  • 1-month plan: $69.99/month
  • 3-month plan: $39.99/month
  • 12-month plan: $16.66/month


  • 3-step setup
  • Live demo
  • 100% legal and safe 
  • Personal control panel


  • Most of their plans (except the family kit) are only available for one device at a time 

3. uMobix: Top Spy App for Access to Deleted Info on Target Device

uMobix's keylogging dashboard

The best thing about uMobix is it gives you access to all deleted information on the target device, including messages, call history, or contacts. This way, you’ll always stay a step ahead of your child and know exactly what they’re up to. uMobix will also notify you whenever your child renames a contact — another uMobix feature that tackles your kid’s “smartness.”

Along with an easy, no-jailbreak installation, uMobix earns a few extra brownie points by giving you remote control on top of access to the target device. 

For example, if you see an unwanted call on your child’s phone, you can restrict the contact remotely. Similarly, you can also block inappropriate websites, WiFi connections, and devices or disable messages, and do all that without leaving a trace. 

On iOS devices, uMobix can be installed with your child’s iPhone credentials but this means that, if they have 2-factor authentication enabled, they will be notified of the installation.

Best Features 

  • Remotely change the target device’s settings
  • Access all their deleted messages, calls, and contacts 
  • Remotely block websites, delete apps or restrict messages and calls 
  • Access and manage the target device’s internet activities 
  • It’s one of the best keylogger apps; it captures every word they type in real-time 
Best Feature Pricing  Free Trial/Demo Call logging in the Basic Plan Mobile App
Remote control of the target device Starting at $11.66/month Free demo Not revealed Both Android & iOS


Here are the plans offered by uMobix:

  • 1-month: $49.99/month (keylogger, call log tracking, contact list access, text message monitoring)
  • 3-month: $27.99/month (keylogger, online status checker, GPS location, geofinder) 
  • 12-month: $11.66/month (keylogger, spy app detector, access to app list, applications time record)


  • 14-day refund policy 
  • One-click installation 
  • Access to deleted information 
  • Remote control over the target device


  • Limited features on the basic plan

4. Cocospy: Leading Spy App for Beginners

Cocospy's dashboard interface

Cocospy stands out for its simplicity and ease of use — making it perfect for beginners. In addition to not requiring jailbreak on any iPhone version, Cocospy offers a geofencing feature, which notifies you any time your child enters a restricted zone as decided by you. This feature spares you the trouble of constantly monitoring them but still keeps you up-to-date about their safety. 

Another benefit of Cocospy that makes it super user-friendly is its supportive customer care team that’s available round-the-clock for any queries.

Not all features are available without jailbreaking the targeted iPhone device, and you’ll need to do this to monitor Instagram and Facebook. But for access to contacts, call logs, locations, calendars, and messages, then you don’t need to jailbreak the iPhone.

Best Features 

  • Stealth mode that keeps you invisible 
  • Keystroke logger without rooting the target device 
  • Access to all media files like photos and videos on the target device 
  • Access to chats and shared media on Discord, Duo, Instagram, and more
  • Access timestamps and frequency of all their website visits
Best Feature Pricing  Free Trial/Demo Call logging In The Most Basic Plan Mobile App
Easy for beginners to wrap their heads around Starting at $12.50/month NA Available  Both Android & iOS


Here are the plans offered by Cocospy:

  • 1-Month License: $49.99 
  • 3-Month License: $29.99/month 
  • 12-Month License: $12.50/month 


  • Safe & reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Responsive customer care 
  • Available in 190+ countries 


  • The features are pretty basic

WARNING: There is a fake site set up to mimic Cocospy and scam people looking to use its services. Please DO NOT use the version of the site for your own security and only use

You can read our in-depth Cocospy app review here for more.

Best No Jailbreak Spy Apps for iPhone: Compared 

Here’s a quick, side-by-side comparison of our top four no-jailbreak iPhone spy apps based on important buying parameters like pricing, device compatibility, the availability of a free trial or demo, and more:

Software Best Feature Pricing  Free Trial/Demo Mobile App
eyeZy Best no jailbreak iPhone spy app Starting at $9.99/month Free demo Both Android & iOS
mSpy Versatility  Starting at $16.66/month Not available  Both Android & iOS
uMobix Remote control of the target device Starting at $11.66/month Free demo Both Android & iOS
Cocospy Beginner-friendly  Starting at $12.50/month Not available  Both Android & iOS

Can You Use iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreaking?

Yes, you can use iPhone spy apps without jailbreaking. The way this works is these apps monitor the iCloud account of the target device and let you track messages, chats, calls logs, photos, and other key data.

However, for access to advanced features like keylogging, you will need to jailbreak the iPhone.

How Can I Track an iPhone Without Jailbreaking It?

You can use spy apps like eyeZy, Cocospy, or uMobix to track iPhones without the need to jailbreak them. They use a solution to monitor the iCloud account, thereby keeping a tab on the text messages, chats, call logs, photos, and more.

However, monitoring through iCloud has its own limitations. Other than the files saved on the iCloud account, other activities like keystrokes or app activities cannot be tracked.

How to Use a No-Jailbreak Phone Spy App for iPhone?

You can use a spy app like eyeZy on a non-jailbroken iPhone to spy on the device. The first step is to download eyeZy from the official website.

Step 1: 

Visit eyeZy on your laptop and click on Try Now

EyeZy website

Step 2: 

Enter your email address to create your eyeZy account

Create EyeZy account

Step 3: 

Select your device type — for iPhones, select the Apple icon

EyeZy select device type

Step 4: 

Choose your subscription plan based on your requirements

Choose EyeZy subscription plan

Step 5: 

Enter the payment information to complete the registration process

EyeZy payment information

Step 6: 

Open Safari and enter the link received in the email to download eyeZy on the iPhone

Step 7: 

Log onto your eyeZy account on your PC or laptop 

You can access different details from the menu on the left to monitor various details from the iPhone.

EyeZy dashboard


Can you use mSpy without jailbreak?

What is the best no-jailbreak spyware for an iPhone?

Can you put spyware on an iPhone without jailbreak?

Conclusion: What is the Best No Jailbreak iPhone Spy App?

We hope this guide has given you everything you need to choose the best iPhone spy app that does not require jailbreaking.

While the top choice for you is unarguably the one that offers the features you want and in the budget that you have, our testing reveals that eyeZy will almost always satisfy both those conditions — it has virtually all the features you might want in a spy app and its affordability is pretty on point too.

Check out the free demo now to see exactly what it can do.