Email has become an integral part of our lives, but it can also be used in immoral or even outright illegal ways. Employees can easily fall trap to email scams and lose their companies millions, or even billions of dollars. Partners will sometimes use email in order to cheat on their spouses, and even children can use email to gain access to content they shouldn’t be seeing online.

In order to combat this, employers, partners, and parents alike take advantage of email spy tools.  Email spy tools allow you to monitor activities on a target’s email account. his can allow you to put a stop to phishing scams or malicious leak attempts before they’ve got time to hurt your company or catch your spouse or child engaging in illicit activity.

Today, we’ll be going over the best email spy apps out there, how to spy on someone’s email, and some frequently asked questions.

The 10 Best Email Spy Apps for Emails List

There are hundreds of email spy tools on the market today. However, not all of them work, and out of those that do, many are overpriced or offer sub-par features compared to their competition. We’ve tested out the most popular out of these apps and come to the following list of best spy apps for email:

  1. mSpy – Best App To Spy On Email
  2. Eyezy- Parent-Oriented Email Spy Tool
  3. uMobix – Mobile Email Spy Tool
  4. Cocospy- Best app to spy on Email for simplicity
  5. XNSpy- One of the best spy apps for Email
  6. Spyic- Comprehensive spying solution
  7. Mobile Track- Best free download Email spy app
  8. Hoverwatch – Screenshot-based spy app
  9. Spyera – Expensive but high quality
  10. IKeyMontior – Free Email spy tool

The Top Email Spy Apps in 2024 Reviewed 

Email is used by over half of the world’s population, with the rising rates of online affairs and email scams, it’s no surprise there’s a need for email spy apps. The best apps to spy on email need to fulfill a couple of criteria.

For an app to be considered the best email spy app, it’ll need to be quick and responsive, come at an affordable price tag, have a quality UI, function as a spying app outside of email, and most importantly- stay hidden while on the target device. Let’s see how the best email spy apps on the market aim to fulfill these criteria!

1. mSpy – Best App To Spy On Email

mSpy- the best email spy app on the market

mSpy is a giant in the spy app industry, and one of the best phone spy apps in general. The biggest thing most email spying apps lack is a high-quality, intuitive user interface. mSpy, on the other hand, is incredibly intuitive and provides you with an excellent dashboard through which you can conduct all of your spying activities.

In terms of email spying, the tool is great, showing you who sent any emails the target device received, alongside the email contents and any CC’d emails. It also allows you to sort these emails and search for specific phrases within them. With all that come some of the most robust features in the digital spying world.

The biggest concern when it comes to email spying is the possibility of delay, or the inability to read deleted emails. However, mSpy is capable of reading deleted emails with ease and has a rapid connection to ensure you never miss anything. It also has a variety of other, generalist, spying features.

For starters, it allows you to take a degree of remote control over the target device in order to record their surroundings via camera or voice. These features are great for ensuring your loved one’s safety, especially for children. For this, it also has GPS tracking and geo-fencing features.

Outside of this, mSpy has excellent social media monitoring features, being the best app to spy on Tinder with in case you suspect a loved one of cheating, or a child of engaging in illicit activity.

It can also spy on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, being one of the few apps that can accurately and reliably monitor Snaps and Instagram stories. It also provides you with a keylogger, the ability to read SMS messages, and spy on phone calls.


  • Supports over 180 countries
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No delay
  • Read deleted emails
  • Remote control features
  • Multimedia file & social media monitoring


  • Only monitors one device at a time

Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS $139,92/year

2. Eyezy – Parent-Oriented Email Spy Tool

eyeZy- the perfect parental email spy app

Eyezy is one of the best parent-oriented spy tools for Android, iPhone and PC. It features excellent email spying capabilities and is quite user-friendly. It allows you to easily find and read the target device’s emails alongside all email details and a timestamp.

Besides being one of the best apps to spy on email with, it’s a great spy app for parents all-around. It has one of the most accurate location-tracking capabilities on this list, with its location information updating every 30 seconds. It also has action and panic buttons if you allow it to be visible, which allows your child to immediately alert you if something goes wrong.

You can also seamlessly monitor their contacts, letting you easily find out exactly who they’re talking with and when. The tool’s geofencing features will immediately alert you when they cross a certain threshold, whether that be going too far away, or arriving at a safe location.

The app will also let you know about all of the apps that your child has installed on their phone, as well as track their app usage statistics to find which apps they’re using the most. In case you’re worried your child is looking up inappropriate content online, you can also quite easily monitor and stop this. You can block apps and websites from being opened completely from the target’s device. In order to find out what they’re searching for, you can use the browser history tracking feature.


  • Geared for parental use
  • Excellent user interface
  • Excellent encryption ensures the safety of your data
  • Often updated
  • You can look up app usage statistics
  • Block apps and websites from being opened


  • No desktop support
  • Lacks a free version

Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $119,88 a year

3. uMobix – Mobile Email Spy Tool

uMobix- great mobile tool to spy on email

While uMobix is an email spy tool that commands a fairly high price tag, it makes up for this with its excellent set of robust, focused features. It has one of the best user interfaces in the game, being quite customizable while maintaining ease of use.

It’s a fully featured email monitoring solution with the capability to show you all emails that pop up on the target phone alongside all of the email’s details. Whether this is the CC’s, the sender’s email information, or simply the email’s contents. You can easily set the app up so that you get an alert whenever the target phone receives or sends an email.

The app is also quite proficient at monitoring which websites are visited from the target’s phone, what apps they’re using, what apps they have installed, and more.  When it comes to location tracking, it provides you with an extremely detailed breakdown of everything ranging from where they were last spotted to the time at which their location was last recorded.

This lets you have a complete trail of the monitored phone’s movements. Outside of this, you can look at any multimedia files on the device, as well as track their social media use and posts. Like most other paid spy apps, it’ll also let you track their phone calls and SMS messages.


  • Excellent user interface
  • Camera snapshot taking
  • Easy to set up video stream abilities
  • Detailed GPS data breakdowns


  • Expensive compared to most of its competitors
  • No desktop support

Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $179,88/year

4. Cocospy – Best App to Spy on Email for Simplicity

Cocospy- Extremely simple Email spy app

Cocospy is the best email spy app in terms of sheer simplicity. If you’re a parent that’s not quite up to date with the most cutting-edge technologies, or simply someone that doesn’t want to deal with the hassle that many other apps bring with them, Cocospy might be the best app to spy on email for you.

Its entire installation process takes at most a couple minutes, and will present you with an intuitive, clear dashboard showing all relevant activities on the spied device. Furthermore, the app is completely invisible, allowing you to spy on their emails entirely undetected.

Besides this, Cocospy has consistent performance monitoring all manner of social media, as well as dating apps. As a parent-focused app, it has many features revolving arounnd ensuring the safety of your children.

This means monitoring installed apps for dating apps like Tinder, as well as making sure that your children aren’t searching for any banned phrases. You can set Cocospy up so that the moment you open the app’s dashboard, you get to see all of your child’s emails alongside timestamped data. You can also spy on other apps such as Whatsapp monitoring.

All in all, Cocospy is the best email spy app for you if you want to have the simplest experience monitoring your child’s email activities.


  • The simplest email spy app interface out there.
  • Robust GPS monitoring and geo-fencing features
  • Restrict apps/websites with ease
  • Social media and dating app monitoring


  • No remote control capabilities
  • No Desktop support

Operating Systems Supported Price
iOS, Android $99.99/year on Android, $129.99/year on iOS

5. XNSpy – One of the Best spy apps for Email

xnSpy- One of the best email spy apps

XNSpy has extremely robust, powerful features that ensure its spot as one of the best spy apps for email. While the app doesn’t have support for many non-English languages and requires a bit of patience to get to grips with, it rewards you with an amazing email spying experience.

XNSpy will let you read all sent and received emails, and look at all of the target device’s email contacts, alongside being able to set up a watchlist to get an alert whenever an email is sent to or received from a certain address. Another extremely useful feature is the ability to set up a watchlist for when a specific word or phrase pops up in an email associated with the target device.

XNSpy provides a lot of data about the target device’s usage. For example, XNSpy will give you statistics on what websites they use the most, who they call the most, as well as their longest calls. Alongside this, it provides call recording and SMS message monitoring.

It also has respectable remote control features, allowing you to remotely lock or wipe the target phone at will, as well as record through its microphone and send screenshots from it. Outside of this, it has all the usual social media and dating app capabilities of an application in its price range.


  • Excellent remote control features
  • Detailed email overviews
  • The capability to create email watchlists and word watchlists
  • Device usage statistics


  • No multilingual support
  • Slightly more difficult to use than other solutions

Operating Systems Supported Price
Windows, iOS, Android $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS

6. Spyic – Comprehensive Spying Solution

Spyic is a great email spy app and businesses

Spyic is one of the best email spy tools for providing a balanced and comprehensive phone monitoring experience. The app is very easy to use and provides you with a detailed breakdown of each email that gets sent to or is sent from the monitored device.

As a parent-oriented app, Spyic puts a great emphasis on features like location tracking, having incredibly precise GPS tracking, and geo-fencing features. If you’re concerned about what your children are doing on social media, Spyic is a great app to be able to monitor their social media activities from a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Spyic is extremely easy to set up, allowing you to look at all multimedia files, emails, social media posts, SMS messages, call logs and more from the comfort of your home. Outside of this, you can also view your child’s browser history, location history, and data history with ease.

Having all of this in such an intuitive and easy-to-use package allows parents to make educated decisions on how they should handle their child’s phone use. Due to Spyic’s robust keylogger, it’s also extremely easy to see what your children are up to outside of the apps the tool is specifically made to monitor.


  • Comprehensive spy tool
  • Easy setup experience
  • Quite easy to use
  • Excellent location tracking


  • Needs iCloud credentials to set up on iOS devices
  • Relatively limited features

Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS

7. Mobile Tracker – Best Free download Email spy app

Mobile Tracker- Spy on email for free

We’re often asked what the best free download email spy app is. In the world of free email spying apps, there is no good answer to that question outside of Mobile Tracker. For a free application, Mobile Tracker gives you access to most email spying features you’re likely to need.

Now, like all free apps worth their salt, Mobile Tracker has a premium version which is fairly cheap and well worth the money for the features provided. However, the free version still gives you access to all emails on the target phone, alongside information on the time sent/received as well as to whom they were addressed. The app also has some remote control features to allow you to record sound or take a screenshot through the target phone.


  • The free version comes with email spying features
  • Remote control capabilities
  • The premium version is quite cheap
  • Great entry point to spying apps as a whole


  • Nonexistent desktop support
  • Relatively unintuitive
  • No mobile app for the end user

Operating Systems Supported Price
iOS, Android $5,99 with a free version available

8. Hoverwatch – Screenshot-based email spy app

Hoverwatch- The best Screenshot-based email spy app

Hoverwatch is an innovative, screenshot-based spying app. It’s one of the best email spy tools in terms of versatility, as the extent of what you can monitor with Hoverwatch is practically limitless.

Since the tool’s main functionality is sending over screenshots to you at short intervals, you’ll be able to see all of the same details the tracked phone is seeing. This also extends to making Hoverwatch one of the best Instagram spy apps for monitoring Instagram feeds and stories.

Outside of this, Hoverwatch is very easy to use due to its screenshot-based nature. It consists of just a single dashboard you need to pay attention to. If you’re unsure of everything you’ll need a spying app for, Hoverwatch might be the best email spy app for you.


  • Extremely intuitive
  • Monitors all email activity
  • Innovative, screenshot-based approach


  • Although screenshots are taken routinely, you can still miss activity if done fast enough
  • Screenshots aren’t divided by app

Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $99,95/year


9. Spyera – Expensive but High-Quality Email Spy App

Spyera- Robust but expensive email spy tool

Spyera is a well-known, feature-rich email spy app. When it comes to the sheer breadth of reliable features, Spyera is up there with the best email spy apps. It receives regular updates, ensuring it’s always up to date with the latest advances in the industry. It easily spies on all email activities across all major platforms, a great boon if you’re looking to track employee emails in an environment with multiple operating systems in routine use.

Outside of this, Spyera is outfitted with cutting-edge spy features to handle all of your needs.

Whether you need high-level social media spying, remote control features, or screenshots of the target’s device, Spyera can do it at a high degree of quality, albeit it does come at quite a significant price tag. Although Spyera is extremely powerful, it’s quite expensive even when taking advantage of its special plan where you get to monitor a PC, a tablet, and a phone under 1 subscription.


  • Robust email spying features
  • Windows and macOS support
  • Excellent customer support
  • Constatly updated


  • Very expensive

Compatible Operating system Price
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS $389/year

10. IKeyMontior – Free Email Spy Tool

Ikeymonitor- free email spy app

iKeyMonitor is a free email spy app with some excellent features, although they’re fairly limited in scope. The app can take email screenshots alongside providing you with the ability to read sent and received emails. With that being said, it does take a bit of time for it to take a screenshot, so you might miss out on some activity if it’s occurring quickly.

It’s also capable of monitoring social media and gives you an alert when there’s a phone call occurring including the target device. iKeyMonitor further provides GPS tracking, geofencing, and an alert whenever a calendar entry is created on the target device.

All in all, while the free version of iKeyMonitor can’t really compete with paid software, the free version is a great entry point to email spy tools.


  • Fairly high-quality free version
  • Lengthy free trial on the premium version
  • Email screenshots and high-quality data
  • GPS tracking and geo-fencing


  • The free version is quite limited
  • The premium version is expensive given its features
  • Long screenshot interval

Compatible Operating system Price
Android, iOS Free or $29,99 a month for the paid version

Best Email Spy Apps Compared

Name Operating System Price
mSpy Windows, Adroid, iOS $139/year
Eyezy Android, iOS $119,88/year
uMobix Android, iOS $179,88/year
Cocospy iOS, Android  $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS
XNSpy Windows, iOS, Android  $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS
Spyic Android, iOS, Windows $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS
Mobile Tracker iOS, Android $5,99 with a free version
Hoverwatch Android, iOS $99,95/year
Spyera Android, iOS, macOS, Windows $389/year
IkeyMonitor Android, iOS Free or $29,99 a month for the paid version

How do Email Spy Apps Work?

Email spy apps work similarly to social media spy apps, and tend to utilize one or all of the following approaches:

  • Keylogging: Keylogging essentially logs every button press the target phone makes. This ensures that spying on sent emails is extremely easy.
  • In-depth spy approaches: In order to analyze and display received emails and data, the spy tool of your choice must take that data from the phone’s system by posing as a trustworthy app. It then reads the data from the email service app and sends it to you.
  • Screenshots: By taking screenshots of the target phone’s screen at regular intervals, email spy apps are capable of providing you with all of the details you need, regardless of the app you want to spy on.

How to Spy on Someone’s Email Messages without Target Phone

We often get the question “How to spy on someone’s Email without having access to their phone?” Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to this question. There are two main ways through which you might be able to do this:

  1.  By getting them to follow the installation link for mSpy or an app like it, you can get them to install it without knowing that it’s an app made to spy on them.
  2. By having their iCloud credentials, certain email spy tools will be able to show you their email data whenever it gets synced with the cloud.

Are Email Phone Spy Apps Safe?

As with all apps, the short answer is: “It depends.” If you’re downloading free apps that are promising the moon, they’re unlikely to be safe. However, you can easily avoid all of the fake email spy apps by simply choosing any app off of this list, we’ve tested them all out manually and they function on all advertised platforms.

 Free Email Spy Apps

Getting a free download email spy app is tempting to most first-time spy app users. After all, why would you pay for a service you can seemingly get for free? It is true that there are free email spy apps like Mobile Tracker or iKeyMonitor, however, they tend to perform worse than their paid counterparts.

With spy apps, you want to have the most reliability and ease of use you can. Reliability ensures you don’t miss any crucial activities on the target’s device, however, with free apps, you’re risking them going down, or simply not having enough server space for their free users.

Furthermore, all free email spy apps that actually function properly offer a premium version, meaning the free version is a toned-down version of that. They’ll generally have far fewer features, be less reliable, and just overall worse than their paid counterparts.

On the other hand, paid apps like mSpy let you spy on email extremely effectively, all the while maintaining nearly 100% reliability and a superb user interface. Therefore, a free email spy app is best used as an entry point to test the waters before jumping to a better app.

How to Use an Email Spy App

On iOS 

Step 1: Make Sure Target iPhone Has Jailbreak And Internet Access

Step 2: Make an mSpy Account

Making an account on mSpy- the best email spy app

When you’ve completed account creation, do the following in order:

  1. Select “iOS” when prompted for your operating system
  2. Pick one of the three subscriptions
  3. Go to your email and find the link to your registration code, Username, Control Panel, Password, and download link you’ll need later on.

Step 3: Open Cydia And Proceed To Install mSpy

Cydia app is necessary for downloading mSpy- the best Tinder spy app


  1. Tap the Cydia App icon
  2. Go to “Manage Account”
  3. Go to “Sources”
  4. Go to “Edit” 
  5. Tap “Add”
  6. Paste the link from your email in the box
  7. Tap the “Add Source” button
  8. Tap on“Return to Cydia”

Step 4: Go To mTechnology Repository And Begin Spying

mSpy's Excellent dashboard

  1. Navigate to “mTechnology Repository”
  2. Tap “iPhone Internal Service”- This is the name mSpy hides under
  3. Tap “Accept” and go through the prompts that pop up
  4. Navigate to your homepage and tap “mSpy”
  5. Accept their license agreement
  6. Put in your registration code
  7. Restart the phone you’ll be spying on

On Android Devices

Step 1: Make An mSpy account

Creating your account with mSpy

When you’ve completed the account creation process, go through the following steps in order:

  1. Slect “Android” when prompted for the OS of the monitored device
  2. Pick one of the 3 subscriptions
  3. Go to your email and find the link to your registration code, Username, Control Panel, Password, and download link you’ll need later on.

Step 2: Make sure you’ve disabled Play Protect

Disabling Play Protect on the target Android device

Step 3: Go To Google Chrome And Download mSpy

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Paste the link mSpy emailed you into the address bar
  3. Do the captcha and tap “Download”
  4. Tap “OK”

Step 4: Open the mSpy App And Start Spying on email

  1. In case a prompt pops up at the bottom of your screen tap “Open” ,“Settings” ,“Allow from This Source”
  2. Tap“Next”
  3. Tap “Open”
  4. Tap “Agree” for the License Agreement
  5. In case a prompt appears, allow all permissions
  6. Paste the Registration Code you got in your email
  7. Tap “Complete Installation”


The best email spy apps make spying on your loved one’s emails as easy as reading a book before bed. In our testing, albeit all 10 apps showed great promise, mSpy was the undisputed champion. mSpy offers a variety of extremely interesting features, including the ability to search for given words and phrases within the target’s emails, however, its functionalities don’t stop at email tracking alone.

mSpy is the best spy app for iPhone and Android across the board, owing mostly to its incredibly powerful set of features and relative ease of use. To top this all off, mSpy works on social media, SMS messages, and pretty much any other means of communication you could think of. All of this, and more, comes in a fairly affordable package, making mSpy our best email spy app of 2024.


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